Excerpt from the article "Is There a Method to Their Madness?" by Aaron Maxwell, posted online at www.novakillers.net.

Silently holding (never boasting) what is likely the highest Nova body count for a female Nova, the Teragen's Apep is feared more than almost any Elite. Anyone who doesn't exist in a shadowless environment is possible prey to the young woman, as she has been publicly seen disappearing into an opponent's shadow only to reappear and eviscerate them from one nearby. The range of this type of movement isn't known; it's obviously several kilometers at the very least and some experts in the field estimate it's likely over a thousand kilometers. If she wants to kill you, and she knows your locations, there's probably very little you could do to protect yourself.

Interestingly, though her skills and motif appear contrary to this fact, assassination doesn't seem to be her preferred method of attack. Apep's reputation for being a skilled hand-to-hand combatant has been validated time and time again by those fortunate (unfortunate?) to witness her in motion. She has stated in the few interviews she's been willing to give that it's the rush of the bloodlust that motivates her, not the actual act of taking another's life. Death appears to be the result of her passion, but not the goal of it. At the same, apologies or regrets from her for any of the lives she's taken have been scarce.

At least in so far as her Nova body count goes. Being a highly-wanted member of the Teragen hasnít made life easy on her. Unlike the Elites whoíve made their reputation as hired killers, a good majority of Apepís death toll has been killing the hired Elites and law enforcement Novas that have sought to capture her. Even to them, one might say especially to them, she seeks to arrange events so that she can meet them one-on-one. If she actually does commit assassinations, she must leave little evidence that it was her, but it would go against her professed love of combat to give up the challenge of the duel.

She also enjoys a following unlike any other unrepentant killer. It's entirely possible that it's due to her Teragen allegiance, her youth, her beauty, her gender, attitude, or some combination of all of these things that keeps her fan following going. Although she professes no love for this adulation, and even an active disdain for it, Apep posters, figures, and picture books can be purchased readily.

In my opinion, there are baselines (like myself) that find her interesting for other reasons. On the Catalyst fan site ChildrenOfTheEvent.com, an essay posted by her has drawn consistent examination for insight into her mind. The obvious Egyptian references tie into her namesake, but they also reveal a belief system so rooted in the ancient culture one has to wonder if she believes Novas really are the gods some of the Teragen claim to be. Perhaps it's just the obsession of a demented child. One line stands out above all others though:

Now since quantum enables me to influence or change events in ways not understood nor anticipated by society, before I put it to use I must first develop a sound and sophisticated appreciation for the ethics governing my own motives, decisions, and actions. . .It must become second-nature to myself to carefully pre-evaluate the consequences of what I wish to do.

(A mere week after putting it up, Apep had it removed and sites reposting the entire document donít keep it up very long. More than one death has rumored to have occurred as a result of not heeding her wishes not to repost it. As such, Iím only going to risk quoting the single passage above.)

This line (and the whole essay) is too introspective and thought out to be the product of a purely instinctual wild animal. A lot of effort went into the formation of that work and it's obviously very important to her. This is a young woman with incredible power trying to understand her place in the cosmos. Clearly, violence and blood are part of her life and she doesn't appear to want it any other way. She is looking at her powers and the urges within her, and in doing so, is telling normal society that it can't tell her that what she's doing is wrong.

If we believe morality to be a universal constant then obviously she's as wrong as Lash or any of the other Nova serial killers who kill simply to kill. Part of Apep herself surely questions her own perspective: on a taping of the now defunct Springeresque daytime talk show Ask Billy, she appeared out of nowhere to kill half the guests. Before leaving, she held host Billy Thomason by throat and stared down the audience while covered in the blood of her victims, screaming, "You know what pisses me off most about you stupid little monkeys? You have these beautiful, simple and small lives and you waste and destroy them. You don't even realize how good you've got it."

Is there something longing in Apep that she isn't willing to share? A desire for a life free of all the violence and excitement she's surrounded by? A lot of people won't believe it, but it's certainly possible. At her age, she's already seen more death and destruction than many people do in their combined lifetimes. That kind of lifestyle has got to take its toll eventually, even for someone who seems to revel in every drop of blood she spills.

Or, quite possibly, it is because she desires a simpler life that she attacks those who don't appreciate the ones they have. Gods in mythology often struck down those humans too prideful, without hubris, or those that were never satisfied with what was given to them. Maybe she subconsciously sees herself in that role. This of course doesn't explain her Nova body count, but for someone who is as hunted as she is, a pile of bodies left in her wake can only grow as she eludes and eliminates her pursuers.

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