Taken from eXistenZialist Volume I Issue II

Well, already with my first column Iíve managed to stir the proverbial kettle up a bit. Apparently, my esteemed employer was not very thrilled with the revelation that I have friends within the Teragen. I suppose a Nova who knows Teragen members isnít ďinnocent enoughĒ for what they had in mind for this column. Whether ďinnocent enoughĒ meant having no Utopia or Teragen contacts, or that merely knowing someone in the Teragen made me impure, I donít know.

When they selected me to do this, I was asked whether or not I was affiliated with Project Utopia, any Elite agency, or the Teragen, but Iím gathering they also expected me to let them know if I had friends within any Nova organization as well. In hindsight, I wish I could have glimpsed the editorís face upon seeing that I knew the woman behind Ashnodís Declaration and considered her a friend. Iím also fairly certain my name has now been red flagged by all kinds of grim men and women carrying serious briefcases and clipboards.

Regardless, the column got printed without much hassle, and if you are managing to read this, apparently they are going to keep me writing here and even allow my comments about the Ďzine itself.

After the people at eXistenZialist discovered that I knew the spokeswoman of the Catalysts, Iíve had to endure every kind of question that their curious little heads could throw at me. Obviously, I now have reason to regret ever mentioning it, particularly in such a public forum. Iíve listed a few of their queries below.

Would I do an interview with her? Well, sure, but only if she approaches me first, which I highly doubt. Itís not an easy, or comfortable, experience to be interviewed by a friend knowing that the conversation will see the printed page, and I would never use our friendship to gain that kind of journalistic angle anyway. Of late, sheís chosen her media appearances and interviews very carefully. I think she does all her own managing since her ex-agent got her on The Jenny Jones Show during fashion week. If Ashnod wishes to be heard here, trust me, sheíll come to us.

Would I at least explain the nature of our relationship to the readers? Well, isnít that forward? Nature of our relationshipÖalmost sounds like they want me to hint to sordid and dark experiences that might tantalize or even intrigue. Sorry that I must disappoint you. All friendships are invariably complex, and ours is certainly no exception. For those of you who absolutely must know more, allow me then string you along with this: I knew her before she publicly announced her Terat allegiance, and she knew me before I outed myself as a Nova.

Have the two of us ever fought together? Excuse me? Do you mean against each other or on the same team against someone else? Alright, this one is my fault. I did state that Iíd seen a lot of action in my life, but people, I had yet to erupt back in the day when all that took place. If you really want to know about the times I either beat someone silly or nearly got killed in a very non-Nova fashion, I suppose Iíll dedicate one column to it. But I doubt youíll find the exploits of a pre-erupted woman streetfighting very thrilling.

Am I a member of the Teragen too? Wow. I wonder if every Nova that Raoul Orzaiz knows gets asked this question too. Guilt by association, I suppose. No folks, whether it relieves you or you are indifferent to this, I am not part of that rather illustrious organization. Didnít lie or stretch the truth on that one. Canít say it wonít ever happen, though. Like them or hate them, they do have some valid points.

Anyway, thatís all I consented to answer about the nature of my relationship with her. This is also going to be the last column I write related to my friend for the time being. I certainly didnít intend to focus this much of my work on her exploits.

After all, Iím getting paid fabulously to go to all these exotic locations. Least I can do is write about them. I have to live up to my namesake and tell different tales to keep you interested and buying this publication, right?

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