Hello to anyone kind enough to actually look at this page. To the left, you have a wonderful picture of me that was drawn by Ben Seibel in a karaoke bar after I got done singing the Dead Milkmen's PUNK ROCK GIRL and he got done singing BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATERS. The real me, that is, and not my Aberrant alter-ego whose name I use as my 'net handle. She is to the right, brought to colorful life by the talent of Ehecatl Ugalde. If you are interested in learning more about her, you can check out the 1,001 Aberrant Nights Section of this website or the many threads on which she has posted at N!Prime.

Useless facts about me: I am the Circus Girl mentioned at, which means I spent the better portion of 1996 traveling across the country working various Renaissance Festivals. Somewhere out there, I came to believe in enlightenment and this led me to become a somewhat Crystal Healer, trained under the watchful eye of Brenda McDaniel, one of Linda Raphael's apprentices. I've seen more of the 48 contigious states than I have not seen, and I've seen two other nations other than my own, one of them in Asia. Much as I'd like to count it, I'd say the Narita airport in Japan doesn't qualify as a third, however. Staying a few hours in a day room there was a fun experience, I must admit, and getting to watch sumo wrestling around a crowded television as I waited to board my plane isn't something I'll forget soon. I also...despite the an avid player of Dance Dance Revolution.

Well, now that I've given you information that I'm certain you have no use for whatsoever, I'm ending this here. These sorts of pages generally tend to be uninteresting, and I'm confident this one is no different. With any luck, some of the other content of this site will entertain you.

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