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These are the musings of a very dear friend of several years. Very talented, her journal is often insightful and just as often amusing. If you visit, please drop her a line, she loves comments!


A resource for players of the White Wolf RPG Aberrant as well as other ĈONverse titles, this is where the In-Character forums that that many of my Nova characters post to. It is the home of the characters in my 1,001 Aberrant Nights story, and the original place of publication for it as well.

Mad DK Citrus Writer's Sewing Circle

This is the archive of a writer's group I belong to. Some very erotic and some very humorous fiction resides here. My Dark Kingdom side-story Awakenings finds its home at this site.

Stayka's Dark Kingdom Home

A great resource for Dark Kingdom fanfiction and images. Of note, E Liddel's awesome Crystal Weaver Saga can be found here.

The Anime Turnpike

Fanfiction, characters shrines, resource pages, you name it. If it's anime related, chances are you can locate something you're looking for here.

Red Vs Blue

I'm not a fan of HALO or any other of the "capture the flag" type games. But what these guys are doing with the HALO engine is simply wonderful. I'm still saying "I get to drive the float" several weeks later. Very, very funny stuff.