Dramatis Personae

(in alphabetical order)

Akagi Ritsuko
Ritsuko is the Head Technician of NERV, and fourth in its chain of command behind Gendo, Mikage, and Misato. She is responsible for the continued operation and repair of the Evangelions and the Magi supercomputers. Close friends with Misato and Kaji since college, she is also on good terms with Mikage, whom she respects. Outwardly, Ritsuko is very reserved and even calculating. In truth, she is merely uncertain how to act on her emotions. Ritsuko knows far more about what is happening than even SEELE suspects, something that eventually sets her and Misato at odds.

Arisugawa Juri
Juri is the right hand of Katsuragi Misato, a position most find surprising given that she is only a few months older than the Evangelion pilots. Her occupation within NERV is that of a trainer: she mentors the new pilots and trains all of the pilots in the art of fencing so that they may think tactically while combating the Angels. She is a talented swordswoman, competing at the national level at age 13 when she joined NERV. The time devoted to NERV forced Juri give up her position as Captain of the Ohtori Academy Fencing Team, though NERV makes certain she still attends the Academy. Though noble and determined, the past haunts Juri and has left her bitter.

Ayanami Rei
A quiet, almost terminally-shy girl and the intended pilot of Evangelion Unit 01. Rei's failure to synch with either it or Unit 00 was kept secret from the other chosen children. She had never made a friend at Ohtori Academy before Utena arrived, and her cold, distant demeanor prevents most from approaching her. Very intelligent and patient, Rei continues to be part of NERV although few people seem to know what her purpose there is. She lives on the periphery of Ohtori's student body, known by all yet familiar to none. A girl longing for a purpose, her failure to synchronize with either Evangelion has distanced her from all at NERV.

Ikari Gendo and Ikari Yui
Gendo is the current Commander of NERV and his wife, Yui, was one of the scientists instrumental in the development of the Evangelion project. Her death in 2004 while undergoing a synchronization experiment with Unit 01 drove him to submit the Human Revolutionary Project to SEELE. He is single-minded and driven in his purpose to destroy the Angels, earning the emnity of both Misato and Juri by thinking of the pilots as little more than resources. This determination blinds him to some of the events happening within NERV. He seems to have different goals from SEELE overall.

Ikari Shinji
Shinji is the estranged son of the commander of NERV, Ikari Gendo, and his deceased wife, Ikari Yui. Brought to NERV in 2014 by Misato, Shinji is the Third Children and the exclusive pilot of Evangelion Unit 01. Initially opposed to participating in Project E, Shinji remained with NERV due to a close friendship with Kaoru Miki. He lives with Misato, his guardian, and attends school at the Ohtori Academy.The rejection by his father after his mother's death scarred Shinji badly for many years, and he avoided having any close relationships for years. Misato's care and Miki's friendship have helped him open up over the last year, but he remains a fragile soul.

Kaji Ryouji
Kaji was assigned to Third Branch NERV in Germany until Evangelion Unit 02 was brought to Tokyo-3, at which time he was re-assigned to the main branch. He has known Ritsuko and Misato since college, and was Misato's old flame before she joined GEHIRN. Upon his return, tensions between the two of them occassionly flare up, and it is apparent that he has never given up hope of winning her back. He is also the object of Asuka's affection, a position he does his best to ignore. Fueled by his own curiosity and seemingly misleading facts, Kaji is secretly investigating NERV for the Japanese Ministry of the Interior.

Kaoru Kozue
Kozue is the twin sister of Kaoru Miki, the initial pilot of Evangelion Unit 00. She was approached to become a pilot at the same time Miki was, but the sight of Evangelion Unit 01 terrified her and she refused to have anything to do with NERV from that point on. Kozue fears the Evangelions, and unlike the other children is fully aware of just how alive the Evas actually are. Kozue does not share her brother's gift for music or fencing, and the two of them have grown apart since Miki joined NERV. Kozue still loves her brother deeply, despite his resentment of her decision, and continues to attend Ohtori Academy with him.
Kaoru Miki
Miki is the First Children, the first child officially selected as a pilot for the Evangelion project. Initially, he is the pilot of the prototype Unit 00. He is a musical prodigy and a genius, already taking college-level courses while attending Ohtori Academy. Unlike the other pilots, he was already a skilled fencer before being chosen as a pilot. When Shinji came to Tokyo-3 in 2014, Miki immediately befriended him, and the two have remained close ever since. He is resentful of his twin sister, Kozue, for refusing to become a pilot along side him, and is very proud to have been selected as one of the chosen children.

Katsuragi Misato
Misato is the Director of NERV Operations, and is in charge of most of the combat missions for the Evangelions. She is third-in-command of NERV behind Mikage and Gendo. Feeling that Juri was being wasted as merely the fencing trainer, she made the controversial decision to take the 15 year-old woman as her assistant. She also brought Shinji to NERV in 2014, and became his guardian once it was clear to her that he and Gendo did not get along. She is old friends with Ritsuko and Kaji, though she comes to understand that both of them are hiding secrets from her. Misato is the only person to have seen the Second Impact and survived.

Kiryuu Nanami
Nanami is the younger sister of Kiryuu Touga. She is obsessed with her older brother and goes out of her way to protect him from anyone she perceives as a threat. Some even believe she desires a romantic relationship with him. Nanami was originally a student in Tokyo-3, but two years ago she transferred to Ohtori Academy's sister campus, located in Amsterdam. Later, she returns to Tokyo-3 to be closer to him. She meets Shinji upon her return and becomes fascinated with the Evangelion pilot, earning Wakaba's ire.

Kiryuu Touga
Touga is the President of the Ohtori Student Council. He is childhood friends with the Vice-President of the Council, Saionji, and the two of them are frequently seen engaging in Kendo duels on campus. Touga has a reputation as a playboy among the girls of Ohtori, and his arrogant air has even alienated Saionji from him. None of these qualities seem apparent when he meets Utena. After initially distrusting him, she comes to believe he is the mysterious stranger from her past, and often finds herself seeking him out for advice.

Mikage Souji
Souji is the Vice-Commander of NERV, the second-in-command after Gendo. Before joining GEHIRN shortly after the Second Impact, he was a professor at Ohtori Academy and a trusted friend of Fuyutsuki Kozo, the first Vice-Commander of GEHIRN who died before the formation of NERV. A brilliant man who retains his youthful appearance throughout the years, Souji worked closely with Project E as it developed from its infancy. He gets along well with Ritsuko and the other technicians, but seems to know more about what's going on than anyone else in NERV including the Commander himself. Mikage Souji has many secrets, not all of them as well-hidden as he would have hoped.

Ohtori Akio
Akio is one of the enigmatic members of SEELE, the organization which created GEHIRN and then NERV. He became part of SEELE after the Second Impact when he came to the attention of Keel Lorentz. He is also the current Vice-Chairman of the Ohtori Academy Board of Trustees, but it is obvious that he wields far more control over the school than that position would normally allow. Akio sits on the council that NERV reports to and in term reports to the United Nations. Of all the members of the council, Akio seems most concerned with the well-being of the Evangelion pilots. Akio also observes Rei very carefully, and it is his intervention that awakens her calling.

Saionji Kyoichi
Saionji is the Vice-President of the Ohtori Student Council and the Captain of the Ohtori Kendo Team. In the tradition of many Kendo practioners, he goes by his surname. He has grown apart from his childhood friend, Touga, and while he remains closer to Touga than anyone else at the Academy, is very isolated despite his overwhelming popularity. Saionji has somehow discovered there is more to NERV and Ohtori than anyone realizes, and watches those students involved with NERV very carefully. This burning desire to uncover the truth alienates him further from those close to him.

Shinohara Wakaba
Wakaba is friends with just about everyone at Ohtori. Befriending Shinji, Utena, and Asuka upon their respective arrivals at the Academy, she is closer to what is happening at NERV than any other non-involved student. It is Wakaba's friendship that eventually leads Utena to NERV. She had a very strong crush on the Vice-President of the Ohtori Student Council for years, but her blossoming attraction to Shinji is the focal point of both her acceptance of herself and Shinji's latent nobility. She has the extremely enviable social position of being the girlfriend of an Evangelion pilot, but truly loves him for who he is.

Soryu Asuka Langley
Asuka is intelligent, athletically gifted, attractive, and knows this. The second child selected to be an Evangelion pilot, her arrogance has alienated the other children and she constantly seeks recognition of her actions from those around her. Like Miki, she is a prodigy but unlike him has already graduated from a German university. Asuka is extremely jealous of Juri, whom she has never been able to best at fencing. 3/4 Japanese, 1/4 German, and raised in America, Asuka has spent the last year in Germany training with Evangelion Unit 02, of which she is the exclusive pilot. She is the most skilled fencer of all the pilots. Her mother's mental breakdown and death traumatized Asuka as a child, and the memory continues to agonize her.

Tenjou Utena
Utena is the Fourth Children, and the after the combat against the Third Angel, the exclusive pilot of the prototype Evangelion Unit 00. After her parents died when she was very young, Utena had a mysterious encounter with a stranger that left her with a strong sense of nobility and honor that she has carried with her ever since. She wears a boy's uniform at Ohtori instead of the sailor style clothing the other girls wear, and consistently has to explain that she does so to be a Prince. Her noble goals and strange attire attract many admirers among the female students of Ohtori. Utena is naturally athletic, and she is the first student to befriend Rei.

Supporting Cast

Aida KensukeAkagi Naoko

Aoba ShigeruChida Tokiko

Fuyutsuki KozoHimemiya Anthy

Hyuga MakotoIbuki Maya

Keel LorentzSuzuhara TojiTsuchiya Ruka