Selections from the

Shin Kakumei Evangelion

Red Rose Book

There are some spoilers contained within, but I think they are light enough that this will not ruin the story. This also serves as a bit of a description reference, as the scripts themselves are very light on description. Also note, that the information contained herein is meant as a reference for this story, not to the animes of which they are taken from, so any information that seems contradictory to the originals is intentional.

For a complete glossary of Evangelion terms, visit The Evangelion Otaku Page and read the Shinseiki Evangelion Red Cross Book.

I've yet to find a comprehensive guide to Utena, but Empty Movement is a good resource.

A series of very diverse creatures that originate from a being known as Adam, which is thought of as the First Angel. According to the Dead Sea Scrolls, which direct SEELE's and therefore NERV's actions, sixteen other such beings exist. It is known to a very select few people in the United Nations that an Angel was responsible for the Second Impact, and thus, they formed the Special Agency NERV to combat the Angels should another appear. At the time this story begins, the Third Angel is attacking Tokyo-3. All of the Angels are able to utilize an AT-Field.

Arena of Duels
An area of Ohtori Academy that is hidden inside a forest behind the main part of the campus. Those that wear a Rose Signet can open the door, which leads to an impossibly high spiral staircase. At the top of this staircase is the dueling arena itself, which is positioned below the Castle of Eternity.

An emission of energy that is deployed by both the Angels and the Evangelions and which acts as a defensive field. Offensive uses to an AT-Field have been demonstrated by several of the Angels. Normally invisible, when struck it is seen as a series of cascading yellow hexagons.

Castle of Eternity
Above the dueling arena floats a brilliantly illuminated castle, seemingly connected to the sky. The castle hangs upside down, allowing any underneath it to view the many towers and structures as though floating above it. It is not known how the castle remains suspended. It is rumored that the Victor of the duels will enter the castle and obtain the power to revolutionize the world.

The title, preceded by a numerical designation, given to the Evangelion pilots. For example, Asuka is known as the Second Children, as she was the second qualified child located by End of the World as a pilot for the Evangelion Project. Why the plural form is used over the singular child is not known, though it is thought that the twins Kaoru Miki and Kaoru Kozue, having been initially selected together, were referred to collectively as the First Children. Despite Kozue's rejection of the offer to pilot, the label is believed to have stuck after its initial use for the children located after the Kaoru twins. All of the chosen Children are Duelists, engaging in a contest of duels for the hand of the Rose Bride, with the power of miracles going to the eventual victor. After Asuka's use of "Fourth Children," when challenging Utena, it became something of a rite to challenge another duelist by their title, hence, as Utena later stated to Asuka, "I challenge you to a duel, Second Children."

Dios was the Rose Prince at one time, and the power of Dios is said to be the power of miracles. The Bride of the Rose states that the power of Dios "sleeps within her" whenever the Sword of Dios is drawn from her body. The Duelists are fighting for the power of Dios, as whomever is the victor of all the duels is said to gain it. Dios is also another name for "God." What relation, if any, this has to the beings known as Angels is not known.

A one-on-one confrontation with swords between the current Victor and a challenger. Normally held in the Arena of Duels, the objective is to cut free a rose fastened to the opposing Duelist's chest. The winner of the duel is considered the "One Engaged" to the Rose Bride. Whomever is the One Engaged at the end of all the duels is said to enter the Castle of Eternity above the Arena, and receive the power of miracles.

End of the World
The name of the agency that researches and locates potential pilots for the Evangelion project. This ominous title is rumored to have been chosen because the children it locates are meant to stop the world from ending at the hands of the Angels, thus, only the end of the world would know the identity of them. This has not prevented suspicious individuals from researching it further. It is also the name of the mysterious organizer of the duels the children participate in, as the Rose Bride told to them that they were the "chosen of End of the World." It is uncertain what connection exists between them.

Entry Plug
A long, cylinder that is inserted into the base of an Evangelion's neck and therefore connected to the Eva's spine and central nervous system. The Entry Plug contains the pilot and the apparatus used to harness the pilot. The interior of the Entry Plug is filled with LCL during use. It comes equipped with communication relays that allow NERV control to monitor and communicate with the pilot, as well as the pilots to communicate with each other. The actual controls used by the pilots are likely there for the pilot's benefit only, as a focus to direct their thoughts during synchronization. In emergencies, the Entry Plug can be ejected from the Evangelion.

Ritsuko refers to the Evangelion as a "multipurpose artificial humanoid lifeform." An untold amount of time and money went into the development of this bio-mechanical creature, which is several stories in height and requires the use of a human pilot to guide it by "synchronizing" with it. Like the Angels, the Evangelions are able to utilize an AT-Field and thus are the only known method of combating them. The Evangelions have been known to react independently of their pilot, notably Evangelion Unit 01, and for this reason are connected to an independent power supply that may be jettisoned from the Evangelion if necessary.

In German, literally "Brain." GEHIRN is the name given to the organization formed by SEELE that officially researched the Second Impact and unofficially developed the entire Evangelion project. GEHIRN later became NERV.

Geo Front
The massive, spherical underground that houses NERV headquarters. As Mikage states in Episode XXI, the Geo Front was not dug out by man, but was instead discovered by him, and it was here that the main branch of NERV was built. Tokyo-3 was built above it, and therefore, the Ohtori Academy was as well.

Human Revolutionary Project
The Human Revolutionary Project is shrouded in secrecy. A select few in NERV know that SEELE views it as even more important than the destruction of the Angels. Gendo and Mikage proposed it to SEELE around 2004, after the death of Ikari Yui, and is a plan to evolve humanity past its current form as a colony being.

Rumored to stand for "Link-Connect-Liquid," LCL is the fluid induced into the Entry Plug that provides a number of functions: providing oxygen to the pilots, acting as a pressure buffer, and as protective cushion against damage. It smells of blood, and as a result, the Entry Plug itself tends to smell this way as well.

The trio of super-biocomputers that are used by NERV. Developed by Dr. Akagi Naoko, her personality was transplanted into each of the three units. Melchior represents Naoko as a scientist, Balthazar represents her as a mother, and Casper as a woman. NERV uses the MAGI for various tactical and scientific analysis by having the three units debate each other from those personality perspectives until they reach a conclusion.

A special agency of the United Nations, formed from the research organization GEHIRN, to combat the threat of the Angels. NERV, in German means "nerve" and has branches throughout the world, notably in the United States and Germany, but the main branch is headquarted in Tokyo-3.

Ohtori Academy
A very exclusive, private academy that was originally located in Hou'ou City before the Second Impact. During the construction of Tokyo-3, the Academy was moved and placed on the furthest edges of city's borders. All of the pilots of the Evangelion project are students there.

Plug Suit
A single piece suit that becomes form-fitting when the pilot presses a button located on the wrist. It is meant to increase synchronization between the pilot and the Evangelion, but performs a number of other functions, such as relaying the pilot's condition and vital signs to NERV control, and contains a number of built-in medical devices, such as a defibrilator.

Progressive Weaponry
Originally only the Knives stored in an Evangelion's shoulder harness, Ritsuko later designs a Progessive Katana. Both weapons work on the same principle, using a blade made of high-frequency vibrating particles.

Project E
Project E refers to both the design staff that created the Evangelions, and the project to create the Evangelions themselves. A very large percentage of the design staff were graduates of the Ohtori Academy before the Second Impact. The project was originated in secrecy within the research organization GEHIRN, and transferred to NERV upon GEHIRN's dissolution.

Rose Bride
The keeper of the power of Dios. All of the Duelists are fighting for her hand, as the "One Engaged" is said to gain the power of Dios when all the duels have been completed.

Rose Signet
A silver band that contains the etched form of a rose at the top, which is colored pink. The pilots are given Rose Signets by NERV as a key to activate the Evangelion during initial synchronization. A sensor behind the control grips in the Entry Plug looks for the Rose Signet whenever the Entry Plug is inserted into an Eva. Since a good number of the Project-E design staff were Ohtori graduates, it is believed the Rose shape came from their former school crest.

Second Impact
The name given to the destruction of Antarctica in the year 2000. According to popular belief, a meteor struck the continent and melted the ice sheet, causing momumental amounts of flooding and loss of life. The First Impact, therefore, is believed to be the meteor that killed the dinosaurs. In truth, the Second Impact was caused by man discovering the First Angel there, and the United Nations agreed to the formation of NERV to prevent a "Third Impact."

A very secretive organization, comparable to the rumored Illuminati, that influenced the United Nations to form the research organization GEHIRN and later the special agency NERV. Very few people know of SEELE, even inside of NERV. Gendo and Mikage report to Keel Lorenz, the head of SEELE. It is known that SEELE was funding the work of Ikari Yui and her husband before the Second Impact. SEELE is German for "soul."

Spear of Longinus
A tightly wound, double-helix shaft that twists out into a large fork near the tip. The Spear is roughly the size of an aircraft carrier deck, and can penetrate an AT-Field easily. In Christian mythology, Longinus was the soldier that pierced Christ's side with a spear. Obviously, the current Spear bearing this name cannot be the original, though some believe that spear is inside the double-helix shaft, or that like the Angels, the Spear merely predates any human record.

Sword of Dios
A blade roughly the size of a rapier, with a gold-trimmed hilt and an emerald nodule in the hand guard. The Rose Bride contains the Sword within her own body, though it is not certain how she is able to do this. The Sword is used by the current victor of the duels, called the "One Engaged" whenever another Duelist challenges them. The Sword is no ordinary blade, and has been proven to be able to stand up to a much sturdier katana in a fight without shattering.

A measure of how the pilot of an Evanglion is connected to it mentally. A pilot's synch-rate determines how the Eva will respond to him or her, and at higher synch-rates the Eva is capable of responding quicker and much more precisely.

The third Tokyo city, built from the original city of Hakone and located over the Geo-Front. Tokyo-3 was built deliberately to intercept the Angels, and contains arsenals of weaponry in hidden structures, as well as power couplings and launch tracks for the Eva Units. The buildings can be withdrawn to a subterranian level in an emergency.