Empty Movement

Character and series analysis, great gallery, and one of the best humor sections out there. A must for any Utena fan. There's even a silly sub that combines Utena and Evangelion. Great minds think alike!

Guide to Neon Genesis Evangelion

A clear, well-illustrated and laid out page that explains the series in detail.

The Evangelion Otaku Page

A very solid site with good FAQ's. Includes a translated version of the Red Cross Book, and tons of information on the director's cut scenes and the END OF EVANGELION film.

Absolute Evangelion Image Gallery

A wealth of great images. One of the finest galleries out there.

Evangelion Thumbnail Theatre

The definitive piece of Evangelion humor. Accept no other.

Utena Thumbnail Theatre

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Doesn't make a lot of sense if you haven't seen UTENA, but if you have, some of it is downright hysterical.

Shoujo Ai Archive

A wonderful collection of work involving shoujo ai (girl love) fanfiction. If you enjoyed the very complicated relationships of Utena/Rei and Juri/Asuka, you can find other good stories here.