Shin Kakumei Evangelion

Neon Revolution Evangelion

Episode IV

Opening Credits

Ohtori Academy, we see Shinji walking into class. Kensuke, Wakaba, Kozue, and Rei are all present. Utena is not. Kensuke waves to Shinji, who waves back to him. Class has not yet started.

Kensuke: Ikari-kun!

Shinji to Kensuke: Aida-kun, hello.

We see Wakaba and Kozue sitting next to each other.

Wakaba to Kozue: He's been absent for a few days. I wish I could get away with that.

Kozue looks at Wakaba like Wakaba is clueless.

Kozue to Wakaba: You do know he is the pilot of the Evangelion we saw fighting the Angel, don't you?

Wakaba: WHAT?

Everyone turns to look at her. Wakaba continues without noticing, pointing now at Shinji.

Wakaba to Shinji: You're the pilot of the Evangelion???

Shinji gets really nervous. Everyone is looking at him intently. He eventually looks down and nods.

Shinji: Well, um...yes.

The class becomes extremely interested in Shinji now, crowding around him, save for Wakaba and Kozue. Kozue looks exasperated; she obviously didn't expect Wakaba to blurt it like that. Wakaba still looks shocked.

Kensuke to Shinji: You pilot an Evangelion? That's so amazing! What's it like?

Shinji: Well, um...

Female Classmate: How did you get picked to do it?

Male Classmate: So that's why you haven't been in class!

Shinji looks even more uncomfortable as the crowd closes in on him, questions of all sorts being thrown at him that he can't or doesn't know how to answer. Wakaba turns to Kozue.

Wakaba to Kozue: How did you know that, Kozue-chan?

Kozue looks ahead blankly at Shinji as she responds.

Kozue to Wakaba: Because my brother is an Eva pilot too.

Brief flashback: Kensuke and Wakaba talking about Miki's absence in the first episode.

Wakaba puts two and two together and suddenly gets very concerned for her friend.

Wakaba: Oh, Kozue-chan, I'm sorry, I didn't realize...

Kozue to Wakaba: They wanted me to do it too, but I wouldn't go anywhere near that monstrous thing.

Kozue looks disgusted and terrified at the same time.

Kozue to Wakaba: Just looking at it gave me the creeps. Like it was looking back at me.

Kozue is now on the verge of crying again.

Kozue to Wakaba: I hate the fact that Miki agreed to do it, and I hate it for causing Miki to get hurt. I just hate everything about the Evangelions.

Kozue begins crying. Wakaba puts her arms around Kozue as Kozue buries her head in Wakaba's shoulder. Wakaba looks over at all the attention Shinji is now getting, and doesn't want.

Wakaba (whispered): Utena...

Rei, who is sitting alone in her usual spot, watches Wakaba and Kozue distantly, paying no attention to Shinji or all the attention he's getting. Shinji, who wants desperately to be away from all these people, suddenly catches a glimpse of Rei as the students around him part. He looks at her curiously before they crowd around him again and he's again barraged by curious classmates.

Switch to NERV. Misato and Ritsuko are hovering over a computer terminal. In the background, something big is covered up under layers of tarps. Both of them have coffee mugs in hand.

Misato: A fully recovered Angel.

Ritsuko: Yes, we're very lucky to be able to examine it like this.

Misato nods, looking at the Angel-under-tarps absently. Ritsuko looks at her, and takes off her glasses.

Ritsuko to Misato: Mi-chan, how did your talk with Juri go?

Misato: As good as can be expected. I think Shinji is actually taking the whole thing better than her.

Ritsuko nods, tilting her head.

Ritsuko to Misato: Shinji can get into the Eva and do something about his feelings. Juri cannot.

Misato nods again.

Misato to Ritsuko: I know. I'm just getting frustrated. The more I try relating to her, the more I seem to drive her away. I don't know what to do to console her.

Ritsuko to Misato: Juri-san is not your responsibility. She remained with NERV of her own free will.

Misato does not look consoled or amused.

Misato to Ritsuko: Knowing what you do, could you walk away from NERV now?

Ritsuko does not answer. Misato drinks her coffee and changes the subject.

Misato to Ritsuko: What have you found out about the Angel?

Ritsuko looks back to her terminal, putting her glasses back on.

Ritsuko to Misato: The analysis isn't complete yet, and won't be for a while. But, we have discovered this.

The monitor shows two wave patterns overlapping almost exactly.

Ritsuko to Misato: 99.89%

Misato looks at the screen.

Misato to Ritsuko: Is that...

Ritsuko nods.

Ritsuko to Misato: A comparison between the chemical makeup of human and Angel tissue samples.

We see the screen one last time before the scene switches.

Switch to Utena, carrying her book bag over her shoulder and holding a card in front of her like she's reading directions. She's in an apartment building hallway, fairly upscale. She counts aloud as she reads the door numbers.

Utena: 240, 241, 242...

She comes to rest in front of 243. There's a nameplate that says Arisugawa, J. Utena checks the name, then the card.

Utena: This is it.

She presses the buzzer. A few moments pass, and she presses it again.

Utena: Maybe nobody's home.

As she's getting ready to press it a third time, the door opens, and Juri is standing there. Juri's hair is wet and clinging to her neck, she is wearing a bathrobe. Utena blushes and gets very uneasy. Juri is all business.

Utena to Juri: Oh...I'm sorry, I didn't realize...

Juri to Utena: Tenjou Utena?

Utena nods nervously.

Juri steps back, opening the door further. Utena takes one hesitant step in, then another, then walks the rest of the way in. Juri closes the door behind her. Inside, Utena is still nervous.

Utena to Juri: I didn't mean to disturb you.

Juri walks down the hallway, opening another door. She continues past it, going back to the bathroom.

Juri to Utena: This is your room.

Utena is surprised. She looks at Juri as Juri vanishes into the bathroom and closes the door. Sounds of a hairdryer come from the bathroom. She walks up the hallway, and tentatively looks into the room Juri indicated. It's empty.

Utena to Juri: Oh...I'm going to be living here?

Juri (From behind the bathroom door): You're going to pilot Eva?

Utena turns to the bathroom door, leaning against the frame of the empty room.

Utena: Yes, I suppose.

Juri comes out of the bathroom. Her hair is dry, but not styled as we normally see it. She looks stern.

Juri to Utena: You suppose?

Utena looks at Juri, and gets stern herself.

Utena to Juri: I am going to pilot Eva.

Juri to Utena: Then you will be living here.

Juri walks past Utena again into the kitchen. Utena watches her go, and doesn't look very happy to be here if this is what she can expect of Juri.

Juri (off): Make yourself at home, Tenjou-san.

Utena looks around, considering Juri's apartment as a potential home. It is very well-kept and orderly, and she walks around it examining everything. She stops at the picture of Juri, Asuka, and Miki, and picks it up, looking at it curiously. Juri comes out with tea for both of them, and stops when she sees Utena holding up the picture. Then she comes in and sets it down upon the table. Utena turns as Juri does, still holding the picture. She looks down at it.

Utena to Juri: You look very happy in this picture.

Juri is pouring them tea. She doesn't respond. Utena sets the picture down and joins her.

Utena to Juri: Who are the other two?

Juri to Utena: Soryu Asuka Langley, and Kaoru Miki. The Second and First Children.

Utena to Juri: Kaoru...Kozue's brother?

Juri nods.

Utena to Juri: First and Second Children, they are the other Eva pilots?

Juri nods.

Utena to Juri: Who is the Third?

Juri hands Utena a cup on a saucer. Utena takes it.

Juri to Utena: Ikari Shinji. And you are the Fourth.

Utena's eyes catch a hint of metal around Juri's neck. It's a locket.

Utena to Juri: Captain Katsuragi says you are going to train me to pilot Eva.

Juri smirks.

Juri to Utena: Mentor you, I believe, is a more appropriate choice of labels.

Utena to Juri: You don't look much older than me. Are you a student at Ohtori, too?

Juri frowns at this and she doesn't answer the question.

Juri to Utena: Have you ever held a sword, Tenjou-san?

The question comes out of nowhere, and Utena blinks in uncertainty, straightening her posture.

Switch to NERV: We see a few shots of the people in the control room going about their normal duties. Then zoom up to Gendo's position above the control room. Gendo is not there, but Mikage is, talking on the phone as he overlooks everyone.

Mikage (on the phone): The Fourth Children was given over to Arisugawa. (pause) Yes. (pause) Yes. (pause) Yes, she was already wearing a Rose Signet before she accepted the responsibility. (pause) The Third Children has already defeated two Angels alone. (pause) The First Children is still in a coma, and his sister has refused any offer to replace him. (pause) Yes. (pause) No. (pause)

As Mikage is talking, the view eventually fades off of him and to the NERV symbol in the background. When it is close enough, Mikage will be finished speaking and we will be able to read the words on the NERV symbol. They read "Smash the World's Shell, for the Revolution of the World."

Mikage (on the phone): Soon the Second Children will be joining the others? (pause) I understand. (pause) Yes, I know. I'll handle it. For the revolution of the world.

Switch to the Ohtori Fencing Gym: Juri and Utena are both in dueling gear, but neither of them are wearing face masks. They are holding epees outward towards each other. They leap at each other. Within moments, it's painfully obvious that Juri is a far superior duelist, and that she's playing with Utena. Utena is faring much better than Shinji did when we saw him duel Juri, but that might be out of her determination only and Shinji's lack of effort. Juri eventually flips Utena's blade out of her hand, and it clatters uselessly on the far end of the room. Juri looks at Utena sternly as she holds the blade towards her throat, but then, her expression softens unexpectedly, and she manages a faint, but genuine smile, then lowers her blade.

Juri to Utena: You're very good for someone who has had so little experience at this.

Utena blushes.

Utena to Juri: Thank you, Arisugawa-sempai.

Juri to Utena: You're welcome, Tenjou-san. But you may call me Juri.

Utena smiles.

Utena to Juri: Call me Utena.

Juri maintains her faint smile.

Switch to outside the Ohtori Academy, where Shinji is talking with Wakaba, Kensuke, and Kozue.

Kensuke: How can I get to be a pilot? I want to be a pilot so badly!

Kensuke turns to Shinji, Kozue glaring at Kensuke the whole time.

Kensuke to Shinji: Shinji-kun! How can I become an Eva pilot too?

Shinji to Kensuke: Well, I don't know...there's some organization that does it...I think.

Shinji looks uncomfortably at Kozue. She isn't looking at him. Wakaba looks over at Kozue. Still disconcerted by what Kozue said earlier, Wakaba looks worried.

Wakaba: Utena-sama is going to be an Eva pilot. I hope she'll be okay.

Shinji to Wakaba: Utena-sama?

Wakaba nods.

Wakaba to Shinji: Somebody named Akagi Ritsuko approached her about it.

Shinji: Ritsuko? She's the Fourth Children, then. I haven't met her yet.

Wakaba to Shinji: I can introduce you.

Shinji to Wakaba: Oh...thank you. We'll probably meet soon.

Kensuke stands up defiantly.

Kensuke: If Tenjou Utena can become an Eva pilot, then I, Aida Kensuke, can do it too.

Kensuke kneels before Shinji.

Kensuke to Shinji: Please help me, Shinji-kun.

Shinji: Eh?

Kozue to Kensuke: Why do you want to be an Eva pilot?

Everyone turns to look at Kozue.

Kensuke to Kozue: would be great! To battle strange creatures, to be a noble pilot in a great war, to-

Shinji, looking down, interrupts him.

Shinji: It's not that fun. It's actually really scary. I don't really like doing it.

Kensuke to Shinji: Well, I would like to do it.

Kensuke looks hopeful.

Kensuke to Shinji: I will take your place, Shinji-kun!

Kensuke makes several movements, like he is piloting an Eva. Shinji looks at Kensuke, and is a little amused.

Switch to Misato, Ritsuko, Juri, and Utena walking through NERV.

Ritsuko to Utena: Eva normally runs off an external power supply. If that supply is severed, the internal batteries have a maximum of five minutes of power.

Utena: That's not very long at all.

Ritsuko to Utena: Life support in the Entry Plug can be maintained for sixteen hours without external power, though, so don't fear dying if the power goes out. The Entry Plug can also be ejected from the Eva in emergencies.

Misato to Utena: And everything is monitored from the Command Center you've already seen. The internal sensors in the Entry Plug keep constant watch over your vital signs, so we always know what's happening to you. There are visual displays and audio channels that allow you to communicate with the Command Center as well as the other Eva units.

They come to rest before the repaired Unit 00, which has been repainted blue.

Ritsuko to Utena: This is Unit 00, the Eva you will be piloting.

Utena, who thus far has only seen Unit 01, looks at Unit 00 curiously.

Utena: It looks more primitive than the other.

Ritsuko: Unit 00 is the prototype. Unit 01 is the test type.

Utena chuckles, looking at Juri.

Utena to Juri: So I am to be piloting yesterday's model?

Misato laughs politely. Juri manages to smile, but it's not a very large one. Utena notices this, and her expression becomes concerned. She was trying to amuse Juri, but obviously said something wrong.

Ritsuko: The prototype is capable of everything the test type is. Don't worry, we won't be putting you at a disadvantage.

Utena: That's a relief.

Misato to Utena: Well, we should let you get into the Entry Plug now. Let you see what it's like from the pilot's viewpoint. Juri-san will get a plug suit for you and help you get ready. We will be waiting for you.

Misato and Ritsuko walk off.

Eyecatcher Screen:

Shin Kakumei Evangelion

Episode IV: Two Princes

Utena has put on a black plug suit. With a press of the wrist button, it becomes form-fitting. We see her next in the pilot's chair.

Switch to NERV Control: We see Juri, Misato, and Ritsuko watching the harmonics and synchronization montiors. Utena is on one of the visual displays.

Ritsuko: Begin LCL induction.

Back to Utena in the Entry Plug.

Utena: What?

She looks down to see the Entry Plug filling with a yellow-orange liquid.

Juri (off- seen on the Eva display): Don't worry. Your lungs will take oxygen from it. It's just a little odd on the way down.

The LCL surrounds Utena, who raises a skeptical eyebrow as it goes over her head. Utena's lungs fill with the liquid, and she suddenly looks very ill.

Utena: That wasn't much fun. Will I have to go through this every time I sit in this chair?

Juri (off- seen on the Eva display): Heh. It's twice as much fun on the way back up, Utena-san.

Back to NERV Control. Utena is on the video display. She looks even more ill, then curious.

Utena (off) to Juri: Is that the voice of experience, Juri-san?

Juri's expression goes blank, Ritsuko and Misato turn and look at her carefully. Slowly, Juri forces a smile to her face and looks back at the Utena monitor.

Juri to Utena (off): You're not the first pilot I've worked with.

Misato moves to the forefront.

Misato to Utena (off): How do you feel, Tenjou-san?

Back to Utena. Utena looks around the Entry Plug.

Utena: I don't know. Different. Strange.

Back to NERV. Misato turns to Ritsuko.

Ritsuko to Misato: Vital signs all normal. She's a little nervous, but who wouldn't be?

Misato to Ritsuko: Do you want to try activating Unit 00?

Ritsuko looks at monitors, at the synchronization and harmonics graphs, then up at the Utena monitor.

Ritsuko to Utena (off): Tenjou-san, just relax and clear your mind.

Utena (off) to Ritsuko: Yes, ma'am.

Ritsuko to Misato: Give her awhile to adjust first, and see how she synchronizes.

Switch to the Ohtori Academy grounds. Shinji is carrying schoolbooks, walking between the buildings. We can see the large skyscrapers of Tokyo-3 in background. He makes a turn, and he walks by the Ohtori Rose Garden. Inside, he sees Ayanami Rei. Rei is holding a watering pitcher, like she's never seen one before. She regards it curiously, then begins watering the roses. Shinji stays carefully out of sight, watching the whole thing. Rei's expression is one of puzzlement; from Shinji's point-of-view, Rei has no idea why she is doing this but is doing it anyway. When it is all said and done, Rei stands upright, and looks at the entire Rose Garden. Then she smiles. Shinji's eyes grow wide as he sees Rei smile; it's the first time she has smiled the entire series.

Switch to Gendo and Mikage in Gendo's conference room. Mikage looks like he is playing Mahjong, Gendo might be playing it, we're never certain. Only Mikage's hands actually remove tiles.

Mikage to Gendo: The Fourth Children is in Unit 00's Entry Plug at this moment.

Gendo to Mikage: So. She agreed to pilot, then?

Mikage to Gendo: Yes.

Gendo to Mikage: Did she indicate why she wanted to?

Mikage to Gendo: No. Only that she felt it was the right thing to do.

Gendo: Hmm.

Mikage to Gendo: Dr. Akagi did mention a code of honor.

Gendo to Mikage: Did you give her one of the Rose Signets?

Mikage straightens, surprised at this question.

Mikage to Gendo: No, why do you ask?

Gendo to Mikage: She was wearing one before Ritsuko approached her to be a pilot.

Mikage's eyes narrow.

Mikage to Gendo: You suspect SEELE?

Gendo to Mikage: A possibility. She might be an infiltrator.

Mikage removes the last tiles. If he was playing by himself, he played flawlessly. If he was playing against Gendo, he has won.

Mikage to Gendo: I'll let security to know to keep a close eye on her. Has the Council approved the budget to repair both Evangelion units?

Gendo to Mikage: They have no choice but to approve it. As long as the Angels are attacking, we hold all the tiles.

Final shot of Mikage's Mahjong game, where no tiles remain on the board.

Switch to NERV control. Utena is on the monitor, looking in deep meditation. Her synch and harmonics levels are above acceptable levels according to the display.

Ritsuko to Misato: Good readings for a new pilot.

Misato nods.

Misato to Ritsuko: Do we continue?

Ritsuko shrugs.

Ritsuko to Misato: That's your call, Captain Katsuragi. It should work.

Misato looks over at Juri, who then walks over to the display.

Juri to Utena (off): Utena-san, we are going to insert the Entry Plug into Unit 00. Just remain calm.

Utena (off-quietly): Alright.

Misato: Prepare to activate Unit 00!

The safety mechanisms on the Entry Plug release, and it spirals into the neck area of Unit 00. The armor plating moves over and covers the Entry Plug.

Tech one: Harmonics level normal.

Tech two: Synch-rate normal.

Maya: All power circuits coming online.

Tech three: Neural links have past first threshold.

Ritsuko looks at the panel as the red indicator lights all begin flipping to green. The large eye of Unit 00 illuminates.

Tech three: Second threshold exceeded.

Maya: No signs of mental contamination.

Misato has her arms folded, looking at the window at the now coming-alive Unit 00. Juri walks over and stands beside her.

Ritsuko to Utena (off): Tenjou-san, place both your hands on the control grips.

Utena has already gripped them, but her hands tighten. Tightening her grip brings the Rose Signet before a sensor, the sensor lights up. (The Rose Signet is visible despite the gloves on the plug suit, like the layering on that knuckle somehow became translucent to allow the Signet to be seen.)

Back in the control room, lights are turning on everywhere.

Tech three: Third threshold exceeded! Evangelion Unit 00 is going to activate.

The lights on the panels have all gone from red to green, and are all linked properly.

Unit 00 lifts its head slightly.

Misato: Unit 00 operational...

Ritsuko joins Juri and Misato.

Ritsuko: Impressive...and without any previous training.

Misato: Like she was meant to be the pilot of Unit 00...just like Shinji and Unit 01.

Juri's eyes narrow, and her head turns to look at Ritsuko. Ritsuko doesn't notice. Juri turns back to watching Unit 00. Misato, who stood between, notices.

Misato: She doubtlessly had an excellent trainer.

Misato smiles softly at Juri. Juri tries to maintain her anger, but is actually calmed by Misato's attempt at comfort. She manages one of her frequently-seen faint smiles, but doesn't say anything. Ritsuko notices this, then eyes Misato curiously.

Switch to NERV infirmary. Juri and Utena are walking down the hallway.

Juri to Utena: How did it feel?

Utena to Juri: Twice as much fun on the way up, as you said, sempai.

Juri smirks.

Juri to Utena: I meant being in Unit 00.

Utena pauses.

Utena to Juri: Different. Not what I expected it to be, anyway. I don't know how to describe it.

Juri nods, looking at Utena curiously.

Juri to Utena: That's almost exactly what Miki said.

Utena to Juri: I've been meaning to ask you where the other pilots are. Can I meet them?

They resume walking.

Juri to Utena: Ikari is a student at Ohtori. He's the pilot of Unit 01. Asuka...

Juri pauses.

Juri to Utena: Asuka is in Germany with Unit 02.

Juri indicates with her head towards Miki's room. We see Miki, still wrapped up and still in a coma. Utena's eyes go wide with concern.

Juri (off): And that's Miki, the previous pilot of Unit 00. Your predecessor.

Utena presses her fingers against the glass, looking in at Miki.

Utena: What happened to him?

Juri stands next to her.

Juri: He was almost killed fighting the Third Angel. He would have died, and Unit 00 would have been destroyed, if Shinji had not come to his rescue.

Shinji is now walking up from the opposite side. He has Miki's stopwatch around his neck, and his cello case in one hand. Seeing Juri, he pauses. When Juri turns to look at Shinji, Shinji now sees Utena for the first time. Utena, seeing that Juri's attention has moved, turns to look and sees Shinji for the first time. Juri steps out of the way, and Utena and Shinji are left looking at each other.

End Credits

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