Shin Kakumei Evangelion

Neon Revolution Evangelion

Episode VI

Opening Credits

Begin Prince Flashback. Young princess standing before two graves. Her features are blocked out, so we can't see them.

Narration: Once, long ago, there was princess who was very sad because her parents had died.

Image of Prince on a white horse. His features are blocked out as well.

Narration: Before the princess appeared a handsome prince upon a white horse. He had a noble bearing and a kind smile.

The prince is bending before the princess, kissing her forehead. This point, we see their features. The princess is clearly a young Utena. The prince is still not seen in his entirety.

Narration: The princess wiped her tears away and said, "Little one, bearing up alone under such sadness, never lose that strength or nobility, even when you're grown."

The prince places a Rose Signet on the princess's finger.

Narration: "I give you this ring to remember this day. One day, it will lead you to me."

The prince is riding away.

Narration: Perhaps the ring he gave her was an engagement ring. This was all well and good, but so impressed was the princess by his noble bearing-

The princess is now wearing the garb of a prince.

Narration: -that she decided to become a prince herself one day. But was that really such a good idea?

End Prince Flashback.

Continue scene from Episode V, we are seeing Utena in Unit 00's entry plug.

Misato (off): Hold on stand-by, Tenjou-san. Unit 00 will back-up Unit 01 if necessary.

Utena: But-

Misato (off): Hold on stand-by, Tenjou-san. That's an order.

Utena (reluctantly): Yes, ma'am.

In NERV's control room.

Hyuga: Unit 01 ready to launch.

Misato: Sortie!

Unit 01 launches up the railways towards the surface. Outside, energy begins to build-up around the edge of the Angel's surface.

Back to the Control Room.

Shigeru: It's circumferential parts are increasing speed and concentrating.

Ritsuko: That means...

Misato: No, dodge it!

The lift opens on the surface. As soon as the Eva is above ground, a particle beam shoots out from the edge of the Fifth Angel. It bores straight through a building and slams into Unit 01, which is still held in place by the lift locks.

Inside the Entry Plug, Shinji is screaming as the Eva shakes and sirens/warning lights are blaring like mad.

Outside, the particle beam is melting away the torso of Unit 01.

Back in Control Room.

Misato: Shinji-kun!

Inside the Entry Plug, Shinji thrashes about wildly.

Outside, the Eva breaks free of the right rail binding and hangs there, still fastened to the left rail. The Eva is screaming as Shinji screams. The left binding can't hold the Eva alone, and it bends towards the ground.

Back in Control Room.

Misato: Retrieve Unit 01!

Shigeru: We can't! The Eva has broken the harness! It's trapped!

In Unit 00's Entry Plug.

Utena: What's happening out there? Misato-san? Ritsuko-san?

Back in Control Room, Gendo's overlook.

Mikage to Gendo: Ikari?

Gendo doesn't respond.

Mikage bends over Gendo.

Mikage: Ikari-kun?

Back to NERV control.

Misato: Sortie Unit 00!

Ritsuko: You don't have the authority, Capt. Katsuragi!

Misato ignores her and moves over to Hyuga, and bellows her command.

Misato to Hyuga: Sortie Unit 00, now!

In Gendo's room, he watches without saying anything. Mikage is now looking worried.

Mikage to Gendo: Ikari-kun, that's your-

Gendo: Sortie Unit 00. Recover Unit 01.

Mikage nods.

Mikage to Misato: Recover Unit 01, Capt. Katsuragi.

Misato looks up, and nods.

Misato: Yes, sir.

Unit 00 is launching upwards. In Unit 00's Entry Plug, Utena is bracing herself for action.

Misato (off): Tenjou-san, free Unit 01 and return immediately. Do not engage the Angel. I repeat, do not engage the Angel!

Utena: Understood.

Unit 00 breaks through the surface. The Angel immediately stops the particle beam at Unit 01 and redirects it to Unit 00. Utena grits her teeth. Unit 00 leaps out of the way as the particle beam strikes exactly where it once stood. It stays one second ahead of the beam as it leaps across the blocks to the fallen Unit 01.

Back in NERV Control.

Ritsuko: Incredible...without any training, she shouldn't be able to move like that.

All eyes in NERV are wide in amazement.

Ritsuko to Maya: Is it...?

Maya to Ritsuko: Negative! Unit 00 is fully under Tenjou's control.

Unit 00 turns its back to Fifth Angel as it repeatedly kicks the lift rail. The particle beam begins melting the back plate of Unit 00 as it melted the chest plate of Unit 01.

In the Entry Plug of Unit 00: Utena is grimacing in pain as she yanks on the controls.

Utena: Come on! Come on! Come on!

The rail snaps, and Unit 01 falls down the lift shaft. Unit 00 leaps down after it. It reaches the bottom first, and catches Unit 01 before it impacts against the ground. Above ground, the particle beam vanishes.

In the Control Room:

Shigeru: Target is silent.

Misato: How is Shinji-kun?

Maya: He's alive.

Misato breathes a sigh of relief. Above, Gendo stands up and walks out, leaving Mikage. Mikage makes eye contact with Misato, smiles faintly, and then follows Gendo.

Misato to Hyuga: I'm going down there, take over for me.

Hyuga: Yes ma'am.

Misato leaves.

Ritsuko: Status of the pilot?

Shigeru: Brain waves are very erratic. Heartbeat is weak.

Image of Shinji unconscious in the Entry Plug of Unit 01.

Ritsuko: Bring heart support system to full. Begin cardiac stimulation.

Shigeru: Roger.

Image of Shinji convulsing as the electrical pulse goes through him.

Shigeru: Pulse recognized.

Ritsuko: Force eject the plug. Emergency LCL exhaust.

Unit 01 is now on the ground, Unit 00 supporting it. Unit 01's entry plug pops out of the back, remaining halfway in. The LCL escapes in four jet streams near the bottom.

Ritsuko: Tenjou-san, carefully remove the Entry Plug from Unit 01.

Inside Unit 00's Entry Plug, Utena nods.

Utena: Okay.

Unit 00 pulls the Entry Plug out of Unit 01 and lays it on the ground. Misato hops of the descending elevator lift and runs over the technicians already gathered around it.

Misato: Open it, hurry!

The hatch is opening. Misato looks inside at a still unconscious Shinji.

Misato: Shinji-kun...

Inside Unit 00's Entry Plug, we see Utena's expression soften as she watches Misato.

Switch to Tokyo-3. With the Evas gone, the Fifth Angel moves into position. A long drill extends from the bottom and breaks into the concrete, moving downward.

Inside NERV: The medics are wheeling Shinji on a gurney into the emergency room. Misato is following them but doesn't follow them inside.

Up in the control room, Ritsuko and Maya are crowding over a monitor.

Ritsuko: Forty-point jump in synchronization?

Maya nods.

NERV Tech 1 (off): Unit 00 secured in cage 6.

Maya to Ritsuko: It's amazing. It happened the moment Unit 00 hit the surface.

NERV Tech 2 (off): Moving Unit 01 to cage 7.

Ritsuko: Just like Shinji a few weeks ago. And now this girl comes to us out of nowhere and does it too only a few days after being selected.

In Tokyo-3: We see an inflatable decoy of Unit 01 approach the Fifth Angel. The Fifth Angel destroys it with the particle beam. Juri, with several other NERV personnel are watching it from a distance. Juri activates her radio and calls Misato.

Juri (into radio): Decoy destroyed, Misato-sempai.

Misato (off): Initiate phase two.

In Tokyo-3: We see a mortar cannon emerge from a mountain, fire at the Fifth Angel. The Fifth Angels AT-Field deflects it, then the Angel destroys the cannon with its particle beam. Juri's group is positioned so they can watch this attempt as well.

Juri (into radio): 12th Type mortar cannon destroyed.

Misato (off): Thank you, Juri-san. Have the team come back.

Switch to Gendo and Mikage in the conference room. Ritsuko, Juri, and Misato are there as well.

Gendo: What is the status of Unit 01?

Ritsuko to Gendo: Not good. The defensive chest armor needs to be replaced. We're lucky that Shinji managed to twist off the harness when he did. Another second and the central control unit would have been damaged. As it is, the angle at which the Eva was trapped put the left shoulder and arm in the way. The entire armor structure on the left arm will need to be replaced as well. Repairs will take nearly 8 hours. Had Unit 00 not arrived when it did, we might have lost Unit 01.

Mikage: And the condition of Unit 00?

Ritsuko to Mikage: Back armor plating needs replaced. Repairs on it will take 3 hours. There are still some feedback errors, so I'm leery of sending it into combat again.

Misato: It seemed to function fine earlier.

Ritsuko to Misato: That was due to the pilot's synch-ratio. I can't guarantee there won't be problems. If you must send it in, I don't advise sending it alone. Don't depend on Unit 00 to carry the mission.

Gendo: Status of the pilots?

Juri to Gendo: The Fourth Children is fine. A little shaken up at what's happened, but otherwise very well considering she was put into combat with so little training.

Ritsuko: Shinji sustained no physical injuries. Nerve pulses are out of acceptable limits currently. We'll just have to see how the next few hours go. He is still unconscious.

Misato to Ritsuko: Can we rewrite the personal data of Unit 01 for Utena?

Ritsuko to Misato: Not without doing extensive testing, and we don't have the time.

Mikage: How long before the Angel's drill reaches the Geo-Front?

Misato to Mikage: The drill has a diameter of 17.5 meters. At its current speed, it will reach us in less than 10 hours.

Gendo: What about the rest of the Angel?

Misato to Gendo: It automatically fires upon any target within its radius. It also has a strong enough AT-Field that the phase-shift distortions are visible. Conventional weaponry will be useless against it. Incredible offense and defensive capabilities...the Angel is practically a flying fortress. Close combat with the Evas won't be possible.

Juri: It sounds almost undefeatable.

Misato grins at Juri.

Misato: There's one thing I'd like to try before throwing in the white flag. A long-distance shot using a single point attack with a high-energy convergence unit, without first neutralizing the AT-Field.

Mikage: What do the Magi say?

Misato to Mikage: The Magi supercomputers give it two affirmatives and one affirmative with conditions.

Ritsuko: The probability of success is only 8.7%.

Misato to Ritsuko: That's the highest chance of success we have and the only option available to us in under 9 hours.

Mikage: Our positron cannon for the Eva cannot generate enough power to penetrate an AT-Field. How are you going to manage it?

Misato to Mikage: Simple, I'm going to borrow one.

Juri to Misato: You mean?

Misato to Juri: Yes, from the JSSDF.

Gendo: I see no reason to oppose this. Proceed, Captain Katsuragi.

Switch to a JSSDF warehouse/laboratory. Juri and Misato are there, confronting some of the staff. There is a large machine in the background, presumably the prototype cannon Misato mentioned earlier.

Juri (reading from paperwork): The Japanese government hereby authorizes the United Nations special operations unit NERV to use the prototype positron cannon owned by the Self Strategic Defensive Force in order to carry out the current mission.

She hands the paperwork to a confused lab worker.

Misato: For this reason, we, as representatives of NERV, requisition this cannon as of 15:00 today.

The worker shakes his head.

Lab worker: You can't be serious.

Misato: We promise to return it in good condition.

She turns her back, looking at the wall.

Misato: Okay, Tenjou-san, take it away.

The roof opens, and Unit 00 is there, reaching inside and taking the cannon to the amazement of the workers.

Switch to NERV. Ritsuko and Misato are washing their hands in the restroom.

Ritsuko to Misato: Where are you going to get enough power to create a beam of at least 180 gigawatts? Anything less and the AT-Field will resist it.

Misato to Ritsuko: That's already taken care of. From all over Japan!

(images of Tokyo-3, with cabling line the streets with each image, then back to Misato and Ritsuko)

Ritsuko looks a bit disbelieving, but nods.

Ritsuko to Misato: Second Section created a shield out of a single-stage-to-orbit rocket. It was super electromagnetically coated, and they are guaranteeing it will withstand the Angel's particle beam for 17 seconds. That's about as good as we're going to get for something defensive.

Misato to Ritsuko: Good. The strike point will be atop Mt. Futagoyama. It's the best place taking the position of the Angel, terrain, and power supply installation.

Misato and Ritsuko are now in the control room.

Misato: This mission is now called Operation Yashima. It will commence at 00:00 hours.

Ritsuko: Now the only problem is the pilots.

Switch to a shot of Shinji, still unconscious in the infirmary.

Eyecatcher Screen:

Shin Kakumei Evangelion

Episode VI: Power of Dios

Shots of Tokyo-3, we see power cabling running through the streets again. The streets look empty.

Announcer: From 11:30 am today until early tomorrow morning, an electrical blackout is anticipated for all of Japan.

More shots of Tokyo-3. A helicopter is flying through.

Helicopter announcer: I repeat, from 11:30 am today until early tomorrow morning, an electrical blackout is anticipated for all of Japan. Thank you for your cooperation.

Back to Shinji in the infirmary. Still unconscious.

Switch to Misato and Ritsuko in the control room. Misato has a cup of coffee, and looks weary.

Ritsuko to Misato: Shinji has still not regained consciousness.

Misato to Ritsuko: I know.

Ritsuko to Misato: That leaves you with only Utena, who can't pilot Unit 01, and Unit 00, which might not be able to handle the mission alone.

Misato: I know.

The control room shakes, and Misato and Ritsuko look up. We see a brief clip of the Angel's drill breaking through a layer of armor in the ground. Then back to NERV control.

Shigeru: The Angel has penetrated the seventh defensive armor plating.

Misato looks at her watch, and her expression looks grim.

Misato: Only 1 hour remaining before we have to move to the strike point.

Switch to the cooling chambers, and we see Unit 01. Juri is there looking at Unit 01 very much like Rei did last episode.

Juri (whispered): A single can a single day mean so much?

Switch to Shinji's room. Shinji is waking up now; the monitors change from BORDERLINE to NORMAL. He sits up, and Juri is there, sitting in a chair in the corner. A cart with a meal is resting next to Shinji's bed. He looks at it and Juri distantly.

Shinji: Arisugawa-sempai.

Juri stands and walks over to him.

Juri to Shinji: The Yashima Operation. At 17:30, Tenjou Utena and Ikari Shinji will scramble to the cages. At 18:00, the Evas will be readied. At 18:05, the Evas will launch and will arrive at Mt. Futagoyama at 18:30, where you will await further instructions. The mission implements at midnight.

She indicates to the corner of Shinji's bed, where a new Plug Suit, still in plastic, is resting.

Juri to Shinji: You have a replacement suit as well.

She turns to leave.

Shinji to Juri: Do I really have to get into the Eva again?

Juri stops and turns.

Juri to Shinji: You make it sound like we shall be torturing you. If you dislike it so much, then leave.

Shinji to Juri: Leave?

Juri nods.

Juri to Shinji: Leave.

Shinji to Juri: You can be so removed from it because you've never been inside one. You have no idea how horrible it can be.

Juri's face looks almost composed, then composed again.

Juri to Shinji: Fine. Leave. Let Utena take on the Angel alone. Perhaps she'll fare better than you did alone.

Shinji to Juri: Utena-san?

Juri to Shinji: In Unit 00. Of course, Misato's plan calls for both Evas, but I'm certain Utena won't complain if you force both offensive and defensive roles on her at once, being so new to this.

Juri turns to leave. Shinji speaks, catching her at the door.

Shinji (quietly): Why are you so cruel?

Juri speaks without turning to face him, only looking over her shoulder.

Juri to Shinji: Because you pilot your Eva for Miki. You stayed with NERV because of him, and you became a pilot for him. You've never given any thought to exactly what it means to pilot Eva, and you don't care about the people that will get hurt if you do not pilot it. Eva has always been a means for you to have friends, and nothing more.

Shinji doesn't look happy with those words.

Shinji to Juri: Then you pilot it.

Juri turns and leaves, disgusted with him.

Juri (leaving): I'm not one of the chosen children, Shinji-kun. If I could trade places with you, I would.

Brief scene of the Angel still drilling into NERV, then to the side of a mountain where Kensuke and Wakaba are sitting down. A few of their classmates are there too. Kozue and Rei are not.

Wakaba to Kensuke: I'm getting tired of waiting, Aida-kun. We should be going to the shelter anyway.

Kensuke to Wakaba: I sneaked into my father's office and read his papers. It should be any moment now.

Wakaba yawns. The adjoining mountain faces slides away, and both Eva units are elevated out. Unit 00 is carrying the shield Ritsuko made reference to.

All: Oh!

Kensuke: There they are! Evangelions!

Wakaba brightens.

Wakaba: That other one must be Utena-sama's!

Kensuke: Go Shinji!

Wakaba: Good luck, Utena-sama!

Brief scene of the drill breaking through another defensive plate, then scenes of the mess of electrical cabling and jury-rigged transformer getup that serves as the positron cannon power supply.

NERV Tech 3 (off): Enemy drill has broken through the 17th defensive layer. Entry at Geo-Front will be 3 hours, 55 minutes.

NERV Tech 4 (off): Electric power supply from Shikoku and Kyushu Aria complete. Initiating tests of the cooling system.

Settle view on Misato, Juri, Ritsuko, Shinji, and Utena, who are there. Units 01 and 00 are in the background. Shinji and Utena are not wearing their Plug Suits.

Ritsuko: This is a very delicate and precise machine. Be careful.

Juri to Ritsuko: The cannon is still a prototype, and isn't ready to be used in the field like this. Are you sure it's going to work?

Misato: There's no other way. It's this or nothing.

Shinji: Will everything be okay?

Ritsuko: In theory, yes. However, this is the first time it will be fired using this much power. We aren't certain if the cannon or the accelerator can handle the force of the blast.

Misato: As for the arrangements, Shinji-kun, you will be the gunner.

Shinji to Misato: Yes, ma'am.

Misato to Utena: Utena-san, you will be there to protect him in Unit 00. This is because of Shinji's higher synch-rate and experience in combat, and this must go precisely as planned.

Ritsuko to Shinji: Remember, positrons are affected by outside forces, like gravity and the Earth's rotation. Don't forget to compensate for that. The core of the Angel must be hit on the first shot.

Utena to Shinji: I'm suddenly glad you're the one being the gunner.

Shinji looks at her, then back to Ritsuko.

Shinji to Ritsuko: I've never practiced this, how am I supposed to do that?

Ritsuko to Shinji: Just do it like you've been trained to. When the marks merge together, pull the trigger. The targeting computer will do the rest.

Utena: What if the first shot misses?

Misato: Don't think like that. Make certain you hit it with the first shot.

Utena: If we get fired upon, how long will the shield protect us?

Ritsuko: Seventeen seconds.

Juri: How long will it take to fire a second shot?

Ritsuko: ...twenty seconds.

Shinji and Utena look at each other.

Utena: Right...there won't be a second shot.

Misato: It's time. You two change your clothes.

Shinji and Utena: Yes, ma'am.

Switch to Shinij and Utena changing. There is a divider between them as each puts on their Plug Suit, but we can see the silhouette of the other. We see Shinji press the button on his as it becomes form fitting.

Shinji to Utena: We may die, you know.

Utena to Shinji: I know. But you won't die. I'll protect you.

Switch to Shinji and Utena, in their Plug Suits, looking at Tokyo-3 in the distance. It's night. They are sitting on the ramps leading to their Entry Plugs.

Shinji to Utena: Why are you doing this? Piloting Eva?

Utena to Shinji: For Wakaba.

Shinji to Wakaba: For Shinohara-san?

Utena nods.

Utena to Shinji: Sure. I mean, if I don't do it, and I'm one of the few people who can, who else is to blame if something happened to her during an Angel attack? I do it to make certain Wakaba, and people like her, are safe.

Shinji to Utena: You're very strong, Tenjou-san.

Utena looks down at her Rose Signet, visible through the gloves of her Plug Suit.

Utena: It's all I have.

Shinji to Utena: All you have?

Utena nods as she stands.

Utena to Shinji: Yes. Time to go. Good luck, Ikari-kun.

Shinji nods and smiles.

Switch scenes: Unit 01 is laying down sniper like with the positron cannon.

Switch to Misato, Juri, and Ritsuko in the field control center.

Juri to Misato: It's midnight, Misato-sempai.

Misato: Begin the operation. Shinji-kun?

Shinji (off): Yes?

Misato: We are entrusting all the power of Japan to you.

Inside Unit 01, Shinji nods, reading himself.

Misato: Start first connection.

Begin power-up scene. Continuous switch of images between command center and the electrical devices powering the cannon.

NERV officer: Start power supply, first through 80th unit.

NERV Tech 4 (off): Voltage up. Powering up the water exchange unit.

NERV officer: All cooling systems at full power.

NERV Tech 3 (off): Temperature stable. All clear.

NERV officer: Positron charge is nominal.

Misato: Begin second connection.

NERV officer: Start all accelerators.

NERV officer: Start the converger.

NERV Tech 3 (off): All power supplied to the submission station on Mt. Futagoyama. All clear.

Misato: Release all final safety systems.

NERV officer: Pull sear up.

NERV Tech 4 (off): Adjustment for the gravity field and revolution of the Earth is minus 0.0009. 0.2 to the critical voltage.

NERV officer: 7th, 10th connection.

NERV Tech 3 (off): All energy to the positron rifle.

End power-up scene. Return to command center.

Juri: 8, 7, 6-

Brief scene of the Angel powering up as it did last episode prior to firing its particle cannon.

NERV officer: Energy building up in the target!

Ritsuko: What? NO!

Juri: 4, 3, 2, 1-

In the Entry Plug of Unit 01, the marks merge. Shinji focuses and press the switch on the controls. The beam lashes out from the cannon. Across Tokyo-3, a similar beam fires from the Fifth Angel. The two beams warp each other as they pass, each one striking way wide.

In the control center:

Misato: We missed?

The Angel's drill breaking through into the Geo Front.

Juri (listening to her radio): Enemy probe has penetrated the Geo Front!

Unit 01 is replacing the fuse for the cannon and taking aim again.

NERV officer: Cooling of the cannon has begun. Already detecting another pulse from the Angel.

Misato: Shinji!

The angel fires. Unit 01 still isn't ready yet. Shinji covers his eyes in Unit 01's Entry Plug, but the killing blow doesn't happen. He looks up, and Unit 00 is standing there with the shield holding the beam off.

Shinji: Tenjou-san?

Back in control.

Misato: How much time till he can fire?

NERV officer: 15 seconds.

Ritsuko: The shield won't hold...

The shield is melting. Unit 00 is starting to get hot. Inside the Entry Plug, Utena is gritting her teeth, her expression firm and utterly determined. Just as the shield is about to give, Utena screams in conviction.

Back in control.

NERV officer: High energy reading from Unit 00!

Ritsuko: What?

Suddenly, just as the shield disintegrates, Unit 00's AT-Field springs into full, brilliant life. The particle beam, which should be strong enough to bore through it, is deflected away.

Back at control, all eyes are lit up in shock.

Ritsuko: AT-Field?

Misato: Amazing...

Unit 01 fires, the beam lancing straight through the Fifth Angel and out the other side. It begins smoking as it slowly falls to the earth. The drill stops.

Utena is breathing very hard, and she reclines as much as she is able in the Entry Plug.

Shinji is looking at Unit 00 from his Entry Plug in awe.

Back at control, as everyone is celebrating, Ritsuko looks very concerned.

Ritsuko (thought): An AT-Field strong enough to deflect that beam? How can the Fourth Children be doing this?

Focus briefly on Juri, who is watching Ritsuko's concerned expression.

End Credits

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