Shin Kakumei Evangelion

Neon Revolution Evangelion

Episode X

Opening Credits

Misato's apartment. She is up, barely dressed and walking drearily into the kitchen. She does her familiar take a beer, slam it down routine, and lays her head on the table. She peeks her head up, then lifts it up, then looks around curiously.

Misato: Shinji isn't up yet?

She walks down the hallway to Shinji's room. She peeks inside. Shinji is asleep, still wearing his clothes.

Switch to the Ohtori Academy. Utena is walking into school alone. She looks around curiously.

Utena: Hmm...Wakaba is late today.

Now in class. Kozue, Rei, Utena, and Kensuke are there. Wakaba and Shinji are not. Class hasn't started yet. A student we haven't seen before, Suzuhara Toji, walks in on crutches, a massive brace on his left leg.

Kensuke: Suzuhara!

Toji: Hey, Aida-kun!

Kozue to Utena: That's Suzuhara Toji. He's part of the Idiot Trio.

Utena to Kozue: Idiot Trio?

Kozue to Utena: Yes, Ikari, Aida, and him. My friend Hikari gave them that name before she transferred away from Ohtori.

Utena: Oh.

Kozue to Utena: Suzuhara was injured protecting his little sister during the same fight that Miki got hurt.

Utena to Kozue: Protecting his sister? He must really care about her.

The teacher walks in. Class begins.

Kozue (whispered just before things get started) to Utena: Hikari's father was killed in that battle, so she was sent to live with her aunt in Tokyo-2. It's another reason I hate Eva.

Utena looks at Kozue right as Shinji bursts through the door, followed by Wakaba. Just after the buzzer, so to speak. Everyone looks at them as they enter, out of breath. Some of the students laugh.

Teacher: Shinohara-san. Ikari-san. Glad the two of you could join us.

Switch scenes. The Ohtori Student Council is meeting. Saionji, Juri, and Touga are together on the platform balcony located about one-third up on the campus's tower. Juri is standing near the edge, her back to the other two. Saionji is at a table, reading something.

Touga to Juri: You took time out of your busy schedule to join us today?

Saionji to Juri: You might as well resign, since you're never here to begin with.

Juri (coy) to Touga and Saionji: I figured the two of you would be happier without Miki and I here to interfere with your lives.

Touga and Saionji look at her unamused.

Juri (serious): I suppose the two of you can't really handle the Council alone. But if you must replace Miki, then I suppose you should replace me as well.

Touga to Juri: We aren't asking for your resignation.

Juri (walking towards the elevator): You're getting it anyway.

Juri leaves. Touga turns to Saionji.

Touga to Saionji: Was that entirely necessary?

Saionji to Touga: I don't see how her resignation will affect the Council. The two of us have had to do everything the past few months anyway.

Touga walks over to Saionji and takes a look at what he's reading. We see the first few listings: Arisugawa, Juri. Ayanami, Rei.

Touga to Saionji: You're reading the personal profiles of the student body?

Saionji nods.

Touga to Saionji: Must be dry reading.

Saionji chuckles.

Saionji to Touga: If we're to be stuck as Secretary and Treasurer as well as the President and the Vice-President, it's good to be informed, no?

Touga (leaving): Whatever you say.

On the Ohtori Grounds, Utena is walking with Rei.

Rei to Utena: You've had your ring since before you were a pilot.

Utena looks at Rei surprised. Rei doesn't look to Utena.

Utena to Rei: You noticed that?

Rei nods, looking straight ahead. Utena looks down, wanting to ask a question but hesitating.

Utena to Rei: Say, Ayanami?

Rei look at Utena.

Utena to Rei: Have you ever felt that you were meant to be part of something?

Brief flash: Rei is stepping out of the Entry Plug of Unit 01 after the failed synch test, looking up at Gendo, Ritsuko, and Mikage.

Utena to Rei: Something that you just put into words properly. Some kind of destiny, maybe?

Brief flash: Rei looks into the pitcher of water in the Rose Garden, sees another person's eyes looking back at her, and drops the pitcher.

Rei looks at Utena blankly.

Rei to Utena: Why do you ask?

Utena to Rei: Well...the person that gave the ring to me...said one day it would lead me to him. I can't help but wonder if I am here, at this Academy, or working with NERV, because of that day. That somehow I was led here.

Rei to Utena: Tenjou-sama, actually I...

Utena to Rei: Yes?

Rei looks uncertain. Just then, Wakaba leaps onto Utena's back from out of nowhere. Utena oomphs a little with the sudden weight on her.

Wakaba to Utena: U-ten-a-sama!

Utena to Wakaba: Wakaba...

Wakaba to Utena: You haven't forgotten about your best friend, have you? You've been hard to find the last few weeks.

Utena to Wakaba: Yeah, Juri has been working the pilots extra hard. What about you, though?

Wakaba to Utena: Hmm?

Utena to Wakaba: I never see you anymore either. Rumors around school say that you have a boyfriend.

Rei continues to stand there, saying nothing. Her head turns and she sees Juri sitting alone several meters away. Wakaba is the first to see this, and before answering Utena she looks over in Juri's direction. Utena looks over that way after Wakaba.

Wakaba to Utena: Nevermind that, did you hear that Arisugawa-sempai quit the Student Council today?

Utena to Wakaba: No, I hadn't heard.

Wakaba to Utena: First she had to quit the fencing team, and now the Student Council. It must be difficult, not having a normal life. I don't know how you, Ikari, and Soryu manage it.

Rei: One learns to adapt to their situation. If one can't adapt, they will drown.

Wakaba and Utena both look at Rei. Touga now walks in. Utena, hunched over by Wakaba's weight, and Wakaba, on Utena's back, both have to look up as he arrives.

Touga to Utena: I hope that you're the adaptable-type, Tenjou Utena-san.

Utena (surprised): Mr. President...

Touga to Utena: Let us hope that the unceasing burden of being a pilot for NERV does not cause such a brilliant star to burn out prematurely.

Wakaba hops of Utena's back, Utena stands up straight.

Utena to Touga: You're very transparent.

Touga to Utena: Am I? I just wanted to introduce myself. Can we not be friends?

For a moment, Touga looks every bit a Prince.

Brief Flash of the Prince Scene in Episode VI.

Looking very sincere, Touga walks off. Utena looks after him, causing Wakaba to look as well.

Wakaba: He's gorgeous, isn't he?

Utena (to herself): Is he...could he be?

Rei looks at Utena blankly.

Switch scenes: Asuka is by herself on a remote part of the Ohtori grounds, making a phone call. We hear Kaji's answering machine again. Asuka looks at her phone as the message plays, and throws it against the ground. It bounces away from her.

Asuka: What the hell is he doing?

Inside NERV: Misato and Kaji are kissing in an elevator as it descends. There's a phone ringing.

Misato (between kisses): Someone's calling you.

Kaji (between kisses): They'll call back.

Back to Asuka. She stares at her phone wordlessly. After a few moments, she walks over, retrieves it, puts it away, and walks off.

Switch to the Fencing Gym. The four duelists (Asuka, Shinji, Utena, and Juri) are practicing with each other. This time everything appears different. Shinji and Utena are working together at first, as are Juri and Asuka. Nobody has a clear advantage over anyone else. All we see are thrusts, dodges, lunges, and parries repeatedly. The most notable difference is they are not using epees, but rapiers. There is noticeably more clashing of metal. Partners switch. Juri duels with Utena, Shinji with Asuka. Their moves are almost so precise they seem choreographed. Then Juri and Shinji, Utena and Asuka.

Juri: Stop!

All the movement stops. Everyone removes his or her mask.

Juri: I think we can call it a day. You've all improved beyond what I think NERV ever expected of you. Any one of you could do this competitively and be successful.

Asuka to Juri: We ought to be. If Akagi-san hasn't had us doing harmonics or synch tests, you've had us in here. We've done nothing else for the past few weeks. More than we ever did with Tsuchiya-sensei.

Shinji: It's helped that we haven't been under attack. No new Angels have appeared. I've even considered joining the Fencing Team, if I didn't know that any moment I'd have to give it up.

Juri walks over and places her hand on Shinji's shoulder.

Juri to Shinji: I can't believe the level of your sword now, Shinji-kun. When I first started working with you I thought you were a hopeless case, but you've proven me wrong. Your effort recently has been exemplary.

Shinji blushes.

Shinji to Juri: Thank you, sempai.

Asuka to Shinji: Copycat.

Asuka to Juri: I think this is just punishment for the scolding Commander Ikari gave us.

Utena: I think our teamwork has improved. I mean, we've had to learn to work together seeing each other so much.

Juri to Utena: Just remember that when you're piloting Eva. None of you is more important than the other. What matters is that the Angel is destroyed, not which of you destroys it.

Asuka (sarcastically) to Juri: How very Zen, my Prince.

Shinji to Asuka: Don't be disrespectful.

Asuka to Shinji: Oh, is that a challenge? Think you can defeat me now? Remember, I've been working just as hard as you and I was better to begin with. Juri-san hasn't had us dueling each other formally, only practicing.

Utena to Asuka: Why wasn't willingness to work with others one of the qualifications to be a pilot? Honestly, Soryu-san, if there's any source of dissention amongst us, it's you.

Asuka to Utena: What did you just say?

Utena to Asuka: Telling us that we're unnecessary, being needlessly's like you think us beneath you and holding you back. I don't care how high your synch-rate is compared to ours or how much longer you've been a pilot, we are a part of a team and your peers.

Asuka to Utena: Would you say that you are Juri-san's equal with a sword?

Utena to Asuka:, but-

Asuka to Utena: Then you understand why I will not say you are my equals, then.

Asuka collects her gear and walks out. The other three watch as she leaves.

Switch to NERV: Maya, Shigeru, and Hyuga are all at their posts in the Control Room. Misato and Ritsuko walk in.

Misato to Ritsuko: So quiet...nothing for weeks since we defeated the Seventh Angel.

Shigeru to Misato: Be thankful for the little respite we've gotten.

Misato to Shigeru: I'm not really complaining, but it makes me nervous when nothing has happened. At least when we're under attack, we know where the enemy is.

Ritsuko to Misato: We'll be ready for the next one, at least. Battle capacity for Tokyo-3 is back up to 84%.

Misato hmms.

Misato to Hyuga: Nothing new to report?

Hyuga: Only some seismic activity in the vicinity of Mt. Asamayama.

Ritsuko: The volcano?

Maya to Ritsuko: Reports from the monitoring station there indicates minor earthquakes, but nothing out of the ordinary for a volcano of that degree of activity.

Misato to Ritsuko: Think it might be something?

Ritsuko looks at a monitor.

Ritsuko to Misato: The Magi data is inconclusive. Current depth of activity is too deep to send any probe into.

Misato nods.

Misato: Then we can only wait.

Switch scenes to Rei and Utena walking down the streets of Tokyo-3.

Utena to Rei: I just don't understand why she feels the need to compete with us like that. It's not like there's any reward for being thought of as the best pilot.

Rei to Utena: For some people, if they are not constantly praised for their efforts they feel like they don't exist.

Utena to Rei: That sounds about right.

They come to an old, worn down building which is where Rei lives. They enter into Rei's apartment.

Utena to Rei: This is where you live?

Pan shot of the entirety of Rei's home as Utena takes it in. Utena takes a few steps inside, getting a better look. Rei doesn't respond; the answer is obvious.

Utena to Rei: You know, the rooms at the Ohtori Academy aren't very big, but they aren't that bad either. I'm certain you could get one. My old room is probably available.

After wandering around the place, Utena sits on Rei's bed. Her eyes come to rest on Rei's Rose Signet resting upon the nightstand. Utena reaches out and picks it up.

Utena to Rei: You're a pilot?

Rei looks at the Rose Signet.

Rei to Utena: Eva will not open up to me.

Rei goes around the corner into the bathroom.

Utena: Oh, like Juri-sempai.

Around the corner, Rei is looking at a folded message sealed with a wax emblem sitting tucked into the corner of the bathroom mirror. She first just stares at it, then reaches up slowly, and finally removes it from the mirror. Rei opens the seal and reads the message.

Utena (off): You're not as old as Juri, though. Why won't Eva synch with you?

As she looks up from the message into the mirror, we see a brief flash of the eyes Rei saw last episode, but we also see part of the face as well. The bottom of half of the face is covered by the message Rei is holding, so we only see from the bridge of the nose up and from the forehead down, where the mirror cuts off the top of her head due to the angle of the shot. The girl in the mirror has darker skin and darker hair, much longer than Rei's. There is also a red dot near her eyes, like a Hindu woman. Rei gasps, dropping the message. As soon as the paper begins falling, Rei's reflection replaces the other.

Flashback briefly: Ritsuko is talking to Gendo and Mikage after Rei's failed synch test.

Ritsuko: If you want my gut instinct, I'd say it's mental instability in Rei herself.

Rei stares at her own reflection, still in shock.

Eyecatcher Screen:

Shin Kakumei Evangelion

Episode X: Pieces in Position

Asuka is walking through the corridors of NERV. As she goes, she runs into Ritsuko.

Asuka to Ritsuko: Have you seen Kaji-san?

Ritsuko shakes her head.

Ritsuko to Asuka: Sorry, I haven't.

Asuka continues walking. Eventually she runs into Mikage, who is reading a report on a clipboard as he walks.

Asuka to Mikage: Pardon me, have you seen Kaji-san?

Mikage stops.

Mikage to Asuka: No, not today.

Mikage continues on his way. So does Asuka. She runs into Gendo, but says absolutely nothing to him as they pass. Gendo's spooky eyes watch her the whole time. As she turns a few corners, she runs into Misato and Kaji standing very close to each other. She freezes, looking at first surprised, then hurt, then angry. Kaji and Misato obviously aren't doing anything more than talking, but they are closer than any casual friend would stand to another friend. Asuka cannot hear what is being said. She peeks back around the corner. Kaji puts a hand on Misato's shoulder. Asuka's eyes go wide as she watches. Then she clenches her eyes and runs away.

Mikage enters into the break room (vending machines and all). Juri is currently pulling a bottled beverage of some kind from one of them.

Mikage to Juri: Arisugawa-san.

Juri looks up and over to Mikage.

Juri to Mikage: Yes, Vice-Commander?

Mikage holds up his clipboard.

Mikage to Juri: I just read the report you gave Capt. Katsuragi yesterday. This is really good news, if everything in it is accurate. I just wanted to confirm it with you before turning it over to my superiors.

Juri to Mikage: Everything in that report is accurate. I don't give needlessly optimistic praise about anyone.

Mikage nods and smiles.

Mikage to Juri: Excellent work, Arisugawa-san. I'm glad you chose to remain with us, despite what happened.

Mikage leaves. Juri frowns as he exits. She looks down, and then throws the bottle across the room. It shatters against the wall. Down the hall, Mikage hears the noise, stops, looks over his shoulder, and then continues on his way. He smiles.

Back in the break room, Asuka runs through and barrels over Juri. The two of them hit the ground and end up about three feet from the other. Asuka is on the verge of crying (from seeing Misato with Kaji), Juri's face is fairly terse (from having Mikage bring up her failure as a pilot). They look at each other, not realizing why the other is looking the way she is. It is Asuka who gets up first, and then runs out just as quickly as she came in. Juri stands, takes a few steps in the direction Asuka left, and then stops.

At the Ohtori Academy, Utena and Shinji are taking turns shooting hoops on the basketball court.

Utena to Shinji: I found out why Ayanami has access to NERV.

Shinji to Utena: Oh?

Utena to Shinji: Yeah, she was going to be a pilot. And like Juri, the Eva wouldn't synch with her. And like Juri, they apparently found use for her elsewhere.

Shinji to Utena: What does she do now?

Utena to Shinji: I don't know. She seemed really...distant. More so than normal, I mean, after telling me that. I didn't want to upset her so I didn't ask her anything else.

Shinji to Utena: That's too bad.

He laughs, holding onto the ball.

Utena to Shinji: What?

Shinji to Utena: I can't believe I'm saying that. I mean, when I first got here, the only thing that even got me into the Entry Plug was Miki. It was so strange, you know, being in the Eva. Spooky even. You know, how the inside of the Entry Plug smells like blood.

Utena to Shinji: I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought that.

Shinji nods and resumes shooting.

Shinji to Utena: Miki noticed it, too. Were it not for him, I probably would have gone back to live with my teacher. Gotten as far away from this place as I could. But here I am now, feeling sorry for Juri-sempai and Ayanami-san that they can't do it.

Utena to Shinji: Are you saying you like piloting Eva now?

Shinji to Utena: I don't know if I like being a pilot, but I think I understand why it's important that I do it. I don't feel I'm doing it out of obligation any more, but that I'm choosing to.

Utena shoots a perfect throw. The ground begins rumbling, and the basket is shook enough that the ball misses. Utena and Shinji look around as the earthquake begins, seeing the panic start to begin at Ohtori.

Back at NERV, alarms are going off everywhere. In the control room, things are getting tense.

Hyuga: The epicenter is right underneath us!

Maya to Hyuga: Inside the Geo-Front?

Hyuga: Energy reading from the source! Confirmed blue!

Shigeru: An Angel is here???

On the ground, many meters away from NERV HQ, a crack is opening in the earth. Lava begins pouring out of it.

In the control room, Misato, Kaji, Ritsuko, and Juri have filtered in.

Misato: Status?

Shigeru to Misato: The Eighth Angel is here, now! Inside the Geo-Front!

Ritsuko: There's no way for us to attack it from within except with the Evangelions. Are the pilots here?

Juri to Ritusko: Only Asuka, I believe.

Misato to Maya: Find Asuka and get Unit 02 sortied now.

Misato to Juri: Contact Shinji and Utena. Get them here as soon as possible.

On the ground, the Eighth Angel is crawling out of the lava lake. Outside of the lava, it moves fairly slowly.

Asuka is suiting up. Her mood obviously hasn't gotten better. As she presses the button on her plug suit, she's drying her eyes.

Asuka: Be strong, be strong. Come on, Asuka, don't let them see you like this.

In the Control Room.

Maya to Misato: Asuka is in Unit 02's Entry Plug!

Misato to Hyuga: Launch her through track 14.

Shigeru to Misato: She doesn't have any weapons but the Progressive Knife.

Misato: Damnit! Caught unprepared and on our heels. Get something out there for her as soon as possible.

Hyuga: Working on it, working on it!

Juri closes her phone.

Juri to Misato: The Third and Fourth Children are on their way here.

On the ground, Unit 02 is running toward the Angel. It draws the Progressive Knife while it advances.

Asuka: That thing is huge...

In the Control Room:

Asuka (off) to Ritsuko: Akagi-san, after all that preparation to train us as duelists, you never thought to create a sword for these things?

Juri laughs softly, until Misato and Ritsuko turn and stare at her.

Juri: Sorry. She does have a point, though.

On the ground, Unit 02 leaps onto the back of the Angel, stabbing madly. The Progressive Knife doesn't penetrate the Angel's armor.

Asuka to Control (off): This isn't working!

In control:

Misato to Asuka (off): Asuka, get in front of it and expand an AT-Field. Try to keep it from advancing until we can get the rifle out to you.

On the ground, Unit 02 springs off the back of the Angel, its AT-Field manifesting. Asuka grits her teeth with the effort to keep the Eighth Angel at bay. The Eighth Angel is struggling as Unit 02 pushes against it.

In Control: Misato turns to the group.

Misato: Ideas, anyone?

Ritsuko to Misato: I don't think the rifle is going to work. If it can move through magma, it can take a lot of punishment.

Kaji: Might be vulnerable to cold. Anyway we can get some kind of coolant out there?

Ritsuko to Kaji: We don't have anyway of delivering it. No hoses, no jets...

Misato: No good, next?

Juri to Misato: We still have the positron cannon from the JSSDF. It won't fire at the same intensity as the last time, but it might work.

Misato turns to Hyuga.

Misato to Hyuga: Can we get it ready?

Hyuga to Misato: Ready, yes. Out to Unit 02, how? We'd need an Eva to be able to move it on such short-notice.

Misato to Hyuga: Have it waiting, regardless. Hopefully, our other pilots will get here before we run out of time.

Up on Gendo's level, Mikage leans over to Gendo.

Mikage to Gendo: Ikari, if that thing finds it way into Terminal Dogma, it's the end of everything.

Gendo remains unmoving.

On the ground, the lava is starting to singe Unit 02's feet. Asuka grimaces in pain as she continues to hold the Angel in place.

Asuka to control (off): Where is my rifle??? Huh?

The Angel tires of trying to move forward, and instead, moves under Unit 02, burrowing back in the ground, lava spilling everywhere. Unit 02 leaps out of the way just before the lava would swallow it. The Angel rears back up, snatching Unit 02 in jaws. Asuka screams. Unit 02 manages to catch itself in the mouth of the Angel, holding the two halves open.

In the control room:

Juri: Asuka!

In Unit 02's Entry Plug, Asuka begins visibly fatiguing. Unit 02's arms begin to give as the Angel bites down hard.

Asuka (thought): No back-up. They don't know how to beat it. Is this really the end?

Near the Ohtori Academy, the city is still being shaken by light tremors. Rei is walking down the street towards the Ohtori Academy. She is wearing her Rose Signet.

Outside NERV, Shinji and Utena are at the main gates. Shinji is sliding his card through the card reader. A large tremor racks the city and the two have to hold themselves on the railway to keep from falling over.

Utena to Shinji: Are the elevators in this place safe to use during a quake?

Shinji to Utena: I have no idea.

Utena to Shinji: We're not going to make it in time.

Shinji and Utena go through the gates.

In the control room, Maya puts down her console phone.

Maya to Misato: Security reports the pilots of Units 00 and 01 have entered NERV.

On the ground of the Geo-Front, the jaws of the Eighth Angel are just about ready to close around Unit 02. Inside the Entry Plug, Asuka is putting forth superhuman effort to keep from being crushed by the Angel. Unit 02 slowly begins pushing the jaws of the Angel open.

In the control room:

Misato: That's it, Asuka! Just hold out a little bit longer! Shinji and Utena are almost there.

On the ground, the Angel thrashes its neck madly back and forth as it emerges from the lava lake fully. It arches its neck high, then opens its mouth wide. Unit 02, pushed by gravity and having nothing to hold onto, is swallowed whole.

Inside the control room, Asuka's screams of holy living terror are heard off-screen, everyone in the control shocked.

Juri: No!

The Angel's jaws snap shut. Unit's 02 umbilical cable is severed. The countdown from five minutes begins.

In the control room:

Shigeru: We've lost contact with Unit 02!

Misato: The other units?

Hyuga: Still without-

An explosion of immense proportions blinds everyone. The Eighth Angel detonates brilliantly, leaving only a very bloody Unit 02 where it once stood. A very powerful AT-Field surrounds it.

In the control room, everyone is silent. The only thing heard is Asuka's heavy and terrified breathing. She's been scared within an inch of her life and she's unable to disguise it.

In the Entry Plug of Unit 02, Asuka's eyes are wide with terror. She's yanking on the controls madly even now, like a shell-shocked woman who is pulling the trigger of a pistol repeatedly even though the chamber is empty.

Brief flash of a still Tokyo-3, then a still Academy, finally a still NERV HQ. On the ground of the Geo-Front, Unit 02 is being moved back to the cooling chambers. Misato and Ritsuko are watching the progress.

Ritsuko: Maximum AT-Field from inside the Angel. Who would have ever thought of such a thing?

Misato to Ritsuko: Who can say? Instinct? Reflex? Desperation often is the source of ingenuity.

She turns her head, looking at Asuka standing alone watching Unit 02 being moved.

Misato to Ritsuko: How's Asuka?

Ritsuko to Misato: Hard to say. Nothing wrong physically, no mental contamination.

We now focus on Asuka, her face trying very hard to be firm.

Ritsuko (off): But she's acting like nothing happened. Putting up a brave face.

Juri walks up to Asuka and stands next to her. Something is said between them that we can't hear, and then Asuka walks off.

Switch to Rei. She is standing in front of the stairway which leads to the forest behind the Ohtori Academy. She looks at it impassively, then walks up the stairs to the gate. Seeing no obvious doorway, she takes the only protrusion, a handle-like device, and grips it in her left hand. A sensor of some kind, similar to the one we see inside an Eva Entry Plug, sees the Rose Signet on her hand. Water begins to pour down, gears churn and grind, and the doorway to the forest eventually opens. Rei walks through, the path leading to a great spiral staircase leading UP. She begins walking up it. When she reaches the top and walks out onto the floor of the Dueling Arena, blue sky all around her, she looks up and gasps at something we don't see.

Akio (off): So, you have returned, just as I always knew you would.

Rei: What is...that...

We now see a tall man walking towards Rei. We see him from behind, from the shoulders down.

Akio to Rei: You already know the answer to that. In your soul, you've never forgotten. You've seen it in your dreams, yet spoken of it to no one, not even those you willingly obey at NERV.

Rei: This place...?

Akio has reached Rei, and is standing very close to her, still behind her. He places one arm around her shoulder.

Akio to Rei: It would have been grand, wouldn't it? A series of duels meant to open the road to eternity. And then, the world was flooded. Time stood still. And you...

Rei looks up at Akio. We see his face now.

Akio to Rei: You thought you could escape destiny.

Akio lets Rei go, and walks around the Dueling Arena.

Akio to Rei: Moving the Academy stone by stone to Tokyo-3, finding a way to bring you home. Discovering the duelists who would fight for your hand. I've had to be very patient, you know. Already, the time is shorter than I'd prefer.

Akio hands Rei a red rose. As she accepts, she clenches her eyes, almost falling over. Akio catches her. Images flash rapid fire, almost too quick to see them all.

A castle. A prince upon a pile of hay, breathing heavy. Black Title Screen: Dios. Rei gasps in pain. A crowd of angry villagers, weapons raised. A girl standing before a closed door in a red dress, shadows looming over. Black Title Screen: The Rose Bride. Silhouette of girl being stabbed by a million blades. Rei cries out, struggling in Akio's arms. Title Screen: The Swords of the World's Hate. An explosion of epic proportions over Antarctica. Black Title Screen: Second Impact. A rose. Silhouette of a girl leaping to her death. Evangelion Unit 01. Ikari Yui. Rei floating in a cylinder of LCL. Gendo. Mikage. Ritsuko. Mikage. Akio. Mikage. Mikage. Akio.

Rei is still struggling within Akio's arms, eyes closed and crying out. Akio places one hand over Rei's bosom, where a blue sphere of light manifests. The hilt of the Sword of Dios slides its way out, which Akio grasps and fully draws out from Rei. The blue light stops. Rei stops struggling. Akio looks down at Rei, the Sword of Dios dissipating in his hand as he does. He looks at Rei's hand for a moment, and removes the Rose Signet from her finger.

Akio to Rei: You no longer need this.

End Credits

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