Shin Kakumei Evangelion

Neon Revolution Evangelion

Episode XIV

Opening Credits

Saionji is sitting in the Ohtori dojo, mediating. Brief flash of the gates to the Forest opening. Back to Saionji, but closer now. Brief flash of the stairway leading to the Dueling Arena. Back to Saionji, again closer. Brief Flash of the Arena floor, then to the castle above. Back to Saionji. He reaches out, taking a katana in hand and sliding it out of the scabbard. Rising, he begins moving through routine strokes and slices. He is wearing the Rose Signet. When he finishes, he slides the blade back into the scabbard, and sets it back down. We see him leaving the dojo, carrying the letter from End of the World in one hand, Rose Signet on the other.

Switch scenes: Utena and Mikage are speaking to each other inside one of NERV's conference rooms.

Utena: Move back to the Ohtori Dormitory? Why?

Mikage to Utena: Regulations. There is concern among some that Arisugawa isn't fit to be your guardian, being only slightly older than you.

Utena to Mikage: But I like living where I am now.

Mikage to Utena: I understand that, Tenjou-kun. However, as you notice, Ikari is living with Major Katsuragi, and Soryu is already in the dormitory. Either way, there is adult supervision. No matter how mature Juri may seem to you, she's a child nonetheless.

Utena (sarcastic) to Mikage: But she doesn't need adult supervision.

Mikage (blunt) to Utena: However Arisugawa chooses to care for herself is not our concern. She is no more vital to the salvation of the world than I am. You, though, are currently one of only three people in the world that can pilot an Evangelion. Certainly, even you recognize that you would not be easy to replace.

Utena looks like she is going to retort, then considers his words, then says nothing.

Switch scenes: Misato is speaking with Juri in another room. It's obvious they have been having the same conversation. Juri is crushed, but is trying to put up an emotionless fašade. Misato is trying to be understanding, but she's just walked over Juri's pride and doesn't know what to say.

Misato to Juri: I'm sorry, Juri-chan.

Juri rises from her seat.

Juri (smoldering) to Misato: I'm too old to be a pilot. Too young to be a mentor. Too busy to be on the fencing team or part of my school's Student Council. Is there anything else you'd like to take from me, Misato-sempai?

Misato to Juri: This wasn't my decision...

Juri to Misato: Don't try claiming this isn't your responsibility. You're the one who said if I didn't do this, then I had less of place here than I believed. It appears you were correct, now. Why did you keep me here? As your secretary, or your assistant? Any number of people could have done better than I. Is there anything you do need me for, Major?

Misato to Juri: Juri-

Juri has left, slamming the door in Misato's face. Misato flinches at the sound of it slamming. She sighs and looks down.

Switch scenes: Kozue is walking to class. A few people pass by her as she walks. As she nears the building she is intending to walk into, she finds Asuka near the doorway. She pauses.

Kozue: Soryu-san?

Asuka to Kozue: After your final class, meet me in the music hall.

Kozue to Asuka: What? Why? What are we going to do?

Asuka to Kozue: Just be there, Kaoru-kun. I have a surprise for you.

With that, Asuka walks off. Kozue watches her leave, then heads into the building for class.

Switch scenes: Maya and Ritsuko are getting coffee in the break room. Maya is getting hers first.

Ritsuko to Maya: I need you to recompile the data from last week's test. The one we did on the Melchior-Casper interfacing.

Maya to Ritsuko: Yes, sempai.

Ritsuko to Maya: I also need you to pull the records on Tenjou's synch and harmonic rates during the battle against the fifth Angel. Have all three Magi do another analysis.

Maya to Ritsuko: Yes, sempai.

Maya now sips her coffee and Ritsuko steps in to get hers.

Maya to Ritsuko: I was wondering...

Ritsuko to Maya: Lieutenant?

Maya to Ritsuko: How were the Magi named? I know where the story came from, but who was it that decided to give them that name?

Ritsuko now has her coffee.

Ritsuko to Maya: My mother, the original designer, named them. Each represents a facet of herself: one, as a scientist; two, as a mother; and three, as a woman. She wanted them to debate each other from those points-of-view, to give them balance.

Maya to Ritsuko: I never knew that.

Ritsuko to Maya: Most people don't. She told me this on the night she died.

Maya to Ritsuko: I'm so sorry.

Ritsuko to Maya: Thank you, Maya.

At this point, Utena comes through the break room at a quick walk. She does not look very happy. Maya and Ritsuko watch her but say nothing.

Maya to Ritsuko: What do you think that was?

Ritsuko to Maya: I don't know.

Now, Juri comes through. Juri is a volcano about to erupt.

Ritsuko to Juri: Hey, Juri-kun?

Juri stops, turns her head and glares at Ritsuko. Ritsuko actually pauses and looks startled at this. Maya looks the same. Juri turns and walks out.

Ritsuko to Maya: Oh my...

Maya nods.

Now, to make matters worse, Misato comes through. She sees Ritsuko and Maya, and stops.

Misato sighs.

Misato: Already gone?

Ritsuko and Maya nod.

Switch scenes: Wakaba's dormitory. We are viewing it from the inside, and see the main door. No one is inside currently.

Wakaba (off) Shshsh!

Shinji (quiet): But...

The door opens, and Wakaba and Shinji enter. Wakaba shuts the door. Shinji looks a little nervous. He is, after all, in the girls' dormitory, in a girl's room. Alone with Wakaba.

Shinji to Wakaba: What are we doing here?

Wakaba to Shinji: You've all been so busy lately. I've barely gotten to see you, Utena, and Asuka. I wanted to have some interrupted time with you.

Shinji (nervously): Oh...

She looks at him curiously, almost as na´ve as him.

Wakaba to Shinji: Haven't you ever kissed someone before?

Shinji to Wakaba: is...

Wakaba takes his hands.

Shinji to Wakaba: Not exactly...

Wakaba moves closer to him. Shinji looks even more nervous.

Wakaba to Shinji: Close your eyes.

Shinji does, but that doesn't help him relax. Slowly, Wakaba and Shinji come together, until their lips are pressed against each other. Shinji hasn't relaxed yet. They remain like that for a few moments, until Wakaba pulls back. She looks at Shinji, eyes still closed, nervous as all heck, and giggles. This doesn't help matters for Shinji, who opens his eyes and blushes once the girl he's been kissing is giggling at him. Eventually, he smiles as he blushes. He still doesn't look comfortable, though.

Switch to Ohtori Music Hall. Asuka is waiting there. She has some kind of carrying sleeve on her back. The sleeve is black, and long, and there's a strap across her body to help her carry it. Kozue walks in, books in hand. She looks a bit surprised.

Asuka to Kozue: Leave your books. It's best not to carry anything, in case we have to run.

Kozue to Asuka: Run? What do you mean? Where are we going?

Asuka to Kozue: To see your brother. I'm taking you into NERV.

Kozue to Asuka: Into? Um, no, that's not a good idea, is it? I mean, you could get into a lot of trouble.

Asuka to Kozue: I'm willing to risk that for Miki.

Kozue looks at Asuka cautiously.

Kozue to Asuka: You've never struck me as the altruistic type.

Asuka smiles, all arrogance.

Asuka to Kozue: I'm not. You're catching me at a particularly weak moment. And if we get caught, I'm making sure you get blamed for it. But if you turn me down now, then who knows if you'll get another chance.

Kozue to Asuka: But...I'm not ready...I'm not good enough...and Ikari-kun has already tried this before.

Asuka shrugs and begins walking off.

Asuka to Kozue: Your choice.

Kozue to Asuka: No, wait. I mean...

Asuka stops.

Kozue to Asuka: Okay. Let's go.

Scene changes: Now with Maya in the control room. She is punching up the data that Ritsuko requested. On the screen, we see synchrograph readings labeled "4th Children: Tenjou, U." and harmonic readings with the same label. A brief shot to a printer indicates she is making hardcopies as well. Kaji walks up behind her. He is obviously focused on her work, not her.

Kaji to Maya: Where is everyone?

Maya (without turning) to Kaji: The Commander and Vice-Commander are in a meeting. Major Katsuragi is with Dr. Akagi examining Unit 00.

Kaji to Maya: I see. And they all left you here alone.

Maya to Kaji: Major Katsuragi has already warned me about you, Ryouji-san.

Kaji to Maya: Oh really? And what did she say?

Maya to Kaji: To stay away from you, of course.

Kaji has been reading Maya's screens the whole time.

Kaji to Maya: Like I'm a wild animal, I suppose.

Maya to Kaji: I took it more along the lines of, stay back, this one's mine.

Kaji laughs.

Kaji to Maya: Oh my. Definitely a wild animal, then.

He walks off. As he leaves, Maya turns and watches him leave. She's obviously suspicious of him.

Switch scenes: Touga and Utena are together. It's starting to get late by the color of the sky. They are in the Ohtori courtyard.

Touga to Utena: Relocated just like that? Do you enjoy being treated in such a fashion?

Utena to Touga: Like what?

Touga to Utena: A resource. Something that can be moved and ordered about as often as necessary.

Utena to Touga: Somebody has to do it, though. Pilot the Eva, I mean. I suppose they just think they're being cautious.

Touga to Utena: A fine line exists between caution and misdirection.

Utena to Touga: You're saying NERV is doing this for some other reason? Lying?

Touga to Utena: Who knows? You would know better than I. It merely strikes me as odd that they requested that you live with this friend of yours when you became a pilot, and suddenly, they feel she isn't qualified. Has anything changed in her life recently? Or your life?

Utena looks at Touga curiously. She looks back to her Rose Signet.

Utena to Touga: Well, sort of, I guess.

Touga smiles.

Touga to Utena: Well then, I suppose your answer may reside there.

Switch scenes: SEELE conference. Present are Gendo, Mikage behind him, Akio, Keel, and three unnamed others.

Brief slide show: We see each Angel engaging the Evangelions, minus the 11th Angel.

Unnamed one: You deny the existence of the 11th Angel, Ikari-kun?

Unnamed two: And its invasion into NERV headquarters?

Gendo: There is no record of any such event. You may examine the Magi recorders for any such activity.

Unnamed three: Misinformation is one of your specialties, Ikari-kun. Any such examination would be skeptical at best.

Unnamed one: If an Angel had gotten into Terminal Dogma, if contact had taken place...

Unnamed three: The entire project would be for nothing.

Unnamed two: The penalty for perjury before this Committee is death, Ikari-kun. Watch your speech with care.

Gendo: All is proceeding according to the Dead Sea Scrolls. There is no cause for concern.

Keel: Very well.

Akio: Ikari-kun, a final question. This Committee reported concern regarding NERV security. Has this matter been addressed?

Gendo: Yes.

Akio: Good.

Keel: We will not accuse you of crime at this time. But do not attempt to deviate from the schedule.

Gendo: I understand.

Switch scenes: Utena is returning to Juri's apartment. As she opens the door, she finds Juri there. Juri doesn't look at Utena. There is an open letter from End of the World (or what appears to be from End of the World). Utena sees this.

Juri (without looking at Utena): A letter was delivered. It was not addressed, so I read it.

Utena to Juri: Okay...

Juri to Utena: Apparently, you have a challenger.

Utena looks down at the letter, which reads, "To the One Engaged. I shall be waiting for you in the Dueling Arena tomorrow evening."

Eyecatcher Screen:

Shin Kakumei Evangelion

Episode XIV: Destinies in Conflict

Rei is floating in LCL. She is not wearing a Plug Suit, nor is she in an Entry Plug. This is a fairly close shot, so we don't see exactly what she's in.

Image of a red rose, then a field of roses, then the castle above the Dueling Arena, then the Sword of Dios.

Rei (off, during images): A rose. An ocean of roses. The Bride of the Rose. Me. The Castle of Eternity. A mystery. The Sword of Dios. Another mystery.

Image of the Sword of Dios again, being pulled out of Rei. Then the silhouette of a woman being stabbed by a million swords. Then a rose again, then the rose being struck by a sword.

Rei (off, during images): The One Engaged may draw it from me. How? The Swords of the World's Hate. A dream? A memory? I do not like swords. I do not like roses. Yet, I am the Bride of the Rose.

Image of a Rose Signet. Then the sensor in the Entry Plug. The sensor at the gate of the forest. Evangelion Unit 01. Rei in a Plug Suit. Rei in the Entry Plug.

Rei (off, during images): Another rose. A rose around a finger. A ring. Rings bind. A key for Eva. A key for the forest. A rose is a key. A key to the heart. A key to Eva's heart. Eva. A purpose denied. A meaning forgotten. I am the pilot of Unit 01. I am the Bride of the Rose.

Image of Rei's ringless hand. Akio. Mikage. Ikari Yui. Himemiya Anthy (we see her entire face for the first time).

Rei (off, during images): A bride without a ring. Without a key. Faces. Strangers. Connected somehow. Linked. An unending circle. A ring. The first Rose Bride. The beginning. And the end.

Image of Utena. Asuka. Shinji. Juri. Miki. Then all of them. Then herself in the Rose Bride dress.

Rei (off, during images): Tenjou-sama. Soryu-san. Ikari-kun. Arisugawa-sempai. Kaoru-kun. Duelists. Fighting for my hand. Pilots. Fighting for humans. Princes, fighting for ideals. Princesses do not fight. They are fought for.

Images of the controls of the Entry Plug, then the hilt of the Sword of Dios. Then Rei in a Plug Suit. Then Rei in the Rose Bride dress. Switch between those two images four times.

Rei (off, during images): Entry Plug, the throne of a soul. A sword, the will of a soul. Am I a Prince? A Princess? A pilot? A prize? Who am I? Which am I? Who am I? Which am I?

Last images: Akio. Anthy. Ikari Yui. Mikage. Then Rei in the Rose Bride dress. Rei in the Plug Suit. Finally, Rei in a tank of LCL connected to machinery. Pull back so we see that she is in a machine of some kind.

Rei (off, during images): Why don't I know you? How do I know you? Who are you? Who are you? Who am I? What am I? What am I? What am I? What am I?

Switch scenes: It is now fully night. Asuka and Kozue are outside of NERV. Kozue looks around nervously, while Asuka looks determined. She walks up to the card slider, swipes her card, and pulls Kozue along as she goes through the gates. The two of them ride an elevator towards the bottom. At this hour, NERV is mostly deserted so as they walk through the passages, they see no one else. Eventually, they get to the medical ward. Carefully, Asuka creeps down the hall and opens the door for Kozue. Kozue goes in, and stops when she gets to see her twin. Miki looks healed, physically, aside from the fact that he's still comatose and therefore is wearing a hospital gown and has IV's sticking out of him. But the bandages we're familiar with him having on him are gone. Asuka takes the object off her back and out of the case. It is, of course, a portable keyboard.

Kozue to Asuka: Where did you get that?

Asuka to Kozue: School. Don't worry, I'll return it.

They both look at Miki.

Kozue to Asuka: He looks so fragile. I'm afraid to touch him.

Asuka smiles faintly.

Kozue to Asuka: Thank you. I don't know why you risked so much, but thank you.

Asuka to Kozue: Thank me once we get out of here. We don't have much time left before someone notices I wasn't the only person that came into the complex.

Kozue nods and sits down in a chair, the keyboard resting upon the bed. She turns it on, makes certain the volume isn't too loud, and begins playing "The Sunlit Garden." She plays it flawlessly while Asuka watches for trouble. Eventually, though, she forgets to pay attention to the door and watches Kozue and Miki. We see Miki a few times while she plays. When it is over, though, Miki still hasn't woken up. Someone is applauding softly behind them. They both turn to see Ritsuko standing there with two armed guards behind her. Ritsuko is the one applauding.

Asuka and Kozue: Akagi-san!

Ritsuko to Kozue: Hello, Kozue-chan. I must say that I'm impressed at your resourcefulness.

Ritsuko to Asuka: Asuka-san. While I expected someone to do this eventually, I had anticipated it being Shinji. I'm surprised it turned out to be you.

Asuka to Ritsuko: We all have our moments.

Ritsuko to guards: Take her away.

The guards take Asuka away. She doesn't put up a struggle.

Ritsuko to Kozue: You, come with me.

Switch scenes: It is now the next day. Wakaba and Shinji are walking to class together.

Wakaba: Hmm, I wonder where Asuka is. She usually meets me here by now.

Shinji looks around.

Shinji to Wakaba: I don't see her either.

Wakaba to Shinji: Oh. I guess I have to wait here. You go on ahead.

Shinji to Wakaba: Okay. I'll see you later, Wakaba.

Shinji walks off, to be joined by Kensuke and Toji as he gets a bit further away. They begin walking away together. We see this from Wakaba's point of view, so the voices are quiet.

Toji to Shinji: Look at you. Last year we had to practically drag you out of the house and now you're the ladies man.

Shinji to Toji: Hey! Stop it, now!

Kensuke to Shinji: You get to pilot Eva, you've got a girlfriend. Ikari-kun, you're the luckiest person I know!

Shinji to Toji: Not you, too.

Toji to Shinji: Oh, big man is going to leave his friends behind now that he's made it (fade off completely)

Wakaba is left there, still without Asuka.

Switch scenes: Meeting place of the Student Council. Saionji is looking out over the Academy. Touga walks over to join him.

Touga to Saionji: My, but you've made yourself scarce of late. Soon, there will be no Student Council at all.

Saionji to Touga: What I involve myself in is none of your concern, so long as my responsibilities are met.

Touga pauses.

Touga to Saionji: That was unexpected. Are you not my one and only friend?

Saionji to Touga: Me? Your friend?

Touga frowns.

Touga to Saionji: That hurts. What have I ever done to deserve that?

Flash back briefly to the Coffin scene in last episode.

Girl: Eternity doesn't exist. So I'll just stay here in this coffin.

Touga smiles faintly and closes the lid. He stands up and begins walking off. Saionji looks shocked.

Saionji to Touga: We can't just leave her here like that.

Touga to Saionji: Then show her something eternal.

It is the next day within the flashback. The funeral is happening. Touga and Saionji have ridden the bike back to watch, and sure enough, the girl is standing with the funeral procession, holding an adult's hand. As Touga told Utena, something about her has changed. Since we can't see her face, it is mostly her posture. There's awesome determination there. Saionji turns to Touga. Touga is smiling like he knows something.

Saionji: What did you say to her?

Touga: I said nothing to her.

Zoom in on the two of them: Saionji looking at Touga curiously, Touga looking at the funeral knowingly.

Very brief flash of current-day Saionji, holding his letter from End of the World, reading it.

Saionji (thought): The castle where dwells eternity?

Back to the present. Saionji turns to Touga.

Saionji to Touga: There's no need for me to explain this to you.

He begins to leave. Touga turns, watching him go. For a moment, he considers saying something, but doesn't, and Saionji is gone.

Switch scenes: Asuka is in the NERV holding cell, the big black room with the luminous red NERV logo. She is looking at the words "Smash the World's Shell, For the Revolution of the World." She looks like she's been there a very long time. Then the door opens, and Misato is there.

Asuka to Misato: Come to gloat?

Misato to Asuka: Gloat?

Asuka to Misato: You've already taken enough from me, haven't you?

Misato is caught off-guard, and then realizes (in brief clip of Asuka and Kaji from episode 8) what she's talking about.

Misato to Asuka: You're free to go, Asuka-san.

Asuka looks up.

Asuka to Misato: Free? Then I'm not in trouble?

Misato to Asuka: No, you're in a lot of trouble. But you are the pilot of Evangelion Unit 02. And all things considered, if you had to break the rules, this wasn't so bad.

Asuka to Misato: You're saying you need me to pilot Eva.

Misato to Asuka: That's not why things aren't worse for you. We have three other pilots.

Asuka to Misato: Three?

Misato to Asuka: Miki woke up this afternoon.

Switch scenes: Miki's room. He is sitting up, still with IV's in his arm. Shinji and Asuka are there with him. Kozue sits next to Miki. Misato brings in Juri. Juri and Miki both smile at each other as they see each other. Shinji is giving Miki his stopwatch back.

Shinji to Miki: I brought this for you!

Miki laughs.

Miki to Shinji: Thank you, Shin-chan.

Misato to Miki: I've brought you another visitor, Miki-kun.

Juri to Miki: Miki-chan!

Miki: Misato-san! Juri-sempai!

Miki to Misato: Thank you!

Juri slowly walks over and sits next to Miki on the opposite side of Kozue. Slowly focus on Shinji and Asuka, standing behind them all a bit.

Shinji (quietly) to Asuka: I can't believe you sneaked her into headquarters.

Asuka smirks.

Asuka (quietly) to Shinji: Sneaking would have meant not getting caught, you idiot.

Shinji (quietly) to Asuka: Still...

Asuka looks at Kozue.

Asuka (quietly) to Shinji: Someone had to be her Prince. Since none of you others were willing to do it, I figured it was my turn.

Switch scenes: Mikage is on the phone, speaking to someone.

Mikage (on phone): Yes, the First Children is awake. Yes. No, she wasn't. Yes. I'll keep you informed. For the revolution of the world.

Switch scenes again: Utena is walking up the stairs to the Dueling Arena. Once at the top, we see Rei is already there, in the dress of the Rose Bride. Saionji is also there, katana is hand.

Utena to Saionji: You? But you're not a pilot?

Saionji to Utena: That doesn't matter. I am also the chosen of End of the World.

He holds up his Rose Signet.

Utena: But that doesn't make sense.

Saionji to Utena: I should have expected you two to be the ones I would meet upon ascending the stairway. Somehow, it's fitting that only those of you that Touga finds intriguing would be here.

Utena to Saionji: Touga? What does he have to do with this?

Saionji to Utena: You wouldn't understand. You don't even look for the answers.

Utena to Saionji: What are you talking about?

Saionji to Utena: Something's being hidden from you. From all of us. Something dark and dangerous, and these duels are only a part of it. Something involving both NERV and this school. I would know what that is. Winning this duel is the key to discovering the answer.

Utena to Saionji: So that's why you're doing this? For answers?

Saionji to Utena: It's hardly that simple. But it doesn't matter. You will not defeat me.

Utena to Saionji: You sound very confident.

Saionji to Utena: I know more about you than you realize, Tenjou Utena. You have held a sword for less than a year. I, on the other hand, have been training for this moment my whole life.

Rei places a rose on Saionji's chest, then upon Utena's. Rei places her hands over her own chest, and the familiar blue sphere of light that precedes the Sword of Dios manifests.

Rei: Oh roses of the noble castle...power of Dios that sleeps within me...harken unto thy master and reveal to us...

Utena holds Rei and draws out the Sword of Dios.

Utena: ...the power to bring to the world revolution!

The duel begins. Soundtrack "Paleozoic Era in the Flesh." The two duelists begin thrusting and parrying. Utena is surer of herself than she was last duel, so her skill is a bit more obvious. Still, Saionji is better.

Saionij to Utena: Not bad, not bad at all.

Saionji pushes hard and sends Utena rolling.

Saionji to Utena: For a girl pretending to be a Prince.

Saionji stands back while Utena gets to her feet. Saionji is upon her quickly, hammering upon her with the much stronger and larger katana. The Sword of Dios seems to be able to match the bigger blade as Utena blocks.

Utena to Saionji: You know about that?

Saionji to Utena: You're surprised? The whole school knows about the Two Princes. You really should know your own position.

Utena manages a beautiful parry, and takes a quick swipe at Saionji's rose. He barely gets out of the way. He looks at Utena with a new appreciation.

Saionji to Utena: My, you are much better than I thought. And all this time, I thought Arisugawa was twiddling her thumbs at NERV.

Utena to Saionji: What?

Saionji to Utena: You mean you haven't figured that out, yet? Why else would they keep a fifteen year old, who doesn't pilot, in their ranks, if not to ready you for this day? It must be Juri's sword they sought all along, and never her.

Utena to Saionji: You idiot! NERV knows nothing about these duels.

Saionji crooks an eyebrow.

Saionji to Utena: Oh, now that's interesting. Strange how they trained you to use a sword if they didn't anticipate this, isn't it?

Saionji presses his attack. Utena is now clearly on the defensive. And then, the power of Dios begins to manifest. The ghostly image of Utena's prince descends from the castle and merges into Utena (who is oblivious that it even happens). Utena surges forth with power and with a mighty swipe, not only takes Saionji's rose, but half of his katana with it. The severed blade clatters to the ground.

Saionji looks at the broken weapon numbly.

Saionji: How could you...

Utena looks just as surprised. She turns to Rei, who smiles at her faintly.

Switch scenes: Utena and Rei are walking toward the Ohtori Dormitory.

Utena to Rei: Someone who isn't a pilot was chosen to duel. This is all so confusing.

Rei to Utena: Yes, I agree, Tenjou-sama.

They reach Utena's old room.

Utena to Rei: It will be lonely living without Juri. I still can't believe-

She sees the name plate on the door. Tenjou, U. Ayanami, R. She turns to Rei.

Utena to Rei: I didn't know you moved into my old room when I suggested it to you. I guess this was the only space open when they moved me back in.

Rei to Utena: It is not coincidence that the two of are rooming together.

Utena to Rei: What?

Rei to Utena: I am your Bride, Tenjou-sama. I am engaged to you.

Switch scenes: Wakaba and Shinji are in her room again.

Shinji to Wakaba: Misato says Miki should be able to come back to school soon. I'm so excited.

Wakaba to Shinji: I'm happy that he's awake now.

Wakaba takes Shinji's hands again. He looks down at their intertwined hands, not nervous this time. He is actually the first to move, and it is Wakaba that closes her eyes first. They kiss, and it is real. Not an adult kiss, but real nonetheless. When it is over, it is Wakaba blushing. Shinji is too, but not so much. They both smile tenderly, innocently.

Switch scenes: Juri returns home. She turns on the lights, and immediately Utena's absence is felt. The place, though it isn't all that different from when she lived alone before, is quiet, and just looks empty to her.

Switch scenes: Kaji is at home. He has a large envelope in his hands. He opens it, pulling out a large stack of papers. One of them is a photo: we saw this last episode, a picture of Fuyutsuki Kozo and Souji Mikage standing next to each other. Mikage is wearing a Rose Signet. He stares at it for a while, smiling in that Kaji way that makes him seem to know more than he does. Very much like Touga. He picks up his cellular phone and makes a call. The phone rings and rings and

Switch scenes, where Saionji's cellular phone is ringing and ringing and ringing. It is lying next to the two halves of his broken katana. He is sitting in the dark, head down. He does not answer the phone.

End Credits

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