Shin Kakumei Evangelion

Neon Revolution Evangelion

Episode XV

Opening Credits

NERV control room. Misato walks in, yawning. Ritsuko is already there, but otherwise they are alone.

Ritsuko to Misato: You're late.

Misato to Ritsuko: I know, I know. Up all night. Still dealing with Asuka's security breach. Security is tighter around here now more than ever.

Ritsuko to Misato: And this after security had already been ordered tightened. Still, it's a surprise she managed to actually get Kozue all the way into the medical ward without getting caught.

Misato to Ritsuko: She'd obviously planned it for a while. Entered the premises after the majority of the staff had gone home. Stuck to the less-traveled elevators and stairwells. You once said it yourself; decision-making skills, quick reflexes...Asuka is practically perfect.

Ritsuko smirks.

Ritsuko to Misato: Breached by a fourteen-year old. You'd have thought it was a little more difficult to get in here.

Misato shrugs.

Misato to Ritsuko: Miracles happen.

Switch scenes: Juri's apartment. Someone is knocking at the door. Juri emerges from her room, still in her robe. The knocking continues. Juri doesn't look happy.

Juri: Unless this is an emergency, you'd better have a good reason for waking me on my off day.

Juri opens the door. Angle switch: we see the door open up from the outside. Though we don't see who it is initially, Juri does, and her face is rather shocked. Angles change, and Asuka walks through the doorway. She has a travel bag over her shoulder. She moves purposely into Juri's home without Juri so much as saying a word. Juri turns to face Asuka, not expecting this at all.

Juri to Asuka: What are you doing?

Asuka to Juri: Well, I've given this a lot of thought. For the most part, everyone at NERV has been a total shit to me since I arrived from Germany. Miki, having just woken up, doesn't count. But otherwise everyone else, especially Ikari and Tenjou, couldn't care less about me.

Focus on Asuka.

Asuka to Juri: Everyone but you. And since Tenjou got booted back to Dormitory, I'm going to move in with you.

This floors Juri, but she manages to say something.

Juri to Asuka: I'm not allowed to be your guardian, Asuka-san.

Asuka to Juri: Who said anything about you being my guardian? I just want to spend time with someone who isn't going to be cruel to me.

Switch scenes: Kaji is stepping off a plane. Signs around him as he walks through an airport indicate he is in Amsterdam. He is then in a cab, and then walking into what appears to be the Ohtori Academy, though it is obvious that we are still in Amsterdam and not Tokyo-3. He walks through it, exploring. The one glaring difference we are able to tell between this campus and the one in Tokyo-3 is the lack of a dueling forest. As he is walking across the campus, two girls walk by him. One of them is Kiryuu Nanami, her violet eyes (the same as Touga's) stands out.

Girl: You're leaving?

Nanami: In a few weeks. I'm going to be transferring to be with my brother in Japan. The main campus of the Ohtori Academy is located in Tokyo-3.

Girl: No! You're going to Tokyo-3?

Nanami: Mmm-hmm.

Girl: You can't go to Tokyo-3, Nanami-sama! All kinds of bad things happen there. Don't you pay attention to the news?

At this point, Kaji walks by them both. They stop, looking at him.

Girl: Wow...isn't he hot...

Nanami: Yeah...he's nothing like my brother, though.

Girl: Your brother?

Nanami: Mmm-hmm.

The girls are now out of our view, and Kaji is alone again. Kaji sits down on a bench, his jacket tossed over one shoulder. A woman, Chida Tokiko, wearing sunglasses and a scarf around her head, sits down next to him.

Tokiko: What do you think you're doing?

Kaji to Tokiko: What do you mean?

Tokiko to Kaji: You know exactly what I mean. Investigating Ohtori like this?

The interplay between the two indicates they are not strangers.

Kaji to Tokiko: You know what I'm doing here. There are 108 organizations officially listed by the Committee for Human Revolution to select the pilots for the Evangelion Project-

Tokiko to Kaji: Collectively known as End of the World.

Kaji to Tokiko: You have to wonder, don't you, why the project meant to save the world was given such a title? In any event, 107 of those companies turned out to be nothing more than empty fronts. Only the Ohtori Academy, the 108th, exists.

Tokiko to Kaji: You are only to be investigating NERV.

Kaji to Tokiko: Isn't it also suspicious that all the pilots are required to attend Ohtori, even Asuka, who has already graduated from a university?

Tokiko to Kaji: Don't make me repeat myself. It isn't your job to investigate End of the World. Stick only to NERV. It is dangerous to draw End of the World's attention.

She stands and walks away.

Switch scenes: Utena's dorm room, with Utena and Rei. They are having tea.

Utena to Rei: What do you know about End of the World?

Rei to Utena: Hmm?

Utena to Rei: I mean, according to Juri, End of the World is in charge of the selecting the pilots. According to you, End of the World selected all of the duelists. Including that Saionji guy. Are they both the same? Does NERV know about you being the Rose Bride? Or about these duels? Who made the decision that we were to room together, NERV or End of the World?

Rei to Utena: You ask a lot of questions, Tenjou-sama.

Utena to Rei: They need to be answered, though, Ayanami. Saionji was right. All of this is interconnected somehow, and I'm wondering at just what all of us are involved in.

Rei to Utena: We are engaged, Tenjou-sama. Should we not be rooming together?

Utena pauses.

Utena to Rei: I really wish you wouldn't keep saying we're engaged like that.

Rei pauses.

Rei to Utena: But, we are engaged-

Utena to Rei: No, we aren't! It's not right to make a girl marry someone because of a duel! How can you obey the rules of some stupid code that treats you like property?

Rei to Utena: ...whatever you say.

Rei's face indicates there's more she wants to say, but is holding it back. Utena doesn't notice this.

Switch scenes: back in NERV, the physical therapy section of the medical ward. Miki is there, lifting very light weights on a nautilus machine. There is a physician with him. Ritsuko and Misato are watching him on the other side of the glass wall.

Ritsuko to Misato: The electrotherapy kept his muscles from atrophying, but he still needs to regain some of his strength. Give him a week or two, and we should be able to release him without worry.

Misato to Ritsuko: So fast...has he spoken at all about what happened against the Third Angel?

Ritsuko to Misato: No. He does remember it, though. We haven't questioned him too hard, so soon into his recovery.

Misato to Ritsuko: Does he know that we've assigned Tenjou-san as the pilot of Unit 00?

Ritsuko (after a pause): No. We told the other pilots not to say anything to him yet.

Misato to Ritsuko: Has he even met her yet?

Ritsuko to Misato: No, and I don't think she's aware that Miki is awake now.

Misato to Ritsuko: He's going to have to know eventually. I hope he takes it better than Arisugawa did.

Ritsuko looks at Misato.

Ritsuko to Misato: You're the Director of Operations. Given his performance as a pilot thus far, would you put him back into an Entry Plug? Who would you ground to make room for him? Asuka? Tenjou? Shinji-kun?

Misato to Ritsuko: Is it even possible for Unit 00 to accept him any longer? Tenjou's synch and harmonic rates in Unit 00 surpass all of his. Would Unit 00 still synch with Miki?

Ritsuko to Misato: Who knows? We've held off on doing the Cross-Compatibility tests, so we don't have enough data to theorize on it.

Misato to Ritsuko: Gut instinct?

Ritsuko to Misato: I'd say that Tenjou Utena is likely the exclusive pilot of Unit 00, like Soryu Asuka is the exclusive pilot of Unit 02.

Misato to Ritsuko: And Ikari Shinji the exclusive pilot of Unit 01.

Switch scenes: Shinji is in the Ohtori Fencing Gym alone. He has a rapier in hand, and is practicing his strokes and steps. Soon, Asuka and Juri walk in. He stops working when he notices that others are watching him.

Asuka to Shinji: You're practicing a lot for someone who says they aren't going to duel.

Shinji to Asuka: Just because I'm practicing doesn't mean I intend to duel. We were trained to do this to pilot Eva, after all.

Juri to Shinji: We're no longer certain that's why the pilots were trained as duelists. Yes, it makes sense for you to have developed a duelist's reflexes and perceptions to better pilot Eva, but the rules of the game are no longer what we believed.

Shinji to Juri: Oh?

Asuka to Shinji: Someone who isn't a pilot was selected by End of the World.

Shinji to Asuka: What? You mean as a duelist?

Asuka nods.

Juri to Shinji: The Vice-President of the Student Council, Saionji Kyoichi, dueled Tenjou-san for the hand of the Rose Bride, and lost.

Shinji to Juri: Tenjou-san defeated the Captain of the Kendo team?

Juri nods.

Shinji to Juri: Amazing. But it makes no sense that he would be chosen. It doesn't fit with everything else that has happened.

Asuka: I think End of the World is testing both of your resolves. You've both been reluctant to duel although you're both one of the chosen.

Shinji to Asuka: A test?

Asuka to Shinji: No, an example. Letting us know that if you don't participate, you will be left behind.

Switch scenes: A black and white spherical object is floating through Tokyo-3. Sirens are now going off around the city.

Switch to NERV Control. Misato, Ritsuko, Juri, Shigeru, and Maya are there, as well as Mikage in the upper level.

Mikage: Report.

Shigeru to Mikage: Object currently in the 37th district. The radar outposts did not pick it up before it entered the city.

Mikage: Is it an Angel?

Shigeru to Mikage: Pattern orange. Negative.

Mikage to Misato: Prepare to sortie all Evangelion units.

Misato to Mikage: Yes, sir.

Switch scenes: The pilots have changed into their Plug Suits and are riding the elevator that leads to the Eva cages.

Utena: Where have the two of you been hiding?

Asuka to Utena: We could say the same about you. Since you've won two duels, are you too good for us now?

Cut away briefly to NERV control, where this is being observed and heard.

Misato to Ritsuko: Two duels?

Ritsuko shrugs and looks at Juri.

Juri: Utena defeated Asuka the last time they dueled together.

Misato to Juri: I didn't know your training sessions had become a competition.

Juri to Misato: With Asuka, would you have expected anything less?

Misato seems happy enough with that explanation, and looks away. Juri looks silently relieved that she didn't have to deceive more than that. Ritsuko sees this, but doesn't pry.

Back to the pilots.

Utena to Asuka: Hey!

Shinji to Asuka: Asuka!

Asuka to Shinji: Don't criticize me for saying what everyone is thinking.

Shinji to Utena: Not all of us are thinking that. I've been spending time with Miki since he woke up.

Utena to Shinji: Miki's awake?

Shinji nods. Utena looks down, now feeling out of touch with things.

Asuka to Utena: Don't let him deceive you. He's spending just as much time with Shinohara-san.

Shinji looks nervously over at Asuka. Asuka grins back at him.

They are at the Evangelion cages now, and go towards their respective Evas. We see the Entry Plugs inserted, the cooling fluid drained, the restraints released, and the Evas shoot towards the surface.

On the surface, Units 00 and 02 are carrying Progressive Katanas. Unit 01 has a rifle. Unit 01 is hidden behind a building, with Units 00 and 02 climbing towards the top of two of the taller ones.

In NERV Control:

Mikage to pilots (on screen): Ikari-kun, you will provide the distraction. When all Units are position, fire a volley at the object. Soryu-kun and Tenjou-kun will strike it from above with the katanas.

Pilots (on screen) in unison: Yes, sir.

Mikage to Shigeru: Reading, Aoba-kun?

Shigeru to Mikage: Pattern still orange, sir.

Mikage: Hmm.

Misato to Mikage: All Units now in position, sir.

Mikage nods.

Mikage to Shinji (on screen): Go, Ikari-kun!

In Entry Plug of Unit 01:

Shinji: Yes, sir.

In Tokyo-3, Unit 01 comes around the corner of the building and fires a long volley into the spherical object. Asuka and Utena both react, and Units 02 and 00 leap from their points, ready to cleave the thing in two. As they near the object, it vanishes.

Asuka and Utena (in unison): What?

Back in NERV Control:

Maya to Misato: Pattern is now blue!

In Tokyo-3, Units 02 and 00 land on the street with a large THUD, the pavement warps under the force of the impact. A dark shadow appears under Unit 01, expands, and begins to swallow it.

Shinji: What? No!

Unit 01 is being swallowed by the shadow. It struggles futilely as it gets pulled under.

In NERV control:

Misato: Shinji-kun!

Misato to Maya: Eject the Entry Plug!

Maya to Misato: There's interference from the Angel. Ejection signal is jammed. It's not responding!

Unit 01 disappears. The shadow is expanding.

Misato: Asuka-san, Tenjou-san! Retreat now!

Utena (on screen) to Misato: Without recovering Shinji?

Misato: Now!

The shadow is expanding across Tokyo-3.

Eyecatcher Screen:

Shin Kakumei Evangelion

Episode XV: Oracle, The Dream

Shot of Tokyo-3, with a big shadowy circle in the middle of it. The Ohtori Academy isn't affected, though the edge of the circle is right at the boundary of it.

In NERV Control: The room where images are displayed on the floor. Mikage, Ritsuko, Misato, Shigeru, and Juri are there.

Misato: The dark area that swallowed Unit 01 is the Angel?

Ritsuko: Yes. Its body is an infinite space contained within a three nanometer width, referred to as "The Ocean of Dirac." It stopped expanding when it reached 680 meters in diameter.

Mikage to Ritsuko: It sustains that space with an inverted AT-Field, right?

Ritsuko nods.

Mikage to Ritusko: And the object above the city?

Ritsuko to Mikage: Only a reflection. The Angel's shadow.

Mikage: How much longer will Ikari have life-support?

Juri to Mikage: Presuming he's remained as immobile as possible, another four hours at most. Maybe less, if he's been moving about. When the umbilical cable was retracted, the power plug had been severed. He's essentially sitting in a lifeless thing at this point.

Switch to Shinji in Unit 01's Entry Plug.

Shinji (thought): Twelve hours ago I switched to life-support mode. In four hours my life will come to an end.

He presses a button on the controls, and the visual displays shift, but in the end, show nothing.

Shinji (thought): Nothing but white noise. Nothing on radar or sonar. Alone. I wonder if Asuka felt this way, when she was inside an Angel.

Back to NERV control: Ritsuko, Mikage, and Misato are there. Same room as previous scene.

Mikage to Ritsuko: Forced salvage of the Eva? You mean sacrifice Ikari's son?

Ritsuko to Mikage: It may be the only way we get Unit 01 back. Drop all remaining 992 Nē depth charges into the Ocean of Dirac, timed within a millisecond of using the AT-Fields of Units 02 and 00 to interfere with the inverted AT-Field of the Angel. It may be enough explosive energy to break the Angel and the Ocean of Dirac that makes up its body.

Misato to Ritsuko: But the Eva wouldn't survive that! Shinji would have no intention of rescuing him.

Ritsuko: The recovery of Unit 01's body is all that matters at this point. Whether or not it's intact is no concern.

Misato is now very upset.

Misato to Ritsuko: What's so important about Unit 01 that you're willing to sacrifice the life of the pilot to get it back?

Mikage to Misato: Can you offer a solution that will get us both Ikari's son and Unit 01 back?

Misato frowns. She shakes her head, visibly bothered by this fact.

Mikage to Misato: I see. Major Katsuragi, I have no intention of letting an Angel have possession of an Evangelion. If you are unable to propose a better strategy before we must implement Akagi-san's, I'm afraid we will have to go through with it.

Misato fumes.

Misato to Mikage: Yes, sir.

Mikage to Ritsuko: You, on the other hand, will enact this plan before Shinji's life support runs out, so that there is hope of him surviving.

Ritsuko to Mikage: Understood.

Mikage leaves.

Misato and Ritsuko stare each other down.

Misato to Ritsuko: What are you hiding from me?

Ritsuko to Misato: Nothing.

Misato to Ritsuko: Bullshit. There's something you're not telling me.

Back to Shinji in the Entry Plug. The LCL is yellow again.

Shinji (thought): Cloudy. The purification system must be failing. Not much time left now.

He is remarkably calm.

Shinji (thought): Blood. The Entry Plug has always smelled of blood, but not this strongly. Eva is dying too.

He curls up into a little ball.

Shinji (thought) Cold. The Plug Suit is almost spent. Tired. So tired.

He closes his eyes, and the pre-Instrumentality sequence begins.

Image of two Shinji's facing each other. One is holding a sword (1), the other wearing a Plug Suit (2).

Shinji 2: Who are you?

Shinji 1: Ikari Shinji.

Shinji 2: I am Ikari Shinji.

Shinji 1: I am also Ikari Shinji. I am the Ikari Shinji that you fear.

Shinji 2: Fear?

Shinji 1: I am the Ikari Shinji that could smash the world's shell. The Ikari Shinji in the mind of Soryu Asuka.

Asuka (as seen earlier): You're practicing a lot for someone who says they aren't going to duel.

Shinji 1: I am the Ikari Shinji in the mind of Arisugawa Juri.

Juri (Episode XIII): Can you remain passive, knowing such a prize might be within your grasp but that it will go to another if you do nothing?

Shinji 1: The Ikari Shinji in the mind of Ayanami Rei.

Rei (Episode XI): Whichever of you is engaged to me shall have the power to bring to the world revolution.

Shinji 1: The Ikari Shinji in the mind of Tenjou Utena.

Utena (Episode XIV): Well, since you and Juri both said that you had no plans to duel that shouldn't be a problem.

Shinji 1: Who are you?

Shinji 2: I am also Ikari Shinji. The Ikari Shinji in the mind of Katsuragi Misato.

Misato (Episode I): You saved Miki's life, Shinji-kun. You saved the entire city. You should be proud of that.

Shinji 2: I am the Ikari Shinji in the mind of Akagi Ritsuko.

Image of Ritsuko addressing Shinji as he gets out of Unit 01's Entry Plug for the first time.

Ritsuko to Shinji (previously unseen flashback): Wonderful, Shinji-kun. You're a natural at this. I knew you were the perfect choice to pilot Eva.

Shinji 2: I am the pilot of Evangelion Unit 01. An elite pilot chosen to save the world from the return of the Angels.

Shinji 1: I am a duelist. Chosen to duel for the hand of the Rose Bride, to compete for the power to bring to the world revolution.

Shinji 1: You are afraid of what revolutionizing the world might mean.

Shinji 2: You are afraid of missing the opportunity to revolutionize the world.

Shinji 1: You want to be a Prince. The Prince that Shinohara Wakaba believes you to be.

Image of Shinji and Wakaba kissing last episode.

Shinji 2: You want to be a Prince. The Prince that Tenjou Utena is. The Prince that Arisugawa Juri is. The Prince you believe Soryu Asuka Langley may become. You are afraid you can't be as good a Prince as these girls are.

Shinji 1: A Prince would not get engaged to a girl because of a duel.

Shinji 2: That is what Tenjou Utena would say.

Shinji 1: A Prince would consider the people that might get hurt if the world is revolutionized.

Shinji 2: That is what Arisugawa Juri would say. And yet, Tenjou Utena is engaged to the Rose Bride.

Shinji 1: Wasn't she forced into dueling?

Shinji 2: And yet, Arisugawa Juri might yet try to obtain the power of miracles.

Shinji 1: But she might not.

Shinji 2: These are the girls that you are jealous of. The Princes you feel you cannot be the equal of.

Shinji 1 and 2: Could I not be as good a Prince as them?

Utena (Episode VI): I do it to make certain Wakaba, and people like her, are safe.

Juri (Episode VI): You've never given any thought to exactly what it means to pilot Eva, and you don't care about the people that will get hurt if you do not pilot.

Shinji 1 and 2: Did you not try to become a Prince because of them?

Shinji (Episode IX): I don't know if I like being a pilot, but I think I understand why it's important that I do.

Juri (Episode X): When I first started working with you, I thought you were a hopeless case, but you've proven me wrong.

Ritsuko (Episode VII): He didn't show that type of increase after the other two attacks. Something's changed.

Shinji 1 and 2: If a Prince will duel for the power, why can't I?

Shinji 1 and 2: What would a Prince do with the power to bring to the world revolution?

Shinji 1: What would you do with the power of miracles?

Shinji 2: Would you not save the world? Why do you pilot Evangelion?

Shinji 1: Would you not save the world?

Miki (from Episode III): We're trying to protect everyone from a Third Impact.

Shinji 1 and 2: Would you not save the world?

Shinji 1 and 2: Would you not save the world?

Shinji 1 and 2: Would you not save the world?

Voice of Ikari Yui: Is that what you want to do, then?

Back to Tokyo-3. The shadow still hasn't moved, and Units 02 and 00 are on opposite sides of the diameter.

Back to NERV control.

Maya to Ritsuko: Both Units are in position. Awaiting your word.

Mikage looks on.

In Tokyo-3, the ground rumbles and the shadow begins to crack.


Shigeru to Mikage: We've got seismic activity?

Mikage to Ritsuko: Akagi-san?

Ritsuko to Mikage: We haven't commenced yet.

Misato to Maya: What's causing it?

Maya to Misato: Unknown! The Ocean of Dirac is collapsing!

Ritsuko to Maya: What? How?

In Tokyo-3: The Sphere in the sky begins shaking. Utena and Asuka both look at it with wide eyes.


Mikage: The Ocean of Dirac is collapsing. Could an AT-Field be strong enough to do that?

Ritsuko to Mikage: How? Unit 01 is powerless.

In Tokyo-3: The Sphere breaks open, the hands of Unit 01 spreading it apart. Blood is flying everywhere. Unit 01's head becomes visible. It roars violently.

Utena (in Unit 00): Oh my god...

Asuka (in Unit 02): Am I inside something like that...

In NERV: Everyone there has pretty much the same reaction as Asuka and Utena.

Ritsuko: What have we created...

Flash to each: Misato (in shock), Maya (revolted), Shigeru (in shock), Ritsuko (terrified), Juri (terrified), and Mikage (relatively calm).

Switch scenes: The Entry Plug has been removed from Unit 01, and NERV technicians are opening it manually as it rests on the ground. LCL spills out all over the place. Misato rushes up, leans into the Entry Plug, and takes the unconscious Shinji in her arms.

Misato: Shinji-kun...wake up, Shinji-kun! Are you alright? Shinji-kun?

Shinji stirs a little. Asuka and Utena are watching in their Plug Suits a few feet back, as well as Ritsuko, Juri, and Mikage. Shinji opens his eyes. As his vision focuses, he sees past Misato, and the first thing he sees upon waking up is Asuka and Utena standing side by side, with Juri directly behind them. His eyes widen. Misato begins crying, oblivious to this, and holds Shinji tightly against her.

Shinji: Mi...Misato...

Switch scenes: Rei is with Utena in their dorm room.

Utena to Rei: It was terrifying, Ayanami. Like some kind of monster. Like it was really alive and refusing to die, and not any kind of machine at all.

Rei to Utena: Eva is alive. You already knew this, Tenjou-sama.

Brief clip of Ritsuko from Episode I.

Ritsuko to Utena: A multipurpose humanoid artificial life form.

Utena looks at Rei. Her expression is suspicious.

Rei to Utena: You've merely been deceiving yourself.

Switch scenes: Misato is in the break room of NERV with her arms folded on the table and her head resting upon them. Kaji walks in, jacket over one shoulder. He stops, seeing Misato.

Kaji to Misato: Hey, Katsuragi?

Misato looks up.

Misato to Kaji: Kaji...

Kaji to Misato: You look like you've seen a ghost, Katsuragi.

Kaji smiles.

Kaji to Misato: Come with me. I must show you something.

Switch scenes: Shinji and Wakaba are at the cemetery where those who died in NERV's service are buried. Shinji is standing straight, looking down at the headstone marked Ikari Yui. Wakaba is close to him, her arm placed within his.

Wakaba to Shinji: That's your mother, isn't it?

Shinji nods.

Shinji to Wakaba: Yes. This is the eleventh anniversary of her death.

Wakaba to Shinji: Isn't your father going to be here?

Shinji to Wakaba: He'll be here sometime, I sure. I doubt he wants to be here anytime when he thinks I might be.

Wakaba to Shinji: I'm sorry.

Shinji to Wakaba: Don't be.

He smiles at her.

Shinji to Wakaba: I'm fine.

He looks back to the headstone.

Shinji to Wakaba: This headstone is nothing but a reminder. When my mother died, there was no remains left to be buried. My father kept none of her pictures. I can't even remember what she looked like. I asked my father why he didn't even keep a single picture and he said, "Everything is still within my mind. For now, that is enough."

Wakaba holds Shinji's arm tightly.

Wakaba to Shinji: I'm sorry.

Shinji to Wakaba: Thank you.

The wind begins to blow, and both of them turn to see a NERV transport landing. Gendo walks out of it. Gendo looks at Shinji and Wakaba, and Shinji in turns looks at Gendo. Wakaba looks uneasily between the two of them. Then Shinji begins walking off, Wakaba walking with him. When they begin to leave, Gendo begins moving toward Yui's grave.

Wakaba to Shinji: Shouldn't you at least say hello?

Shinji to Wakaba: Why bother? He's only here for her.

When Gendo reaches Yui's grave, he turns and watches Shinji and Wakaba leave. They do not turn and look at him. Slowly pan in on Gendo's face. For the first time, he actually looks a little conflicted. Still, he says nothing, and just watches them walk off.

Back to Shinji and Wakaba.

Wakaba to Shinji: I hope you two can work things out, someday.

Shinji hehs, looks down, and then smiles. Focus on Shinji's face.

Shinji to Wakaba: Miracles can happen.

Scene switches. Kaji and Misato are walking through the deep underground of NERV. Misato suddenly looks very suspicious of Kaji.

Misato to Kaji: What do you think we're doing here?

Kaji to Misato: As I said, I have to show you something.

Misato to Kaji: You don't have the authorization to be in this area. Have you been putting your nose where it doesn't belong?

Kaji looks at Misato innocently.

Kaji to Misato: Why on earth would you accuse me of such a thing?

Misato frowns.

Misato to Kaji: Kaji-kun...has all of this merely been a distraction?

Kaji to Misato: A distraction?

Misato to Kaji: You. Me. To keep me from observing you? Or from suspecting you?

Kaji to Misato: Katsuragi...

Misato to Kaji: Don't play around with me. I know that you're spying on us for the inquiry section of the Japanese Ministry of the Interior.

Kaji to Misato: You know about that, then.

Misato to Kaji: You've always underestimated me, and always overestimated yourself.

Kaji to Misato: Then you know that the others are hiding things from you. Even Rit-chan. About Eva. About the pilots. About everything.

Misato draws her sidearm and points it him. They are standing before a locked door.

Misato to Kaji: Is that supposed to sway me to your way of thinking? Into helping you?

Kaji looks at the barrel of the sidearm. He looks up at Misato carefully.

Kaji to Misato: I have not been trying to distract you. After all, I wanted you to see this.

He slides his card through a card slider. The doors, which have a panel reading "LCL Manufacturing Plant. No admittance without authorization. Trespassers will be shot on sight," open. Misato's eyes grow wide as she sees what's inside, her arms slowly lowering to her side.

Inside, we see a large, white humanoid figure with a seven-eyed mask upon its head nailed to a large red cross. It's as big as an Evangelion, but has no legs below the half-thigh mark. Yellow liquid, which looks like LCL, drips down the cross into a large pool of the stuff. A large, fork-like spear (the Spear of Longinus) is stuck into its chest.

Misato: that...?

Kaji: No. This is the starting point of it all. The key to the Revolutionary Project. The origin of Project E. Adam.

Misato: Adam? The First Angel is here?

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