Shin Kakumei Evangelion

Neon Revolution Evangelion

Episode XIX

Opening Credits

We see a silhouette of Akio. He is holding a rose. In the room, we see a silhouette of someone sitting in a chair, but we can't tell who it is by the angle.

Akio: And so, she has defeated all challengers so far. Only one of the original Duelists remains. And that one can no longer remain uninvolved. The Duel of Two Princes is upon us.

Switch scenes: We see Utena and Rei, Asuka and Juri, Shinji and Wakaba, and Toji and Kensuke. They are gathered before Miki. There is a very solemn air about the whole gathering. We are at the stairway at the bottom of the hill leading to the Academy.

Kensuke to Miki: You''re leaving?

Miki nods.

Miki: My father is taking Kozue and I out of Tokyo-3. With what happened to me...and Kozue, he wants us to be as far from NERV as possible.

Wakaba to Miki: Where will you go? What will you do?

Miki: I don't know...the Academy has offered to continue our education at the Amsterdam campus, but I don't know where my father plans on going yet. Just away from here.

One by one, they come and say their farewells to Miki. Kozue, obviously, is not there. First up is Asuka, who, seemingly out of character for her, hugs Miki tightly.

Asuka (whispered) to Miki: Take care of you and your sister, Miki.

Miki to Asuka: I will.

Next is Wakaba, who hugs Miki as well, but her hug is friendly, where Asuka's seemed sad.

Wakaba to Miki: Goodbye, Miki-kun.

Miki to Wakaba: Goodbye, Shinohara-san.

She is followed by Utena, who like Wakaba, gives only a friendly hug.

Utena to Miki: I hope that-

Miki cuts her off.

Miki to Utena: Save the world, Tenjou-san. Please.

Utena pauses, and then nods. She is followed by Toji and Kensuke together, who bear hug Miki a little bit.

Kensuke to Miki: Don't forget about us while you're gone.

Toji to Miki: Yeah, don't forget about the little people when you're a big shot brain someday.

Miki chuckles.

Miki: I won't. Thank you, Suzuhara-kun, Aida-kun.

Next up is Rei. Miki looks at Rei uneasily. Rei is Rei.

Rei to Miki: Goodbye, Kaoru-kun.

Miki to Rei: Thank you for coming, Ayanami-san.

Next up is Juri. Juri and Miki look at each other for a moment, then they both smile faintly, and hug.

Juri to Miki: I will miss you, Miki-chan. Don't forget all I taught you.

Miki to Juri: I won't. I will miss you too, Juri-sempai.

Finally, there is Shinji. Shinji and Miki look at each other sadly. Very sadly. They embrace tightly, both of them holding back tears. Neither of them can find words to say. Briefly, we focus on Wakaba, who looks like she wants to comfort Shinji, but holds back until Miki and Shinji let go of each other.

Switch scenes: NERV conference. Present are Misato, Ritsuko, Gendo, and Mikage.

Misato: In one day we have lost four pilots. Tenjou Utena, Kaoru Kozue, Kaoru Miki, and Ikari Shinji.

Mikage: Asuka was the one who started the rebellion. It is surprising that she didn't follow suit.

Ritsuko: Not particularly. Asuka is proud to be a pilot, unlike Utena and Shinji who pilot out of a sense of responsibility. Without Evangelion, she'd be lost. Without Shinji or Utena to compete with, she'll probably flourish.

Misato to Ritsuko: Which doesn't solve the problem of now having one pilot and one pilot only.

Gendo: We will utilize the Dummy system for Units 00 and 01. If Soryu proves insufficient, we will use the Dummy for Unit 02 as well.

Misato to Gendo: I'd rather use Rei than the Dummy system. Now that we know it will synch with her, I'd rather take the chance of her losing synch than the Eva going berserk with the Dummy.

Mikage: I'd advise against using Rei unless the Dummy system proves unwieldy.

Misato looks uncomfortable.

Misato (thought): Why are you protecting Rei, Vice-Commander?

Switch scenes: The three pilots are gathered together at Ohtori.

Shinji to Asuka: You're really going to keep working for my father? It's not as though they need us any longer.

Asuka smirks, standing in her "I'm the best stance."

Asuka to Shinji: Well, someone has to save the world now that you princes aren't there any more.

Shinji: I wonder if End of the World knows about this yet.

Utena: I don't know.

Asuka loses her arrogance for a moment.

Asuka: So...what are you two going to do now?

Utena to Asuka: Well, I came here to be a student without knowing anything about NERV, so I can remain here. I guess I'll just go back to the way things were.

Shinji to Asuka: I'm staying with Misato until they can find room in the dorms for me. I plan to stay here as well. Since she's my guardian, it has to be approved through her.

Asuka nods.

Asuka: Are you sure you don't want to pilot?

Shinji (coy) to Asuka: Oh, is that loneliness in your voice? After all this time about telling us how useless we were, are you afraid to go it alone?

Asuka gets defiant.

Asuka to Shinji: Of course not, idiot! I just don't want you making a mistake you'll regret later!

Utena to Asuka: No, I don't want to be a pilot any longer. I thought I was doing it to save lives, not end them. Kozue's life was every bit as important as anyone's in the world. We shouldn't have been ordered to give up on her like that.

Asuka nods, then gets coy.

Asuka to Utena: Hey, Tenjou-san, you used to live with Juri.

Utena to Asuka: Yes?

Asuka to Utena: Whose picture is in Juri's locket?

Utena looks uncomfortable.

Asuka to Utena: Come on, surely you stole a glance at some point.

Utena to Asuka: That's not any of your business, is it? If you're so curious, why don't you ask her?

Switch scenes: Ritsuko and Misato are together in NERV walking through the hallways.

Ritsuko to Misato: Do you want to get lunch?

Misato to Ritsuko: I can't. I have to go to the Ohtori Academy and fill out paperwork so that Shinji can remain in school there.

Ritsuko to Misato: He wants to remain in Tokyo-3? Even with the Kaoru family relocating?

Misato to Ritsuko: Yes. Amazing how people change when you aren't paying attention, isn't it?

Ritsuko pauses, uncertain how to take that.

Ritsuko to Misato: Apparently.

Misato doesn't seem to be implying anything.

Misato to Ritsuko: Anyway, I'll be back soon.

Misato walks off, Ritsuko watching her go.

Switch scenes: Touga and Utena are together. Touga has taken Utena to the balcony where the Student Council traditionally met before it started falling apart.

Utena: Wow...this is a great view. You can see the whole Academy.

Touga to Utena: I've always enjoyed it myself. This is the perfect spot to watch the rising and descent of Tokyo-3.

Utena nods.

Utena to Touga: I'd say so. This is where the Council meets, huh?

Touga to Utena: Where we met I think is more appropriate. Miki is now gone, Juri no longer had time, and Saionji has been absent for quite a while now.

Utena to Touga: Saionji's been absent?

Touga to Utena: Indeed. I tried to visit him once, but he wouldn't see me.

Utena to Touga: That's too bad...

Touga to Utena: He seemed quite interested in you at the time, I believe.

Utena shifts nervously.

Utean to Touga: Oh, he did?

Touga to Utena: Indeed, but as I said, he seemed reluctant to speak of it to me. Perhaps you have an admirer.

Utena to Touga: I don't think Saionji thinks of me that way.

Utena changes the subject.

Utena to Touga: So it's just you, then? On the Council, I mean.

Touga to Utena: So it would seem. Obviously, there are positions with vacancy. You might consider becoming part of the Council.

Utena to Touga: Oh, I don't know, I'm so busy with-

Utena stops. She's not a pilot anymore, so she isn't busy.

Touga to Utena: Think about it, anyway.

Utena looks over the railing. She sees Rei looking up at her from the ground near the dueling forest. It's too far to make out Rei's expression, but there's little doubt that Rei is looking at Utena. Touga moves in behind Utena, standing very close to her.

Touga to Utena: What are you looking at?

Utena looks up at Touga, then back to Rei, but Rei is gone.

Utena to Touga: Huh? Oh, there's Major Katsuragi with Shinji.

Utena points to Misato walking with Shinji.

Switch vantage points, we are now focused on Shinji and Misato. They are walking together down the stairs leading away from the Academy.

Misato to Shinji: It's all taken care of, Shin-chan.

Shinji to Misato: Thank you, Misato-san.

An uncomfortable silence follows.

Shinji to Misato: I'm not going to see you again, am I?

Misato to Shinji: You're no longer with NERV. I'm not allowed to be your guardian. I...

She hesitates.

Misato to Shinji: I...that is...are you sure you want to leave...?

Shinji to Misato: Yes. I can't work for a monster like my father in good conscience.

Misato to Shinji: Are you running away from Eva because of your father?

Shinji to Misato: I'm not running away.

Another uncomfortable silence.

Misato to Shinji: I...I'm sorry you feel you have to leave us because of him.

Misato looks very sad. This causes the same reaction in Shinji.

Shinji to Misato: Misato...I...

The two of them hold each other, on the verge of tears. Misato spares a moment to open her eyes and look up. She sees Kaji walking towards the dormitories below. She then opens her eyes wide and watches him go into one of the dorms.

Switch scenes: Inside Saionji's dorm. Saionji is sitting in his chair, much like he was the last time we saw him. Kaji is standing there near the door, which is closed.

Kaji to Saionji: Why haven't you been in contact?

Saionji to Kaji: I believe I told you why in my last correspondence.

Kaji to Saionji: Yes, but you didn't reveal everything you discovered to me. What did you learn that made your position dangerous?

Saionji to Kaji: I hardly think you've told me everything you know, either.

Kaji sees Saionji's Rose Signet, which he hasn't removed.

Kaji to Saionji: I see. You're part of it now.

Saionji to Kaji: You would have done the same thing, were you in my place.

Kaji to Saionji: Please, Kyoichi-kun, what is happening at this Academy? What is the connection between the pilots of Evangelion and this school?

Saionji hehs. He stands up, walking towards the back of the room and turning his back on Kaji.

Saionji to Kaji: Figure it out for yourself, Kaji-san. I'm no longer part of your investigation. You shouldn't have come here. You'd better hope that nobody saw you.

Kaji looks at him for a moment, then leaves. The door closes. Saionji looks at himself in the mirror for a while. He looks down. The door opens again and closes.

Saionji: I told you that I'm not telling you anything more, Kaji-san!

He turns around to the sound of a CLICK. He sees Misato standing there with her sidearm drawn and pointed at him. She sees his Rose Signet, and her grip tightens on the weapon.

Misato to Saionji: No, but you will to me.

Switch scenes: Juri is walking towards Utena. She is carrying a long sword in one hand, and fingering the clothing over her locket with the other.

Fade to Asuka flashback.

A very, very young Asuka is the hospital, looking a woman holding a doll. Asuka is behind a window.

Male voice: The woman herself turned out to be a guinea pig. A victim of her own experiment.

Female voice: You think the contact experiment was the cause?

Male voice: That might be. I doubt it was the only cause.

Very brief flash of Juri reading Asuka's file on the NERV computer in Episode XVII.

The woman, Soryu Kyoko Zeppelin, strokes the doll lovingly while speaking to it. Young Asuka glares at her from behind the glass.

Kyoko: Asuka, my darling Asuka, I prepared your favorite meal for you.

Female voice: She's like that every day. Speaking to the doll as though it was her daughter.

Male voice: She devoted her life to her research, and gave no time to her real daughter. Perhaps she feels accountable.

Asuka continues to glare at the woman.

Male voice: Very much a doll mother and a doll daughter. Perhaps there is little difference between dolls and people.

Female voice: A doll is something man made in his image. Perhaps we are merely dolls for God.

Flashback changes: We are now at Asuka's mother's funeral. Little Asuka is holding an adult's hand. Asuka isn't crying.

Grandmother: You are brave, my Asuka. It's alright if you wish to cry.

Asuka: I'm alright. I won't cry. I will think and live for myself.

Fade back to Juri, focus on her fingers rubbing the area where the locket with Asuka's picture rests. Utena is approaching Rei, and doesn't see Juri nearing. Juri gets to her before Utena gets to Rei. Utena turns, seeing Juri. Juri doesn't offer Utena a rose, but she doesn't have to. Utena looks at Juri, her face both hurt and angry.

Utena to Juri: You too, Juri?

Juri to Utena: I'm sorry, Utena.

Utena to Juri: You are? Then why are you doing this?

Juri to Utena: Does it matter why I am? I challenge you to a duel, Fourth Children. Tonight, in the forest.

Utena almost loses all composure. She manages to keep it, just barely.

Utena: No.

Juri to Utena: No?

Utena to Juri: Right now. Let's get this over with.

Switch to Misato is walking back up the stairs to the Academy. She looks like she's heard some earth-shattering news. We see a bit of the conversation between her and Saionji play over the image of her walking.

Misato: Revolutionize the world? Through duels?

Saionji: Don't look at me so surprised. Haven't you ever wondered why the inscription on NERV's logo reads, "Smash the world's shell. For the revolution of the world?"

Solidify back on Misato. Two Ohtori girls are running up the stairs past her.

Girl one: Come on! Come on! The Two Princes are going to duel!

Girl two: I'm coming! Wait for me!

Misato hears this, perks her head, and runs after them.

Switch scenes: In the middle of the Ohtori Campus. Rei is in the Rose Bride dress. Utena has the Sword of Dios already drawn. Both Juri and Utena have their roses attached. They are holding their swords towards the other. Both of them look determined. All around them, we see the students of Ohtori watching intently.

Begin soundtrack: Last Evolution (Eve of the Evolution Revolution)

Utena springs at Juri. Juri skillfully parries Utena's strike away and lets Utena go past her. Utena turns and begins fencing with Juri. Juri begins backing up, parrying each of Utena's moves. Unlike the previous duels, neither duelist is saying anything to the other. Utena continues on the offensive. We see Asuka and Shinji appear in the crowd.

Asuka to Shinji: Out in the open like this? Is that against the rules?

Shinji to Asuka: I guess they don't care about that right now.

Utena continues to attack, Juri continues to parry.

Shinji to Asuka: Wow...she has Juri-sempai on the defensive.

Asuka looks very closely at the duel.

Asuka to Shinji: No. No, she doesn't.

We see Misato join the crowd now with the two Ohtori girls she was following. Misato eyes Shinji, Asuka, and then opens her eyes wide as she sees Rei in the Rose Bride dress.

Misato: Ayanami Rei?

Misato looks at the duel. Her cellular phone is ringing, but she pays no attention to it.

Misato: Real swords?

As the soundtrack goes to the "OH!" chorus, the entire duel changes.

Juri to Utena: Have you remembered nothing of what I taught you?

Juri slaps away Utena's attack and begins striking back like a juggernaut. It's all Utena can do just to hold onto the Sword of Dios.

Juri to Utena: Where is the miracle you used to beat Asuka? To beat Saionji? They were far better duelists than you and yet you triumphed. Show me your miracle, Fourth Children!

Utena doesn't say anything. It's painfully clear that she is not going to beat Juri by skill alone at this point. Juri was testing her, like Asuka recognized.

We see a flashback of Episode XI over the duel. Juri and Utena are walking close together.

Utena (in flashback): We aren't so different, are we?

Juri (in flashback): I suppose not.

Then a flashback of Episode XVII. Juri and Utena are speaking outside Juri's home.

Utena (in flashback): I feel like...the two of us...

Juri (in flashback): That noble heart of yours has left you na´ve.

With a mighty strike, Juri shoves Utena to the ground. Utena rolls for a bit and comes up in a crouch.

Juri to Utena: Prove to me the power of miracles, Utena!

Utena steels herself. The Dios image overlaps Utena, and she lunges. Juri stands waiting, looking confident. Just as it appears that Utena is going to take Juri's rose, Juri is quick enough to put her sword out and block the lunge.

Flashback of Episode XII overlaps as the duel goes into slow motion. The Duelists are learning of the duels for the first time.

Shinji (in flashback): Well, then you'll end up being engaged to Juri-san. None of us can beat her.

The duel resumes. Utena's eyes grow wide. The lunge has been blocked. That was her last hope. Rei looks away from the duel.

Asuka (quietly): There are no such things as miracles...

As the soundtrack states, "That's me! Wait!" Juri flips the Sword of Dios out of Utena's hand. As the soundtrack states, "My last evolution," we see the Sword of Dios flying end over end in the air. As the soundtrack states "Revolution," we see rose petals scattering into the air. As the soundtrack states "Everlution," we pull back to see Juri standing there, swiping her sword back to her side, her rose still intact.

Eyecatcher Screen:

Shin Kakumei Evangelion

Episode XIX: Pieces Engaged

Juri stands victorious. Utena is standing there in disbelief. The Ohtori onlookers, Misato, Asuka, and Shinji are all speechless. Before anyone can say anything, a tremendous explosion rocks the Academy. All heads turn, except Utena, to see the imposing figure of the Fourteenth Angel moving through Tokyo-3. NERV planes are trying to slow it down unsuccessfully.

Misato: Damn it!

Panic ensues, the Ohtori population runs desperately for shelter. Misato moves through them towards Asuka, Rei, and Juri.

Misato: Come on! We've got to go!

Juri: Misato-sempai?

Asuka, Juri, and Shinji are obviously uneasy that she has seen this. Utena seems oblivious.

Misato to Juri: We'll discuss this later. Right now we've got to get to NERV. Come on!

She turns her head to Rei.

Misato to Rei: And you too, Ayanami-san.

There is a brief moment where Juri, Misato, Rei, and Asuka are looking at Shinji and Utena. Almost asking "Are you coming too?" Another explosion rocks the Academy, and the four of them turn and leave.

Shinji to Utena: We've got to get to a shelter.

He tugs on her arm. She still seems dazed.

Shinji to Utena: Tenjou-san!

He tugs harder. He has to lead Utena away.

Switch scenes: Now in NERV control with Mikage, Ritsuko, Gendo, Maya, Shigeru, and Hyuga. Another blast topside causes NERV to shake.

Hyuga: Armor plating one through thirteen compromised!

Shigeru: It broke through thirteen layers of armor in a single blast?

Mikage: How did it get into the city without any of the perimeter stations warning us?

Shigeru: No communication with the perimeter stations. It must have destroyed them.

Mikage: All of them?

Shigeru: Yes, sir.

Maya: The Second Children is not currently in the Geo Front. We've been unable to contact her or Major Katsuragi.

Gendo: Ready Evangelions Units 00 and 01 to sortie with the Dummy System.

Ritsuko: We don't have time to get them to the surface before the Angel breaks through the armor. Prepare to intercept the Angel as it enters the Geo Front.

Linking lights on Maya's control panel light up.

Maya: Linking Units 00 and 01 to Dummy control.

Down in the cages: Unit 00's eye lights up briefly, then fades back to black. It is the same with Unit 01.

The linking lights go off, warning buzzers sounding.

Maya: The connection is refused! Units 01 and 00 are rejecting the Dummy.

Ritsuko: What?

More lights go out on Maya's controls.

Maya to Ritsuko: Both Evangelion Units powering down...

Another explosion shakes NERV.

Mikage to Gendo: Ikari...

Gendo to Mikage: I know...they are rejecting me.

Mikage to Gendo: Not just you. Us.

Switch scenes: Misato is driving like a demon through the streets of Tokyo-3. Asuka, Juri, and Rei are with her. Nobody is saying anything. Finally, Misato looks over at Juri. Since Misato is driving like mad, she spares only fleeting glimpses at her.

Misato to Juri: Utena beat Asuka the last time they dueled.

Juri to Misato: What?

Misato to Juri: That's what you told me when I asked what Asuka meant when she said Utena had won two duels.

Asuka: I was careless. I should have beaten her.

Misato to Juri: Why couldn't you have told me the truth?

Juri to Misato: About the duels?

Misato glares at Juri, taking her eyes off the road.

Misato to Juri: About End of the World!

Asuka and Juri freeze. Asuka sees something and points ahead.

Asuka to Misato: Look out!

Debris is falling in front of the car. Misato turns hard, just getting out of the way. More debris falls, and she turns hard the other direction, once again just missing it. We see the bottom half of the Fourteen Angel out the windows of the car.

Juri to Misato: Later.

Misato (agreeing) to Juri: Later.

Misato pulls out her mobile phone and tosses it to Juri.

Asuka: Why didn't they call earlier?

Juri: Arisugawa.

Back in NERV control.

Maya: Major Katsuragi is on her way with Asuka!

Gendo: We don't have time to wait for the Second Children. Try using the Dummy system in Unit 02.

In the cages, Unit 02's eyes light up, then deactivate.

Maya: Unit 02 is rejecting the Dummy connection as well.

Mikage: All three units?

Ritsuko to Mikage: Probably left over emotional feedback from the pilots after seeing Kozue wounded. Control was given back to the pilots after the Angel was destroyed so that the Evas could be returned to the Geo Front. The Evas sensed the pilots' resentment of the Dummy, and thus reject it now.

Mikage to Ritsuko: This is a fine time to discover that.

NERV shakes again.

Hyuga: Only one armor plate remains.

Switch scenes: Misato, Rei, Asuka, and Juri are descending in the train from the surface to Geo Front. The train shakes, and all four of them hold tight to the handgrips. Through the windows, we see the inverted buildings of Tokyo-3. The next explosion shoots through down the city, a brilliant cross-like discharge of energy almost touching NERV HQ.

Asuka: That was close...

The train stops, the occupants depart and race into NERV. Above, the Fourteenth Angel descends into the Geo Front.

Back in NERV control.

Shigeru: Final armor plate has been breached! The Angel has entered the Geo Front!

The Angel is approaching NERV HQ.

In another area of NERV, Asuka is getting into the Entry Plug of Unit 02. She didn't have time to get into her Plug Suit, so is in her Ohtori uniform.

NERV shakes as a blast rattles it again, part of the HQ shattering as the Angel blasts it.

Hyuga: Direct hit on us!

Maya: The Second Children is in Evangelion Unit 02!

Right then, Rei (still in the Rose Bride dress), Juri (who hasn't let go of her long sword), and Misato race into the control room. Mikage looks at Rei with surprise. Then he looks to Juri, whose bosom rose is still intact. He is standing behind Gendo, so Gendo doesn't see his face. Gendo looks at Rei oddly, but doesn't react anymore than that.

Asuka (off): No weapons again? Get me a Prog' Katana or something!

The Fourteenth Angel is just about to smash NERV HQ when Unit 02 comes out of nowhere and tackles it to the ground. Unit 02 smashes the Angel repeatedly, but at this point, the Angel's AT-Field is up and the blows don't even make contact. Asuka screams in frustration, and Unit 02's Progressive Knife pops out the shoulder harness. Unit 02 grabs the blade and begins stabbing at the Angel, but can't break through the AT-Field.

Asuka: No! No! No! No! No!

The Angel blasts Unit 02 off of it. Unit 02 sails across the Geo Front floor, almost hitting HQ when it hits the ground.

In NERV control:

Misato: No weapons?

Maya: The Evas were going to be piloted using the Dummy system. The Dummy wouldn't have used them.

Misato: Why aren't we using Units 00 and 01 with the Dummy?

Hyuga: The Evangelions are refusing the Dummy system.

Misato: What? You mean Asuka's alone out there without any hope of backup?

Brief cutaway to a shelter on the surface. Utena is holding herself in a little ball in the corner, Shinji sitting next to her looking very worried. He looks over at Utena, who seems about as with it as when she lost to Juri. Wakaba huddles next to Shinji, with Toji and Kensuke near.

Back in the Geo Front. Unit 02 is back on its feet. It races toward the Angel, Progressive Knife still in hand. The razor arms of the Angel lash out to meet it. Asuka gasps in surprise, and is barely able to make the Eva leap over the incoming arms. The Eva comes down hard on the Angel, Progressive Knife first. The Angel's AT-Field holds, and the Angel grabs hold of the Eva and throws it back down to the ground.

Back in NERV control. Misato assesses the situation. Looking down, her expression becomes hard.

Misato: We'll use Rei. Have her sortie in Unit 01.

Mikage to Misato: Unit 01 rejected Rei's Dummy. Do you think it will accept Rei herself?

Misato: I don't care! Right now Asuka is all that stands between us and the end of everything, and she's getting killed out there while we debate this! We have to put somebody, anybody into an Evangelion that has a chance at synchronizing with it and help her destroy the Angel before it destroys us!

Small moment of silence.

Gendo: Rei?

Rei looks up at Gendo.

Rei to Gendo: Yes?

Gendo to Rei: Take the field with Unit 01.

Rei to Gendo: Yes, sir.

Mikage looks highly uncomfortable with this, but can't say anything about it now. He looks at Misato, who is staring him down. Eventually, he looks away. Ritsuko looks just as uncomfortable, but nobody is paying attention to her.

Rei walks out.

NERV technicians have managed to move a Progressive Katana out to the floor of Geo Front with a large crane. Asuka, turning her head, sees this, and rolls Unit 02 over to the crane. Unit 02 takes the Katana in hand, just in time for the Angel to use its razor arms to cut the hand off of Unit 02. Asuka screams, holding her own wrist in pain. The Angel slowly advances to the fallen Unit 02. With another lash of the Angel's razor arms, Unit 02 loses the arm opposite to the hand it just lost. Asuka is screaming in bloody agony now.

Ritsuko: Cut neural connections to Unit 02!

The lighting inside of Unit 02 goes dim, and Asuka holds herself tightly.

Inside the Entry Plug of Unit 01, Rei sits. Somehow, she had time to change into a Plug Suit.

Maya: Activating Evangelion Unit 01.

The Entry Plug begins to hum. Then it goes dim. Rei looks ill, holding her hand to her mouth.

Rei (thought): It's not going to work this time.

Maya: Neural connections refused!

The Angel is now beating Unit 02 to death with its arms. Unit 02's chest armor is cracking.

Back in NERV control. Misato crosses her arms. Looking down, she turns to Juri and speaks very dark and low in her throat.

Misato to Juri: Get into a Plug Suit, Arisugawa-kun.

Juri just looks at Misato.

Juri to Misato: What?

Misato (still dark and quiet) to Juri: You heard me.

Ritsuko catches on.

Ritsuko to Misato: Misato...

Misato to Ritsuko: Not now, Dr. Akagi.

Misato to Juri: You're wasting time, Juri-kun.

Ritsuko to Misato: It won't synch with her! You're putting her in extreme danger!

Gendo: I'll authorize it. It's better than doing nothing.

That seems to be the final word.

Misato (loudly) to Juri: Prepare to sortie in Unit 00.

Unit 02's armor is shattered, and the core of the Eva now visible. The Angel is pounded its arms against the core, trying to pierce it.

Back in NERV: Juri is in a Plug Suit now. LCL is filling up the Entry Plug. Brief flash of Juri holding the locket with Asuka's picture in it. Juri watches the LCL rise towards her head. Brief flash of Juri and Asuka fencing together in Episode VII. Juri puts her hands onto the pilot grips.

Juri (thought): Please, please move. Please move.

IN NERV Control:

Shigeru to Ritsuko: LCL induction complete.

Ritsuko looks over at Misato once, then back to the technicians.

Maya to Ritsuko: Unit 00's system data switched from Tenjou to Arisugawa.

Ritsuko to Maya: Begin first level neural connections.

Maya to Ritsuko: Yes, sempai.

In the Entry Plug, Juri is pulling on the control grips. Her eyes are clenched shut, and she's talking to herself.

Juri: Please move, please move, please move.

Brief flash of Juri letting Asuka into her home after Utena moved out.

Juri: Please move, please move, please move.

Brief flash of a younger Juri and Asuka meeting for the time two years earlier.

Cut to Ritsuko: Begin level three linking.

Juri: Please move, please move.

Flash of the Episode XI clip we saw during the duel.

Utena to Juri: We aren't so different, are we?

Juri to Utena: I suppose not.

Unit 00's eye lights up. Although it has no mouth, it seems like Unit 00 is screaming.

Back in NERV control.

Maya: Evangelion Unit 00 has activated...

All eyes suddenly turn towards the awakening Unit 00.

Shigeru: It worked...

Maya: Unbelievable...

Hyuga: That's not possible...

Mikage: Is this-

Misato: the power-

Ritsuko: of miracles?

End Credits

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