Shin Kakumei Evangelion

Neon Revolution Evangelion

Episode XX

Opening Credits

Open with the end of Episode XIX. Juri is in the Entry Plug of Unit 00. She is pulling on the controls.

Juri: Please move, please move, please move.

Brief clip of Unit 00 in the holding cages, still inactive. Then back to Juri, with the Utena flashback playing over her.

Utena to Juri: We aren't so different, are we?

Juri to Utena: I suppose not.

Unit 00's eye lights up, and its head rears back as it appears to scream.

In NERV control.

Maya: Evangelion Unit 00 has activated...

Shigeru: It worked...

Maya: Unbelievable...

Hyuga: That's not possible...

Gendo: Release the restraints. Sortie Unit 00.

The harness is retracted and Unit 00 is launched to the Geo Front surface. The Fourteenth Angel is still pounding on the core of Unit 02. Unit 00 walks up, takes the fallen Progressive Katana, peels off the severed hand, and approaches the Angel.

Back in the shelter on the surface: Utena is still somewhat catatonic. Shinji is looking between her and Wakaba. Wakaba is holding tightly onto him. Kensuke looks at Shinji resentfully.

Kensuke to Shinji: What are you doing in here, Ikari?

Shinji looks to Kensuke.

Kensuke to Shinji: I've envied you. I idolized you. I'd have given anything to trade places with you. Why aren't you piloting Unit 01 right now? Why is Tenjou not piloting Unit 00?

Shinji to Kensuke: I...that is...

Kensuke to Shinji: Don't you care anymore?

The shelter shakes, and Wakaba clutches even tighter to Shinji. Shinji looks at Wakaba tenderly.

Kensuke to Shinji: In all of the world, only you, Tenjou, and Soryu can pilot the Evas. And you're here sitting in the shelters with those of us who can't. Why are you refusing to go?

Shinji holds Wakaba closely.

Shinji to Wakaba: Take care of Tenjou, Wakaba-chan.

Wakaba looks at Shinji like she wants to protest him leaving. Then she nods, letting go of him. As Shinji stands up, she moves over and puts an arm around Utena.

Meanwhile, Juri is approaching the Fourteenth Angel. The Angel sensing the approach of Unit 00, abandons Unit 02 and turns around to face Unit 00. Juri braces herself, Unit 00 holding the Progressive Katana defensively.

In NERV HQ: All eyes are watching the fight. Ritsuko spares a moment to look at Misato. Misato glances back over at her. Present are Misato, Ritsuko, Maya, Shigeru, Hyuga, Gendo, Mikage, and Rei (in her Plug Suit).

Back at the fight: The Fourteenth Angel lashes out with its arms. Juri waits, waits, and then moves, bellowing a battle cry. Unit 00 spins delicately as the Progressive Katana slices through both incoming arms. The Angel cries out as the arms pulls back. Juri returns Eva 00 to the defensive stance, waiting.


Ritsuko: The way she moves...incredible.

Maya to Ritsuko: Synch and harmonics ratios are all well-above minimum levels.

Mikage: Fighting as a duelist would...waiting for the opening.

Misato: Can she break the Angel's AT-Field? Fighting defensively is only going to work so long.

Back to the fight: The Angel lashes out at Unit 00 again. Juri waits again. As she begins to take action, the Angel blasts at Unit 00 with its energy weapon.

Misato: No! Dodge it!

Juri looks up in just enough time to hit the ground. Unit 00 rolls under the blast and the incoming arms. The Angel pulls back its arms as Unit 00 comes back to its feet.

Switch scenes: Shinji is riding the train down to the Geo Front. He sees the nearly destroyed Unit 02, and then Unit 00 standing defensively before the Fourteenth Angel.

Shinji (looking at Unit 02): Asuka...

Shinji (looking at Unit 00): Unit 00...without Utena or Miki?

Back in NERV.

Gendo to Juri (off): Stop fencing and destroy the Angel, Arisugawa-san.

Juri (off, curt): What do you think I'm trying to do?

Misato and Ritsuko smirk.

Back to the fight. The Angel lashes out with the arms. Juri goes into motion, Unit 00 now parrying the arms as they come in, but not slicing them. The Angel pulls them away before she can do that, and strikes other areas. Unit 00 parries each blow.

Maya: Two hundred point synch ratio...

It's now an elaborate dance. Unit 00 blocking every blow the arms attempt with the Progressive Katana, the Angel consistently changing the locations it attacks. With each block, however, Juri is forcing Unit 00 closer and closer to the Angel. She is slowly gaining ground on it.

At NERV: Maya is looking concerned.

Maya: Two hundred forty-five point synch ratio...

Ritsuko: It's rising...

Unit 00 is getting closer to the Angel. In the Entry Plug, Juri is operating on sheer determination at this point, and her expression reflects this.

Maya: Three hundred point synch ratio!

Misato: What are you so concerned about?

Ritsuko: There's a danger to the pilot if it reaches 400 points.

Unit 00 is moving lightning quick now. Juri is anticipating blows with startling precision.

Maya: Three hundred twenty-seven points...

The Angel is shooting energy blasts along with the arm strikes now. Juri continues to move, avoiding each blast. Unit 00 is almost upon the Angel.

Maya: Three hundred eighty-one points...

Juri screams out, slicing through both arms and coming down with a massive blow that intends to cut the Angel in half. The Angel's AT-Field stops it cold. Juri continues to press against it. The AT-Field weakens, but still manages to hold the blade in place.

Maya: Three hundred ninety-two points...

Hyuga, who has been paying attention to the fight, suddenly looks at his panel and is shocked.

Hyuga: Power readings coming from Unit 01! It has freed itself from the cage bindings!

Ritsuko: The Dummy system?

Misato: No! It's Shinji!

Shinji is in Unit 01's Entry Plug, wearing his Ohtori uniform. Unit 01 moves in behind the Angel and stabs its Progressive Knife deep into the backside of the Angel. The AT-Field vanishes as the Angel screams. Unit 00's Progressive Katana slices clean through the Angel and buries itself into the earth. The Angel falls into two pieces, and dies. Unit 01 and Unit 00 remain standing.

Juri: Shinji-kun?

Shinji: Juri-sempai?

Juri breathes a huge sigh of relief.

Back in NERV, it is silent as everyone lets the stress of the end of the world nearly happening slide off their shoulders.

Shigeru: The target is silent.

Maya: Synch rate returning to normal levels.

Mikage: Get an emergency crew out there immediately and get Asuka out of Unit 02.

Gendo stands up.

Gendo to Ritsuko: Dr. Akagi?

Ritsuko to Gendo: Yes, sir?

Gendo to Ritsuko: Designate Arisugawa-san as the Fifth Children. She is now the pilot of Unit 00. Remove any remaining data on the Fourth Children.

Brief transitional scene of the recovery crews taking away the pieces of Unit 02. Focus on them getting Asuka out of the Entry Plug. She is holding herself tightly when the hatch is opened.

Switch scenes: In another dressing room, we see Rei press the wrist button on her Plug Suit, causing it to release and fall off her body. Then shots of her putting her Ohtori uniform back on. We never see what happened to the Rose Bride dress she came into NERV wearing. We see her from the neck down as she pulls tight the red tie on the uniform.

Rei: Yes?

Focus now into the background. We see Gendo's silhouette in the doorway. Only his glasses reflect any light.

Gendo to Rei: Unit One would not accept you again.

Rei to Gendo: I know.

Gendo to Rei: The Dummy Plug project is now useless.

Rei to Gendo: I know.

Gendo steps into the room, walking up to Rei . Rei does not look up at him. There is an uneasy silence between them . Then a brief flash of Gendo seeing Rei walk into NERV control with the Rose Bride dress on.

Gendo to Rei: Is there something you wish to tell me?

Rei to Gendo: What do you mean?

Gendo to Rei: What were you doing when Major Katsuragi found you today?

Rei to Gendo: I was at school with Tenjou-san and Arisugawa-sempai.

Gendo to Rei: What were you all doing?

Focus on Rei.

Rei: Dueling.

Focus on Gendo .

Gendo: Dueling?

Back on Rei.

Rei: Yes.

Gendo to Rei: In a dress?

Rei nods, still unphased and distant as ever.

Rei to Gendo: Yes, I was observing them.

Gendo to Rei: I see. I haven't seen you wear that before.

Rei begins walking out of the room.

Rei to Gendo: I've had it for some time.

Switch scenes: Juri is showering. We see first her from the shoulders up under the spray, then we see her silhouette behind the glass with the NERV logo. Elsewhere in the locker room, Asuka is sitting looking like her world has been crushed. She hasn't changed out of her LCL-soaked Ohtori uniform. She just sits there, staring blankly off into space, the water of the shower in the background. After 30 or so seconds, Asuka turns her head and sees an open locker door. Juri's locket is hanging from the hook on the door. Cut briefly back to Juri in the shower. Then back to Asuka. She's holding the locket in her hands. Slowly, she opens it. The shadow peels back to reveal her picture in it. Asuka's eyes go wide. Jagged cut back to the locket. Jagged cut to Asuka's horrified expression. Jagged cut back to the locket. Jagged cut back to Asuka collapsing on the floor in shock. Cut back to Juri. The water in the shower turns off. She walks back out into the locker room wearing a towel. She sees the door to the locker room closing, the sound of someone running following it. Juri takes a few more steps into the locker room, towards the locker she was using. She looks at the locker door, and realizes her pendant is missing.

Switch to Misato and Shinji out on the grounds of the Geo Front watching the recovery crews move the pieces of Unit 02. Shinji has changed clothes.

Misato to Shinji: You didn't stay away. You came back.

Shinji to Misato: I know.

Misato to Shinji: Does this mean you're going to remain the pilot of Unit 01?

Shinji to Misato: With the alternative being leaving all the responsibility on Juri-sempai's shoulders? I don't think she'd let me live if I did that. She was hard enough on me when she wasn't a pilot.

Misato smiles warmly at Shinji's attempt at humor. She hesitantly reaches out, as if wanting to embrace him. He is the one that embraces her.

Misato to Shinji: You don't have to move out.

Shinji to Misato: I don't want to.

They let go of each other.

Misato to Shinji: Where's Utena?

Switch scenes up to the surface. Wakaba is leading Utena back to her dorm room. She is looking at Utena very concerned. Utena looks distant, as though part of her has been taken away.

Shinji (off): She didn't come with me.

Misato (off): Does she still feel the same way?

Shinji (off): I don't know...she wasn't saying anything.

Wakaba has taken her into the dorm room. Utena sits on the bed, clutching a pillow against her. Wakaba sits in a chair, watching her.

Switch to Ritsuko walking down the hallways of NERV. She ducks inside a room, closing the door behind her. Pulling out her phone, she makes a call.

Ritsuko: We almost lost Rei. It is becoming increasingly difficult to protect her. If we hadn't used the Dummy earlier, thus forcing the Eva to reject her now, she would have had to pilot Unit 01. We have a reprieve with the return of Shinji, but...(pause) I'm certain we have been compromised. Major Katsuragi brought Arisugawa into NERV with sword in hand and rose still pinned to her breast. And Rei was still wearing...(pause), I think even the Commander will suspect somethiing's happening with Rei now.(pause) No, the Fourth Children has not returned. (pause) It would also appear that she is no longer the One Engaged.

Ritsuko smiles.

Ritsuko: Thank you, my love.

Switch to Shinji near the elevator in NERV. He is waiting for someone, leaning against the wall. He looks very comfortable at the moment, having fully accepted the responsibility of piloting Unit 01 even if it means working with his father. Soon, Juri walks up. She pauses when she sees Shinji there, then walks over to meet him.

Shinji to Juri: Was it everything you wanted? Piloting Eva?

The two of them get into the elevator. Juri looks deep in thought.

Juri to Shinji: I'm not certain.

Shinji to Juri: Oh?

Juri to Shinji: It was what I longed for. I should be happy. I am happy.

Shinji to Juri: You don't sound that way. You are the pilot of Evangelion Unit 00, like you were promised. The Fifth Children. You are also the One Engaged. What's bothering you?

Juri reaches up instinctively for her locket. But, of course, it isn't there. Shinji watches this, not understanding.

Shinji to Juri: Sempai?

Switch scenes: We are following Misato as she is walking through NERV. She seems determined to get somewhere. She's about to turn a corner, when she hears someone weeping, and sees a trail of LCL. She follows the corridor, the sound getting louder, until she finds Asuka. She has not changed out of her Ohtori uniform just yet, and is sitting on the ground crying. She is clutching Juri's locket in her right hand. We see the chain hanging out of her clenched fingers.

Misato (quietly): Asuka?

Asuka doesn't look at her.

Asuka to Misato: Go away! Get away from me!

Misato doesn't move any closer.

Misato to Asuka: What's wrong, Asuka?

Asuka to Misato: What's wrong? What's wrong? I was useless! I did nothing! I was outdone by someone who never piloted before!!

Misato crouches low, but doesn't approach her.

Misato to Asuka: You held off the Angel without weapons long enough for help to arrive. No one is accusing you of failure. It's alright-

She interrupts.

Asuka to Misato: No, it's not alright! It's not alright! I had to be rescued! Me! Rescued by Shinji and that...that...dyke!

Misato's face freezes momentarily as Asuka uses that word.

Asuka: I'll always be in the shadow of that bitch!

Misato to Asuka: Asuka-

Asuka to Misato: Get away from me! Don't look at me like that! Go back to Kaji-san and leave me alone! I hate you! I hate all of you!

Asuka gets up and runs past Misato. Misato watches her go.

Eyecatcher Screen:

Shin Kakumei Evangelion

Episode XX: Possession

SEELE conference. Instead of having Mikage or Gendo present, it is merely amongst themselves.

Unnamed One: Serious damage to Unit 02. Headquarters partially destroyed.

Unnamed Two: The amount of time and money this cost us is enormous.

Unnamed Three: Three pilots gone...don't forget to include time and materials involved for their training in the total. Unit 03 lost.

Akio: On the positive side, the investment made in retaining the services of Arisugawa Juri has paid off. And yet another Angel was defeated.

Unnamed One: The debacle with the pilot assignments lies entirely within Ikari Gendo's responsibility. The loss of the First and Fourth Children is significant enough, but the Third was nearly amongst those wasted resources.

Unnamed Two: Had more than one Evangelion Unit been active upon the Angel's arrival, this might not have happened. The reliance on the Dummy system was nearly a fatal mistake. Everything was almost lost.

Keel: Perhaps it was a mistake, giving NERV to Ikari Gendo. We shall have to be more mindful in the future.

Unnamed Three: This would not have happened if there was a bell around Ikari's neck.

Akio: A bell exists, but it did not ring.

Unnamed Two: A bell that does not ring serves no purpose.

Keel: We must make certain the bell rings the next time.

Switch scenes: Juri and Shinji are leaving NERV. They are leaving from the main entrance. There aredisaster relief crews working in the streets of Tokyo-3.

Shinji to Juri: In a hurry to leave?

Juri to Shinji: The more time we give Misato-sempai between the duel and when we inevitably have to explain our part in it, the better. So much has happened in the last few hours that it would just make matters worse to try now.

Shinji to Juri: How much does she know?

Juri to Shinji: I don't know. She mentioned End of the World, so she isn't stabbing in the dark.

Rei now appears in front of them. She is carrying a small bag with her. Both Juri and Shinji stop.

Rei to Juri: I've been waiting for you, Arisugawa-sama. I am the Rose Bride. From this moment on, I am your flower.

Shinji to Juri: I...think I'll leave this one to you.

Shinji smiles uneasily at Rei, and walks off. Rei takes a tentative step towards Juri.

Juri to Rei: You're supposed to live with me now, aren't you? Like you did with Utena?

Rei to Juri: Of course, Arisugawa-sama. We are engaged. I am your Bride.

Juri nods slowly.

Juri to Rei: Let us go, then.

The two of them begin walking off. We watch them from behind as they begin to get further away.

Juri to Rei: And Ayanami-kun?

Rei to Juri: Yes?

Juri to Rei: You don't have to call me Arisugawa-sama.

Rei to Juri: Of course, Juri-sama.

Moment of silence.

Juri to Rei: How did I know you were going to say that?

Switch scenes: Back to Utena's dorm room. Wakaba looks worried now.

Wakaba to Utena: Say something! You haven't said a word since we were in the shelter! Utena-sama! Say something! Please! Anything?

Utena turns her head to Wakaba.

Utena (distantly) to Wakaba: I don't have anything to say.

Wakaba to Utena: Why weren't you helping Shinji-kun?

Utena (distantly) to Wakaba: I'm no longer the pilot of Evangelion.

Wakaba to Utena: Neither was Shinji, but he went back when everyone was in danger.

Utena (distantly) to Wakaba: I no longer deserve to pilot Eva.

Wakaba (sternly) to Utena: What are you talking about? I hate seeing you this way! What happened?

Utena to Wakaba: Nothing.

Wakaba to Utena: You're wrong! This isn't right for you! You're a prince! Everyone knows it! Why aren't you acting like one?

Utena to Wakaba: Oh...that...I'm not anyone's prince...I couldn't...I didn't...

Wakaba to Utena: I don't know what you're talking about Tenjou Utena-sama, but something's wrong with you and it's just not right for you to be acting like this.

At that moment, a knock comes on the door. Wakaba gets up, looking at Utena disdainfully, and answers it. As the door opens, we see Touga there.

Switch scenes: Asuka is back at Juri's apartment. She is staring at herself in the mirror in her room. She looks at herself unmoving for a few moments, Juri's locket still in her hand. She looks to the locket once, then back to her reflection. Slowly, she sets the locket down and begins brushing her hair.

Switch scenes: Misato corners Kaji in one of the many rooms of NERV, slamming the door behind her as she enters. Kaji turns around, smiling.

Kaji to Misato: The old saying is correct, in your case. You're never more attractive than when you're upset.

Misato to Kaji: Shut up. I'm not in the mood for your cavalier attitude.

Kaji to Misato: Is the only reason you come to see me recently when you're mad and demanding answers?

Misato to Kaji: If you wouldn't keep things secret, I wouldn't have to be this way with you.

Kaji to Misato: I don't know as much as you think I do.

Misato to Kaji: That remains to be seen. Who is End of the World?

Kaji to Misato: I don't know.

Misato to Kaji: Don't lie to me.

Kaji to Misato: I'm not lying to you, Katsuragi.

Misato to Kaji: Your little plant at Ohtori told me the pilots are receiving letters from End of the World.

Kaji to Misato: Saionji told you that?

Misato nods.

Kaji to Misato: Then you know more than I. You certainly have a way with men, Katsuragi.

Misato to Kaji: Stop flattering me.

Kaji to Misato: I'm being serious. What kind of letters are the pilots receiving?

Misato to Kaji: Invitations. Invitations to participate in a series of duels. The winner of the duels will gain the power to revolutionize the world.

Kaji sits there quiet for a moment. Misato is standing over him, arms crossed. She continues speaking without him answering.

Misato to Kaji: All of it revolves around Ayanami Rei, whom Saionji called the Rose Bride.

Kaji to Misato: That sounds a little faerie tale, Katsuragi. Not what I was expecting to find at Ohtori.

Misato to Kaji: Look who is the doubting one now. Kaji-kun, I watched Tenjou and Arisugawa dueling each other with real blades. Ayanami was there like some prize the two of them were competing for.

Kaji to Misato: Who won?

Misato to Kaji: Juri did.

Kaji to Misato: Does Juri now have the power to revolutionize the world?

Misato to Kaji: Who knows? Until she won the duel, she couldn't so much as make Unit 00 blink in her direction. After the duel, the thing practically sat up and begged to obey her.

Kaji to Misato: It could have just been the stress of seeing Asuka in danger like that. Like Shinji when he rescued Miki, or Utena protecting Shinji. The Eva sensing Juri's need to save someone important to her.

Misato to Kaji: You know about that?

Kaji to Misato: I think you're one of the few people who couldn't see it, Katsuragi.

Misato sighs.

Misato to Kaji: Regardless of whether or not it's real, the pilots believe it is real. Saionji did too. (pause) If you don't know who End of the World is, then who does know?

Kaji to Misato: The Vice-Commander. Remember the photograph.

Misato to Kaji: Mikage-san?

Kaji nods.

Switch to Mikage and Ritsuko supervising the recovery of Unit 02. The main body has been put back into the cooling chambers.

NERV Tech one: Estimation of repair duration is not possible at this time.

NERV Tech two: The Magi stand in disagreement.

NERV Tech one: Re-route data through Melchior and run the protocols again.

Mikage to Ritsuko: Have you made your report?

Ritsuko nods, writing notes on her clipboard as she does.

From a high window, unseen, Gendo observes the two of them.

Switch scenes: Juri and Rei enter Juri's home. Juri turns on the lights and closes the door behind them.

Juri to Rei: Make yourself at home, Ayanami-kun. It will be cramped here with three of us, but you knew that from the time you and Tenjou spent here together.

Rei to Juri: Yes, Juri-sama.

Rei looks around, and eventually simply sits. Juri wanders into her room. Turning on the lights, she finds Asuka there waiting for her. Asuka is dressed well. Very feminine, her hair is done in an attractive way. She is wearing jewelry and a red dress. A rose is pinned to her breast. Superficially, it may appear she is mimicking the attire of the Rose Bride. Juri sees this and stops dead in her tracks. Asuka moves quickly, forcing Juri against the wall and holding her arms on either side of Juri.

Juri (quietly): Asuka?

Asuka (seductive) to Juri: Hush...

Juri can't find it in her to say anything. She's too shocked. Asuka moves in close, like she might kiss her. Juri is caught off guard, she's like a deer in headlights and simply cannot react or stop Asuka at this point. Stopping just before their lips would meet, we hear the sound of a chain unraveling.

Asuka (seductive) to Juri: Does this belong to you?

Pulling back, Asuka is holding Juri's locket in her right hand. Juri sees this and almost breaks.

Juri (meek) to Asuka: You've...seen? You...know?

Asuka (seductive) to Juri: If I had only known earlier, I'd have given you a much better picture.

Asuka runs her hand over Juri's cheek.

Asuka (seductive) to Juri: So beautiful...

Juri (breaking) to Asuka: Asuka...don't tease me...

Asuka (seductive) to Juri: Isn't this what you want, Juri-chan? You, the strong Prince respected and admired by everyone, and me, the Princess you protect and love? The one you rescue?

Juri (almost broken) to Asuka: Asuka...

Asuka closes her eyes and moves into kiss Juri. Juri is on the cusp of being completely seduced when Asuka slaps Juri hard across the face. Juri crumples to the ground. Asuka glares down at Juri, her entire demeanor now harsh and condescending.

Asuka to Juri: You're supposed to be the strongest of us, and look at you now.

Juri sits on the ground stunned.

Asuka to Juri: How could think of me in that way? I will never be a princess in need of rescuing, Arisugawa-san. Least of all, yours.

Asuka places Juri's pendant around her neck, and then rips the rose from her dress. We focus on Juri as the rose falls to the floor next to Juri's hand. We see Asuka from the waist down as she walks out.

Asuka: Tomorrow, in the Arena of Duels, Fifth Children.

Switch angles, we now see Asuka walking out into the living room where Rei is staring at her. Asuka pauses. Neither of them says anything. Asuka turns away and walks out of the apartment. All is quiet for a moment. Then Rei hears the sound of gentle sobbing coming from Juri's room. She wanders to the doorway, and sees Juri holding her hands to her face, weeping. Rei's expression changes...she looks like she wants to comfort Juri, but has no idea how to do it. Once, her hand reaches out to rest on Juri's shoulder, but she pulls it back, and just watches her weep.

Switch to Utena's room. It is the next day. She is waking up in her bed. She opens her eyes to see Touga sleeping in a chair near her bed. He opens one eye, hearing her stir.

Utena to Touga: Did you stay by my side all night?

Touga to Utena: Of course. Your friend was worried about you.

Utena blushes, sitting up.

Utena to Touga: Wakaba put you up to this, then?

Touga to Utena: Don't be silly. I stayed here because I was worried about you.

Utena blushes again.

Switch scenes: It is the next day. Wakaba and Shinji walk into class together. The spots normally occupied by Miki, Kozue, Rei, and Utena are all empty. The only ones there that we recognize are Toji and Kensuke.

Toji: At least you showed up, Ikari-kun.

Shinji to Toji: Oh?

Kensuke to Shinji: Yeah. I've heard that Arisugawa-sempai hasn't appeared either.

Wakaba to Shinji: And I didn't see Asuka like normal...

Toji to Shinji: What happened with all of you yesterday? Must be important if Ayanami, Tenjou, Arisugawa, and Soryu aren't here today. Did you get time out for good behavior, or something?

Switch scenes: Misato and Kaji are waking up in bed together. Misato doesn't show any signs of getting out of bed. Kaji glances at the clock.

Kaji to Misato: You're late.

Misato nods.

Misato to Kaji: Ritsuko will scold me.

Kaji to Misato: What about me?

Misato to Kaji: I hope you aren't about to yell, after last night.

Kaji to Misato: I meant are you still in the mood to scold me?

Misato gets up, taking one of the sheets with her.

Misato to Kaji: Only if you're not more careful in the future. And from this point on, you have to be more honest with me.

Kaji smiles.

Switch scenes: Now in the Dueling Arena. Juri and Rei walk up together. Asuka is already there. Rei fastens roses to both of them. Asuka hold out Juri's pendant, still around her neck. A rapier is in her other hand. Juri's expression is pure steel, nothing less. She seems unmoved.

Asuka to Juri: All this time, I thought you were only being nice to me because you took pity on me for not being your equal. But it was always me that had power over you. Your heart has always been mine.

Juri says nothing.

Asuka to Juri: Don't you have anything to say?

Juri to Asuka: This is the day I don't hold back, Soryu-san.

Asuka frowns.

Asuka to Juri: If you would dare coddle me now...

Rei walks over to Juri. She places her hands over her bosom, the sphere of light emanating.

Rei: Oh roses of the noble castle...power of Dios that sleeps within me...harken unto thy master and reveal to us...

Juri catches Rei and pulls out the Sword of Dios.

Juri: ...the power to bring to the world revolution!

Cue soundtrack "Angelic Creation, Namely Light."

The duel begins. Both duelists strike and parry. Both of them are skilled, and it is seems for the moment that Juri isn't going to cake-walk through this duel. They part, regarding each other defensively.

Juri to Asuka: You did improve while in Germany.

Asuka to Juri: Impressed?

Juri to Asuka: No. Proud.

Asuka frowns, moving forward and re-engaging Juri. They strike and parry again, neither combatant having a clear edge. Asuka is holding her own well against Juri: several times she blocks well-placed strikes only to go on the offense immediately after.

Asuka to Juri: And what about you? We both know you the only reason you can pilot Eva is because of me. Because you were thinking of me at the time.

Rei watches the duel impassively, fully aware that this has absolutely nothing to do with her or the power to revolutionize the world.

Juri to Asuka: What does that have to do with anything?

Asuka to Juri: You're pathetic. I'm always in your thoughts. How many nights did you suffer alone, staring at my picture in secret, terrified to let the world know how you felt? To let me know. Without me, you're nothing!

Juri doesn't respond, and Asuka begins striking madly. Juri parries and blocks each attack.

Asuka to Juri: But you can't be my prince, because you're a girl! could you think of me in that way? How dare you!

Juri to Asuka: I can't help how I feel!

Asuka to Juri: Then you're pathetic!

Juri grits her teeth.

Juri (angry) to Asuka: That might be. I might be weak-

Juri executes a beautiful move out of nowhere, catching Asuka completely by surprise. She takes one of Asuka's hair clips with the tip of the Sword of Dios, then the other one. Then she takes the pendant off of Asuka's throat. It flies into the air. While Asuka is momentarily stunned by how close the blade was to her head and neck, Juri takes Asuka's rose completely off her breast. It slides down the blade of the Sword of Dios. Asuka's eyes follow it, until it comes to rest against the hilt.

Juri to Asuka: -but you will never be my equal.

Juri turns her back on Asuka, as she walks over to Rei, she absently picks up the fallen locket. Rei looks at Juri, and the steel in her expression vanishes. With her back to Asuka now, Juri looks on the verge of falling apart. Rei offers her hand to Juri. Juri looks at Rei, surprised at the gesture, takes the hand, and the two of them walk out together, leaving Asuka behind.

Switch scenes: Asuka has moved back to her dorm room. Wakaba is knocking on Asuka's door.

Wakaba: Soryu-san? Soryu-san, are in there? Asuka? Asuka?

Inside Asuka's room, the knocking continues. Asuka is holding a pillow tightly against her body, burying her head into it. She looks to be weeping, though we can't see her face.

Wakaba (off): Come on, Asuka, it's me, Wakaba! Come out!

Switch scenes: Shinji is knocking on Juri's door.

Shinji: Juri-sempai? Hello, Juri-sempai?

He rings the buzzer. Still no answer.

Inside, Juri is staring out her window. In her hand, she is holding her pendant. She looks at it once, closes her fingers around it, and closes her eyes. In the end, she is still unable to let go of it.

End Credits

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