Shin Kakumei Evangelion

Neon Revolution Evangelion

Episode XXI

Opening Credits

Kaji is flipping through some of the documents that Saionji sent to him. Across from Kaji is Mikage. There is a tea set upon the table. Half-consumed cookies and half-empty cups of tea are there. A folder with other documents is there as well.

Ritsuko walks by on her way to the Control Room. She nods and continues on.

He eventually comes back to the picture of Mikage with Fuyutsuki Kozo. He references that with an even older picture of Mikage. The caption beneath the second photograph is "Professor Nemuro of the Hou'ou City Ohtori Academy." Mikage is wearing glasses in the picture, while he doesn't normally.

Kaji: Nemuro-sensei.

He hands the document to Mikage. Mikage takes it, looks at it, and then smiles and nods.

Black Screen: Hou'ou City.

Student (off): Nemuro-sensei? Nemuro-sensei?

Fade to the past. We aren't given the date of when this flashback occurs. When the picture switches, we see Mikage, with glasses, at the Ohtori Academy, turning as a student approaches him. He is the same age as he is now. Once the student catches up, they walk together. The student wears a Rose Signet.

Student: Nemuro-sensei.

Mikage: Yes? You really don't have to call me Nemuro-sensei. We are about the same age.

Student: But the distinction is important to make.

Mikage: Heh. Is there something I can help you with?

Student: There are wild stories about what the neighboring section of our department is researching. Everything is so secretive.

Mikage: You knew that when you signed the contract with the Academy, however.

Student: Can't you at least give me a hint? Rumors hint at "the power to revolutionize the world," or something like that.

Mikage: Even I don't know anything beyond the rumors.

Switch scenes: Mikage is in a restaurant, sitting alone. The table is made for two. Fuyutsuki Kozo approaches and joins him.

Fuyutsuki to Mikage: Sorry to keep you waiting, Nemuro-sensei.

Mikage to Fuyutsuki: It is no matter, sempai.

Fuyutsuki to Mikage: You look well after so much time. It is good to see you again.

Mikage to Fuyutsuki: And you, as well, my comrade. How is life at the Kyoto University?

Fuyutsuki to Mikage: Much the same, since you graduated. Are you enjoying your first assignment as a full professor?

Mikage to Fuyutsuki: I don't know if teaching at the Ohtori Academy qualifies me as a full professor.

Fuyutsuki to Mikage: Come now. A recommendation from Ohtori can make or break a career. You should not treat it so lightly. Few private academies in the world can claim its prestige, and most educators would drop everything for an opportunity to be among its faculty.

Mikage appears lost in his own thoughts.

Mikage: Perhaps...

Switch scenes: Mikage is working on mathematical theorems at a blackboard. He pauses, overhearing students walking by.

Student 1: So that's Nemuro, eh? The genius? I was expecting something a little more exciting. And he really doesn't know about our current project?

Student 2: It would appear that way. But, he is here at the behest of you-know-who.

Mikage puts the chalk down, listening.

Student 1: And you-know-who never does anything without a reason.

Mikage (off): At that time, though, I had no idea what I was involved in. Or, more importantly, just how important it would turn out to be now. I cared little for the research I was doing, and as a result, it did not progress.

Switch scenes: Kaji is speaking with Mikage. They have moved to a maintenance room, a giant air duct fan spinning slowly behind them.

Mikage to Kaji: Japan had winter back then, you know.

Kaji to Mikage: What changed your mind about it?

Mikage hehs.

Mikage to Kaji: What always changes men's hearts, Kaji-san?

Image of a woman, Chida Tokiko, and her very young brother, Mamiya. Mamiya doesn't look like Tokiko's brother...he looks more like a smaller, feminine version of Akio.

Mikage (off): The love of a woman, and the plight of a sick child, can often melt even the coldest of hearts.

Back to the past. Mikage is working at the blackboard again.

Student 1 (off): The Professor has really thrown himself into his work, hasn't he?

Student 2 (off): The project will soon be nearing completion from what I hear.

Switch to Mamiya and Mikage speaking. It looks like they are in the Ohtori Rose Garden.

Mikage to Mamiya: You should take care of yourself. Shouldn't you be asleep right now?

Mamiya to Mikage: I'm feeling better today. My sister isn't here today.

Mikage to Mamiya: That's fine. Today I came to see you.

Mamiya hands something to Mikage. It looks like a lacquered flower.

Mamiya to Mikage: Do you like it? My sister makes them, you see. When she does this, even the brief life of a rose can be made longer. But I wonder though, if something can be happy that way, having eternity forced upon them.

Mikage to Mamiya: You don't think what your sister and I are doing will succeed?

Mamiya to Mikage: Even if you do, it is no guarantee it will help me. But there is no such thing as eternity in this world, is there?

Switch scenes: Mikage is at his desk at Ohtori. Akio walks in, looking exactly as he does now.

Akio: Still unable to solve that equation, Nemuro-sensei?

Mikage frowns.

Mikage to Akio: Is there something I can help you with? Visitors are not allowed in this area.

Akio to Mikage: There are no visitors here, except you.

He hands Mikage an envelope, the same envelope we've seen the Duelists receive. Mikage opens it, reads, and his eyes go wide.

Akio to Mikage: This is the step your are looking for, what will set everything in motion. That will bring you closer to the power to revolutionizing the world.

Mikage to Akio: This is could you expect me to do such a thing? Besides...even if I am able to grasp eternity...

Akio to Mikage: I suppose you have no choice but to revolutionize the world. The path before you has been prepared.

Akio leaves behind a Rose Signet on the table. Mikage looks at it, then back to the letter.

Switch scenes: We see a building going up in flames, the same building from the photo. Mikage and Mamiya are standing outside it, watching. Tokiko runs up, horrified.

Tokiko to Mamiya: Did you do this? Is it true?

Mamiya to Tokiko: Yes.

Her eyes grow wide, and she looks at the two of them in terror. Then she turns and flees.

Back to the present.

Kaji to Mikage: Why...? All one-hundred students?

Mikage to Kaji: Ancient creatures died, leaving in their wake the means for fuels such as petroleum, and coal. That sort of sacrifice is always needed. Without such a sacrifice, where would mankind be today?

Kaji to Mikage: And...this was acceptable to you?

Mikage to Kaji: For the chance to grasp eternity? The power of miracles? Could you not? How could anyone not?

Back to the past. Fuyutsuki is walking along the grounds of Ohtori. He passes by the burned remains of the building on his walk. Eventually, he comes to Mikage walking with Mamiya. Mikage is now wearing a Rose Signet and no glasses. Fuyutsuki waves to Mikage.

Fuyutsuki to Mikage: Hey, Nemuro-sensei?

Mikage does not turn or react. Fuyutsuki moves over and intercepts them.

Fuyutsuki to Mikage: Nemuro-sensei?

Mikage looks to Fuyutsuki and smiles.

Mikage to Fuyutsuki: I'm sorry. I believe you have mistaken me for my uncle. I am Mikage Souji. I am merely a student here.

Fuyutsuki pauses, considering this.

Fuyutsuki to Mikage: Mikage Souji? Nemuro was your uncle?

Mikage nods.

Mikage to Fuyutsuki: It was largely due to his recommendation that I was allowed to attend this academy. You are Professor Fuyutsuki Kozo, correct? Of the Kyoto University? My uncle spoke fondly of you.

Fuyutsuki to Mikage: Thank you, Mikage-san. Is your uncle around?

Mikage to Fuyutsuki: You mean you haven't heard, then?

Fuyutsuki shakes his head.

Mikage to Fuyutsuki: There was an accident, a fire. My uncle left in grief after so many of his students perished. They are welcoming his replacement today.

Fuyutsuki to Mikage: His replacement is a colleague of mine. I had no idea he was replacing your uncle. I am sorry.

Mikage to Fuyutsuki: Thank you for your concern. It was good to meet you.

Fuyutsuki turns to leave. When Mikage speaks, Fuyutsuki waits.

Mikage to Fuyutsuki: Professor? I have some new ideas regarding my uncle's research. If you don't mind, I would like to share them with you.

Switch to Kaji and Mikage.

Mikage to Kaji: Which is how I kept in touch with the good professor throughout the years, and why he came to me when everything began.

Kaji to Mikage: What happened to Mamiya?

Mikage frowns.

Mikage to Kaji: If you are unable to grasp eternity, all flowers will eventually fade from this world. And illusions that we create for ourselves, no matter how powerful, cannot change this fact. But before that happened, I was introduced to someone quite amazing.

Black screen: 1999, Kyoto University

Mikage walks along on the Kyoto campus. He enters a building, walks through the hallways, and comes to Fuyutsuki's office. He knocks on the door.

Fuyutsuki (off): Come in.

Mikage enters the room. Inside we see an older looking Fuyutsuki, speaking with a student who looks slightly older than Mikage. This is the first time, save for Rei's flashback, that we see Ikari Yui.

Fuyutsuki to Mikage: Oh, Mikage-sensei! I'm glad you could make it.

He indicates to Yui.

Fuyutsuki: Mikage-sensei, this is Ikari Yui-kun, the student I wanted you to meet. Ikari-kun, this is Mikage Souji, a recent addition to the faculty at the Ohtori Academy in Hou'ou City.

Mikage to Yui: I am honored.

Yui to Mikage: No, it is I that am honored. You are the nephew of Nemuro-sensei, correct? The genius who vanished after...?

Yui pauses, not wanting to bring that up. She changes the subject.

Yui to Mikage: Apparently, it runs in the family. You are young for a professor.

Mikage to Yui: You are kind.

Fuyutsuki to Mikage: Ikari-kun has been doing groundbreaking research into the field of biotechnology. I wanted you to consider her work.

Mikage (off): So I, too, was there before the formation of GEHIRN by SEELE. I met the Commander through Ikari when he was Rokubungi Gendo, before his marriage and change of surname. But none of this was remotely interesting to me until what happened next.

Back to Kaji and Mikage.

Kaji to Mikage: What did happen next?

Mikage to Kaji: What do you think happened?

Black screen: 2000

Switch to an image of the Second Impact occurring. Switch to the Ohtori Rose Garden, still in Hou'ou City. Himemiya Anthy is watering the roses there. Cut to the Second Impact. Her eyes begin to grow. Cut back to the Second Impact. Anthy drops the watering pitcher. Back to the Second Impact. Anthy falls onto all fours. She kneels up, clutching her heart and screaming. Interpose images of the Second Impact with the image of Anthy being speared by the Swords of the World's Hate.

Switch scenes: Anthy has her hair down, is wearing only a robe, and is standing on the balcony of the Chairman's Tower. She appears to be ready to jump. Akio is there, a few feet away, holding out his hand to her.

Akio to Anthy: Don't do this! Not now!

Anthy to Akio: You don't understand! I feel it! I feel all of it! I can't bear it, I can't! I can't!

Akio to Anthy: We are so close now!

Anthy to Akio: How many times have I heard you say that? In each series of duels the result is always the same! The gates of night never open for you, regardless of which Prince it is. They never will!

Akio to Anthy: Am I not your Prince, Anthy? Have you no more trust in me?

Anthy looks at Akio sadly.

Anthy to Akio: You have said it yourself, my brother...long ago you stopped being the Prince. The power of Dios became sealed when you...became...the End of the World...

Akio's eyes widen.

Akio to Anthy: Don't...don't leave me here like this,'s not too late...

Anthy to Akio: I can't wait any longer...there are powers in the world at work now other than yours...the world's hate grows...and I am the one who must endure it...and's too much...I'm sorry...

Anthy steps backward, and falls.

Akio rushes to the edge, but cannot catch her. Anthy falls all the way to bottom.

Akio: Anthy! ANTHY!

Switch scenes: Mikage is approaching Akio. We are in the Chairman's tower, the same room where we have seen Akio give his monologues. Akio sits in a chair, desolate. Mikage has his arms folded, back to Akio.

Mikage to Akio: So...Mamiya died long ago...and you've been deceiving me ever since. You and your sister. Kept me here as some little pawn in your drama. Years have I spent here, waiting for the opportunity to grasp eternity. I, who set everything in motion for you how many years ago, only to be told now that it is hopeless. That everything depended upon your sister...who made me believe that Mamiya...

Image of Mamiya looking in the mirror, and Anthy is reflected back.

Mikage's hand clenches into a fist. Akio looks up.

Akio to Mikage: Hopeless? Not just yet. I've not ignored those you've kept in contact with over the years, Nemuro-san. I want you to tell me about the work of Ikari Yui.

Eyecatcher Screen:

Shin Kakumei Evangelion

Episode XXI: And the Gates of Night Open

Black screen: South Pole Observation Vessel, 2002

Begin with a large ship sailing towards Antarctica, then cut to a room with Mikage and Fuyutsuki sitting together at a table. They are passing photos back and forth between each other. Mikage is no longer wearing the Rose Signet.

Mikage to Fuyutsuki: No, everything in Hou'ou City is now covered in the flooding but the Academy. The designers had the forethought to build it up the highest point, and thus it survives. For whatever good that does. A school without students is meaningless.

Fuyutsuki to Mikage: But the flooding need never have happened.

Mikage to Fuyutsuki: That's what this committee is here to investigate, isn't it? Thank you for nominating me as one of your assistants.

Fuyutsuki to Mikage: Your name was at the top of a very short list.

Mikage to Fuyutsuki: You didn't choose Yui-kun?

Fuyutsuki grimaces slightly.

Mikage (off): Ikari wasn't available. She was home with her new child. And further more, Fuyutsuki believed that Yui was somehow involved. He'd been doing research on his own, prior to inviting me in. And the people who had long funded Ikari Yui's projects, the organization SEELE, were controlling the committee tightly.

Switch scenes: Fuyutsuki and Mikage are looking to a room, a white room with padded walls. Inside is a very young Misato.

Mikage to Fuyutsuki: Who is that girl? She's a little young to be here isn't she?

Fuyutsuki to Mikage: That's Professor Katsuragi's daughter. The only survivor of the Katsuragi investigation. Her body has long since healed, but her mind...she hasn't spoken a word since that day.

Mikage to Fuyutsuki: The wounds of the mind take far longer to heal.

Fuyutsuki to Mikage: Of course...

Mikage (off): All the dead ends. The official story was that a meteor struck Antarctica. But there was data that did not follow that explanation, and we kept looking.

Back to Mikage and Kaji.

Mikage to Kaji: And data can be bought, particularly when it was he that did the haggling.

Kaji to Mikage: He?

Mikage to Kaji: End of the World.

Switch to a tape being played. It is of the installation at the South Pole previous to the Second Impact. The date is 08-15-00. The focus is not clear, but it seems to be a break room. There's a large "No Smoking" sign on the wall. We hear a few voices on it, but see no one.

Voice 1: Sē? Katsuragi-sensei's Super Solenoid theory?

Voice 2: It's the most logical reason to explain the source of the creature's energy.

Voice3: The only way, actually.

Voice 4 (quiet): Isn't Ikari's team scheduled to leave the 11th of next month?

Voice 1: It's still too far-fetched for me.

Voice 2: It's already been proven, however. Even if it was proven only by accident.

Voice 1: I cannot accept that explanation without more data.

Voice 3: Is the Spear of Longinus ready?

Voice 2: It's en route after being uncovered in the Dead Sea.

Voice 3: Right on time for contact experiment scheduled on the 13th of next month.

The tape switches, we now see the guts of the installation. There is no date on the timer, only the time moving forward from 00:30. Again, we see no people.

Voice 4: Attention! All non-essential personal proceed to the emergency shelters immediately! Attention! All non-essential personal proceed to the emergency shelters immediately!

Voice 5: The anticipated limits have been surpassed!

Voice 6: Pull back the Spear!

Voice 7: It's sinking!

Voice 5: Do anything necessary to contain the damage!

Tape switches again. Different view of the interior of the installation. Mostly piping and wiring. The counter on the tape is now 00:58. Everything in view is shaking.

Voice 5: Adam has already begun assimilating the DNA from the contact!

Voice 6: The AT-Field is expanding! We can't maintain distance!

We now see Adam, a great giant of white light, move into the picture through the piping. The tape goes completely to static, followed by a blue screen with a United Nations Top Secret warning. The scene switches to a photograph of Adam just before the tape ends. Mikage is holding it. Fuyutsuki and Mikage are sitting opposite Gendo in an office.

Black Screen: Hakone, 2003. Artifical Evolution Labs

Fuyutsuki to Gendo: Why are you covering up the existence of the giant? You knew the Second Impact was going to occur, didn't you? With all the details of the Katsuragi expedition with you, you left one day before it happened.

Gendo: I didn't expect that such materials would survive the destruction.

Mikage to Gendo: There must be some greater reason this occurred. Surely this was no accident.

Gendo looks at Mikage curiously, and Mikage nods knowingly. Gendo smirks.

Fuyutsuki to Gendo: Whatever the reason, it cannot justify what has happened to the world. I will release the truth about SEELE, the Second Impact, and the giant of light.

Gendo to Fuyutsuki: As you wish. Before you do, I would like to show you one final thing.

Switch to Mikage, Gendo, and Fuyutsuki are riding the train down to the Geo-Front. Through the windows, we can see NERV HQ under construction. Fuyutsuki looks in awe, but Gendo and Mikage look back to each other.

Mikage (off): But I had secrets I was keeping from the professor even then. Officially, I was there to shadow him, and keep him from doing anything rash.

Back to Kaji and Mikage.

Mikage to Kaji: I already knew of the Geo-Front, the great spherical area underground that someone left for humanity to find. I knew who was involved with Project E. He had recruited most of them. I knew what they were creating beneath the earth. I had a hand in it, of course.

Mikage smiles.

Mikage to Kaji: You see, by investigating the Second Impact, he had drawn SEELE's attention.

Black Screen: Tokyo-2, 2002

Switch scenes: We see Keel Lorentz (without his cybernetics), waiting atop a skyscraper in Tokyo-2. He is supporting himself on a cane. Akio walks in behind him. Keel turns. There is no one there but the two of them.

Keel: You are the one who has been prying into matters that are not your concern. Ohtori Akio.

Akio: I am.

Keel to Akio: You have become quite a threat to us, Ohtori-san. Your meddlesome investigation threatens untold years of preparation.

Akio to Keel: I am not here to make threats, Keel-san.

Keel to Akio: You know who I am, then. You are truly dangerous, as we have suspected.

Akio to Keel: I am not the enemy of SEELE.

Keel to Akio: No?

Akio to Keel: No. I am here to make you a proposal.

Switch a photograph of SEELE making the official press release of the origin of the Second Impact. Keel is there, along with the three unnamed men from the committee meetings. Akio stands with them. We slowly focus onto Akio as Mikage speaks.

Mikage (off): Countless scientists and researchers had graduated from Ohtori over the years. Brilliant men and women that heeded his call. A design staff unlike any other that had been assembled before. Project E. And in return, SEELE took him into the fold.

Switch scene: Doors open, Mikage, Gendo, and Fuyutsuki step out into the under-construction NERV HQ. A woman sits at a massive computer set-up. This is Akagi Naoko, Ritsuko's mother. Upon hearing footsteps, she spins in her chair to greet her visitors.

Fuyutsuki: Akagi-san? You are here too?

Naoko to Fuyutsuki: Yes, this is the best place to research the principles of the bio-computer, which I am helping to create.

Fuyutsuki to Gendo: This is not what you brought me here to see.

Naoko to Fuyutsuki: No, that is this way.

She turns to face a younger Ritsuko. Ritsuko at this age is an older schoolgirl, but still not in college yet. She hasn't begun dyeing her hair, and thus it is dark instead of blonde.

Naoko to Ritsuko: Ritsuko, I'll be back shortly.

Switch to a massive panning shot of what looks like the uncompleted head of Evangelion Unit 00. The massive lens that serves as its eye isn't there, only the smaller optics that would operate behind it. Panning down, we see this isn't an Eva at all, merely the beginnings of one. There are nerve cables trailing out everywhere from it, and a very large bone spine descending from the base of the head.

Fuyutsuki: Is this...that giant?

Naoko: We of GEHIRN call that object Adam. This is different. The Adam created by man, Eva.

Gendo: The project to revive Adam. We call this Evangelion Unit 00.

Gendo to Fuyutsuki: Fuyutsuki-sensei, come build a new era of humanity with us.

Switch to present day: Misato is looking through NERV, trying to find someone. Eventually she runs into Ritsuko.

Misato to Ritsuko: Have you seen Kaji today?

Ritsuko to Misato: Not since this morning, no. He and the Vice-Commander were having tea earlier. I believe they had matters to discuss.

Misato stiffens and bolts.

Ritsuko: Misato?

Back to Kaji and Mikage.

Kaji to Mikage: Something's being left out. Why did he want to become part of all of this?

Mikage smiles. Kaji is sweating a little. He looks uncomfortable.

Black screen: Hakone, 2004.

A very young Shinji is looking at the window of the testing room. Fuyutsuki and Mikage watch him, with Gendo and Naoko in the back. As we pull back, we get a brief glimpse of what was on the other side of the window: a still under-construction Evangelion Unit 01. The head armor isn't in place, so we see its teeth, its real teeth, and it has massive blinders over the eyes.

Fuyutsuki: What is a child doing here?

Naoko: It's the Commander's child.

Fuyutsuki: Ikari, this is not a day care.

Yui (off): I'm sorry, Fuyutsuki-sensei. I brought him here.

Fuyutsuki to Yui (off): But Yui-kun, today is your experiment...

Yui (off): I know. That's why he is here. I want to show him humanity's shining future.

Focus on Mikage.

Mikage (off): Those were the final words she ever spoke. An accident with the synch-experiment eliminated her from this world. It is almost ironic that her death would provide the catalyst for what I was there for.

Kaji (off): Heh. Such sacrifices are always required, isn't that what you said?

Switch to Akio and Mikage. Around them, Tokyo-3 is being constructed. The Ohtori Academy is being rebuilt in the foreground.

Akio to Mikage: The Third Tokyo City. A veritable fortress, meant to intercept the opposition...

Mikage to Akio: Ikari has presented the Human Revolutionary Project to the committee.

Akio to Mikage: I know. I have read it. The means for humanity to become a god.

Mikage to Akio: Become a god, nothing. A means for him to be reunited with Yui. An act of desparation.

Akio to Mikage: Is that so unlike your own intentions?

Mikage is silent for a moment.

Mikage to Akio: We are almost ready to begin. With Yui's death, my project has been advanced.

Akio to Mikage: We have a tight schedule now, Nemuro-kun. This must be completed before the Human Revolutionary Project.

Mikage to Akio: I understand.

Akio to Mikage: SEELE seeks to revolutionize the world. Not in the same fashion as us, but a revolution nonetheless. If they succeed before us, everything has been for naught.

Mikage (off): Everything was ready. The only loose end needed to be trimmed.

Switch to Mikage and Fuyutsuki having tea together. They eat their cookies and drink the tea in silence. When they are finished, Fuyutsuki looks up.

Fuyutsuki to Mikage: Today, it happens.

Mikage to Fuyutsuki: I know. The culmination of all our work. Ours, and Yui's.

They rise, and walk down a few hallways until they reach an area labeled Artificial Evolution Lab. They go inside. Mikage sits down at a computer. He begins pulling up files and data.

Mikage to Fuyutsuki: I want to tell you a story, sensei. Long ago, all women in the world were princesses. And all was right, because the Rose Prince was there to protect them. The world was filled with light because of the Prince. But one day, the Prince was tricked into believing all the light in the world was going to be stolen by a witch. The light of the world, that which shines, the power of miracles...and he raced off to her castle to stop her. But the witch had set a trap for him.

The screen Mikage is working on now reads: "Artificial Evolution Experiment: Ayanami Rei. DNA combination sequencing...beginning calculation...base genetic material...Ikari Yui."

Fuyutsuki: Rei...the product of Ikari's hope and our despair. Go on...

Mikage to Fuyutsuki: The Prince, you see, was the light. And the witch who had set the trap for him was his own sister. His sister, you see, could never be his princess. And girls that cannot be princesses have no choice but to become witches. The Gates of Night closed with the Prince imprisoned, and darkness fell upon the world. The witch continued roamed the earth to modern times.

Fuyutsuki to Mikage: That's an...odd story to tell me, now, of all occasions. What does this have to do with anything?

Mikage to Fuyutsuki: Have you ever created a witch, before, sensei?

Mikage makes some adjustments on his terminal, and the screen reconfigures: "Sequencing halted, reconfiguring percentage for addition of new human genetic material: Himemiya Anthy."

Fuyutsuki to Mikage: What are you doing?

Mikage types "Execute," and the project begins. Lights begin turning on, motors hum. He rises to face Fuyutsuki.

Mikage to Fuyutsuki: Without the Rose Bride, the Gates of Night cannot open to return the light to the world. But the actions of man, the Second Impact, erased her from this existence. SEELE wishes to create a new god...I merely seek to return an old one to life...

Fuyutsuki to Mikage: What insanity are you speaking of? Who is Himemiya Anthy, Mikage-san?

Mikage to Fuyutsuki: The sister of the Rose Prince, my dear sempai. But Mikage is not my name.

Fuyutsuki's eyes grow wide. He begins backing up, but seems to be weakening.

Fuyutsuki: Nemuro-sensei? But haven't aged a day...

Mikage smiles.

Mikage to Fuyutsuki: Another story, sempai. Have you ever heard of Cantarella?

Fuyutsuki shakes his head, now supporting himself on one of the tables.

Mikage to Fuyutsuki: It's the name of a deadly poison the Italian Borgia family used in the past.

Mikage smiles.

Mikage to Fuyutsuki: Did you enjoy the cookies I prepared for tea, sempai?

Fuyutsuki's eyes get wider, and then he collapses.

Switch scenes: Misato is racing through NERV now. She hears muffled voices, and turns down a corridor.

Switch scenes: Fuyutsuki's funeral. Gendo and Mikage are facing each other as the crowd begins to depart.

Gendo to Mikage: A tragedy...Yui respected him like no other. Even I, whom he had no love towards, mourn his passing.

Mikage to Gendo: As do I. I am thankful that he felt little or no pain, or so the doctors have told me.

Gendo to Mikage: Yes.

They begin walking off.

Gendo to Mikage: You wish to continue his work?

Mikage to Gendo: Of course. It's the least I can do.

Back to Mikage and Kaji.

Kaji to Mikage: So that's it...all of this led to the creation of Rei. That's why you've been protecting her.

Mikage to Kaji: Yes. The Rose Bride cannot be risked.

A slight pause.

Kaji to Mikage: Am I a risk now, Nemuro-sensei?

Another moment of silence.

Mikage to Kaji: Did you enjoy the cookies I prepared for tea, earlier, Kaji-kun?

Mikage raises a pistol to Kaji and points it in his direction. Kaji, sensing what's about to happen, chuckles and smiles.

Kaji to Mikage: No Cantarella for me, then.

Mikage to Kaji: You've been spying on us for the Japanese government. Thus far we've overlooked it. But you couldn't stay away from Amsterdam, could you?

Kaji nods.

Mikage to Kaji: You met Tokiko, there, didn't you?

Kaji nods again.

Mikage to Kaji: Do you remember her warning?

Kaji to Mikage: She said it was dangerous to draw the attention of End of the World.

Mikage cocks the hammer of his pistol.

He aims.


Mikage drops his pistol, then falls forward. His body slams against the ground. Misato is behind him, out of breath, her pistol drawn and smoking.

Kaji is honestly shocked to see Misato there, more surprised that he is still alive.

Misato to Kaji: I thought we agreed no more secrets?

Kaji to Misato: I'm sorry, Katsuragi.

Misato to Kaji: You should go. Now. And hide until this is all over.

Kaji begins to say something, but Misato stops him.

Misato: Go.

Kaji smirks, and looks down.

Kaji to Misato: The truth is with you, Mi-chan. Go forward...don't hesitate.

He leaves. Misato is left there, looking down at Mikage's body. End with blood rolling down the floor and pooling around Mikage's pistol.

End Credits

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