Shin Kakumei Evangelion

Neon Revolution Evangelion

Episode XXII

Opening Credits

We see a woman walking down the corridors of NERV. She is wearing a NERV uniform. From its cut, it looks like a female version of the one Mikage wore. A Vice-Commander's uniform. We see her from the shoulders down. A few of the people that pass her turn and watch her go by.

Hyuga (off): Can you believe the news?

Cut to the control room. Shigeru, Hyuga, and Maya are speaking amongst themselves.

Maya: The Vice-Commander was a spy? Working for End of the World?

Shigeru: And End of the World works independently of the United Nations?

Back to the woman walking through NERV. We now see her from behind, shoulders down as she walks. People are still looking at her curiously.

Back to the control room.

Hyuga: The Commander has decreed that no further contact be allowed between NERV and End of the World.

Maya: But without End of the World, how will the pilots be located? Rumor has it that construction has begun on Evangelions up through Unit 13 throughout the world.

Shigeru: From this point on, all of the pilots will be directly selected by the council. They've already assigned a task force to find the Sixth Children.

The doors to the control room open, and the three of them look nervous and stand up.

Shigeru: Wel...welcome, Vice-Commander.

Pan up from the floor on the woman wearing the Vice-Commander's uniform. It is Ritsuko.

Maya: Con...congratulations on your promotion, sempai.

Ritsuko does not look comfortable being in charge like this, and she nods hesitantly to the three of them.

Switch scenes. Misato and Juri are in another portion of NERV. Juri is leaning against the wall with her arms crossed, looking irritated. Misato stands near her like she is interrogating her.

Misato to Juri: Who is End of the World?

Juri to Misato: I told you, I don't know.

Misato to Juri: You're the One Engaged, aren't you? You've been receiving letters from him, haven't you?

Juri looks up, curious.

Juri to Misato: End of the World is a person?

Misato pauses. Obviously, she expected that Juri knew this already.

Misato to Juri: I want you to stop competing in these duels. All of you. You, Shinji, Asuka, and Utena.

Juri frowns.

Juri to Misato: No.

Misato to Juri: No?

Juri to Misato: No. You have no right to ask that of us.

Misato to Juri: End of the World cannot be trusted, Juri-chan. None of you have any idea what you're getting into.

Juri to Misato: And you have no idea what you're asking us to give up.

Misato to Juri: The power of miracles?

Juri frowns again.

Juri to Misato: You haven't seen what we have seen.

Misato to Juri: Then show me.

Juri to Misato: I can't. You weren't invited. I haven't been given the permission.

Misato to Juri: It's your choice. Either show me, or I can keep you here under guard.

Juri looks down, but doesn't answer. She changes the subject, looking back up and giving Misato her intense expression.

Juri to Misato: Why wasn't Kozue given to me to train?

Misato to Juri: What?

Juri to Misato: According to everything I've heard, Kozue's selection as the pilot of Evangelion Unit 03 was known to some within NERV since before Miki came out of his coma. Why wasn't she given to me to instruct as a duelist?

Misato tilts her head.

Juri to Misato: Why wasn't she given the same training as the other pilots? Why was her selection kept a secret?

Misato to Juri: ...I don't know.

Juri to Misato: All of the pilots chosen by End of the World, including me, were trained as duelists so that we could compete to be the One Engaged. Except Kozue.

Misato to Juri: Unless Kozue was never intended to be a duelist...

Juri to Misato: Who knew that she was selected?

Switch back to Ritsuko in the Control Center. As the normal routine of the day goes, she looks very preoccupied with her own thoughts.

Black Screen: 2005, Tokyo-2. University of Tokyo-2

A younger Ritsuko is attending college. She is speaking with a younger Misato, though we can't hear their words. Only Ritsuko's voice over as we watch them. They are having lunch together.

Ritsuko (off): Mother, the other afternoon I met a girl named Katsuragi. Most people only glare at me from a distance. The reputation of your name keeps them at bay. This one is different. She's very open, even with me. I've heard she is the only survivor of the investigation commission. Once, it seems, she was aphasiac, but she is quite talkative now, as though attempting to make up for time lost in silence.

Switch to Akagi Naoko at GEHIRN HQ working at her terminal.

Naoko (off): Rit-chan, I am growing weary of the provided lunches here. Above us, the construction of the third Tokyo city has begun, in accordance with the second capital transfer plan.

Image of a drawing: Misato, Kaji, and Ritsuko are together.

Ritsuko (off): For a couple of days, Misato was absent from school. I finally got her to reveal why. She had been in bed for an entire week with her boyfriend. What an idiot, though I am happy to see another side of her. She introduced me to him the other day. He's handsome, though I'm not used to his frivolous nature.

Back to Naoko at GEHIRN.

Naoko (off): You've been afraid of boys for a long time, Rit-chan. I'm sorry. I am to blame for this, never giving you a father, and I've only been your mother when I've wished to be. I'm sorry.

Black screen: 2008

Back to a slightly older Ritsuko. She is wandering through the uncompleted hallways of GEHIRN. She is dressed in her technician's coat. A security guard approaches her, and she shows him her ID.

Ritsuko (off): Mother, congratulations on the completion of the basic Magi theory. I too, have good news. I have been accepted into GEHIRN, in the Technology Development Section.

Ritsuko has wandered into the Control Center. It's mostly finished. She is standing at the high point where Gendo normally is. Below, she sees Naoko and Gendo together. Switch angles and focus on them.

Naoko to Gendo: Are you feeling alright?

Gendo to Naoko: I don't have regrets about my job.

Naoko to Gendo: Liar! You still remember Yui. But, I am fine with that.

She leans over, and the two of them kiss.

Black screen: 2010

Gendo is standing with a very young Rei, showing her the Geo Front below.

Gendo to Rei: This is GEHIRN Headquarters.

Naoko and Ritsuko walk in.

Naoko to Gendo: Good morning, Commander. Did you bring your son with you today?

She pauses, seeing Rei.

Naoko to Gendo: Oh...but wasn't it a son?

Gendo to Naoko: This is not Shinji. I'm taking care of an acquaintance's child. This is Ayanami Rei.

Naoko freezes, looking at Rei.

Naoko (thought): I've seen that face before...Yui?

Switch scenes. In the present, Touga and Utena are walking together at Ohtori. Utena still looks down.

Touga to Utena: Come now, what has you so blue?

Utena to Touga: It's hard...hard to explain.

Touga to Utena: Do you regret your decision to quit being a pilot?

Utena to Touga: That's part of it, I suppose...guilt...

Touga to Utena: Oh, I see.

He smiles comfortingly.

Touga to Utena: Feel no guilt, then. From word going around, a new pilot helped Ikari-kun and Soryu-kun stop the last attack. So you are not letting anyone down.

Utena looks up.

Utena to Touga: A new pilot for Unit 00?

Touga nods.

Touga to Utena: Your friend, Arisugawa, piloted Unit 00, if Ikari's words are true.

Utena looks pleasantly surprised.

Utena to Touga: Juri? Juri piloted Unit 00?

Touga nods.

Touga to Utena: This is good news, then?

Utena nods.

Utena to Touga: I'm happy for her. It was what she wanted.

Touga pauses, looking at Utena, then smiling. Utena pauses, realizing this.

Utena to Touga: What?

Touga to Utena: Nothing. Just realizing how beautiful you were in that moment of happiness. It has been a rare sight of late.

Utena blushes, and looks away. Looking away, she sees the Rose Garden. In the Rose Garden is Rei, watering the roses. Utena stares in that direction for a few seconds.

Utena to Touga: I'm sorry, excuse me one moment.

Touga looks over, seeing Rei, and nods.

Touga to Utena: Of course.

Utena walks to the Rose Garden, goes in, and walks up to Rei. Rei stops watering as Utena reaches her.

Utena to Rei: Ayanami...

Rei to Utena: Tenjou-sama.

Even no longer engaged, Rei still uses -sama towards Utena. Utena pauses uncertainly.

Utena to Rei: I...I was you've been?

Rei to Utena: Fine. And you?

Utena to Rei: I've been doing fine, too.

Rei resumes watering the flowers.

Rei to Utena: That is good. Is there something you wanted?

Utena pauses.

Utena to Rei: Are you...happy...with Juri?

Rei to Utena: What do you mean?

Utena to Rei: I mean...she doesn't treat you like, some prize, does she? The two of you are friends, right?

Rei to Utena: I am her rightful prize, Tenjou-san. She won me from you. We are engaged.

Utena's fist clenches briefly at hearing Rei say that.

Utena to Rei: You' object, Ayanami.

Rei straightens, setting down the pitcher. Her expression darkens, then she turns around and slaps Utena. Utena holds her reddening cheek in shock. Despite this sudden violent action, Rei speaks in same disconcertingly calm voice she always uses.

Rei to Utena: I am the Rose Bride. I never asked you to rescue me from that position.

Utena to Rei: But...

Rei to Utena: If you did not wish to be the One Engaged, you should have never challenged Soryu-san.

Utena to Rei: I was only trying to be...

Rei to Utena: A prince will walk beside the princess as her destiny unfolds, not keep her in a cage to prevent it from coming to fruition.

Rei picks up the pitcher and walks out. Utena stands there, wounded and stunned at what has just occurred.

Switch to Ritsuko in NERV. As she is walking through the corridors, she passes Juri being escorted by three armed guards. Ritsuko stops one of the guards.

Ritsuko: What is this?

Guard: By order of the Director of Operations, Vice-Commander. The Fifth Children is to be kept under surveillance at all times. The Director has reason to believe the Fifth Children might be in danger from End of the World.

Ritsuko hesitates, then nods. The guard leaves to catch up with the others. Ritsuko continues walking until she reaches Gendo's office, where he is waiting for her.

Gendo to Ritsuko: Dr. Akagi.

Ritsuko to Gendo: Commander.

Gendo to Ritsuko: Have you noticed any odd behavior in Rei recently?

Ritsuko to Gendo: Only that which could be called healthy.

Gendo to Ritsuko: Oh?

Ritsuko nods, smiling.

Ritsuko to Gendo: Yes, she has friends now.

Gendo looks hesitant.

Gendo to Ritsuko: I see.

Ritsuko tilts her head curiously.

Ritsuko to Gendo: Something wrong?

Gendo to Ritsuko: She said she was observing the pilots duel.

Ritsuko to Gendo: Does this bother you? Considering that she was supposed to be one of them, it’s not surprising that it is them she turns to for companionship. Taking part in their activities probably makes her feel as though she is connected to something.

Gendo to Ritsuko: She’s never seemed to need such things before.

Ritsuko to Gendo: I wasn’t aware you cared about her or the pilots.

Gendo doesn’t reply.

Ritsuko to Gendo: Were you even aware that your son now has not only a close circle of friends, but his first girlfriend?

Gendo’s eyes narrow.

Gendo (darkly): Yes.

An uncomfortable pause.

Ritsuko to Gendo: One can only be isolated for so long before they seek out another.

Gendo turns his back to her .

Gendo to Ritsuko: That will be all.

Ritsuko pauses, but seeing that this conversation is over, nods and walks out.

Black Screen: 2010.

Naoko is sitting at the seat normally occupied by Maya in the Control Center. She is looking out at the three finished Magi computers. In the background, a door opens. Naoko turns to see the young Rei.

Naoko to Rei: Do you have something you wish to ask me, Rei-chan?

Rei to Naoko: I've lost my way.

Naoko to Rei: Oh. Then let's leave together.

Rei to Naoko: No need.

Naoko to Rei: Can you find your way back alone?

Rei to Naoko: This is not your concern, you hag.

Naoko stiffens.

Naoko to Rei: What?

Rei to Naoko: I can go by myself. Leave me alone, hag.

Naoko darkens.

Naoko to Rei: You shouldn't call someone a hag.

Rei to Naoko: You are a hag, though, aren't you?

Naoko to Rei: You're angering me. I will have the Commander scold you.

Rei to Naoko: But it is the Commander who calls you this. That hag is stubborn and now useless. That hag is stubborn and now useless. That hag is stubborn and now useless. That hag is stubborn and now useless.

Switch angles. Naoko is choking the life out of the young Rei.

Naoko (thought): You are useless, because even if you die, there are substitutes for you. Like me...

Rei goes limp. Naoko drops the lifeless body in shock.

Switch angles: Panning shot of the Control Center from top to bottom. On one of the Magi bases, there is the outline of human body in tape, with blood everywhere.

Ritsuko (off): Misato had joined GEHIRN Third Branch in Germany, and was returning to Japan. But the Human Revolutionary Committee, chaired by Keel Lorentz, dissolved the research organization GEHIRN. To carry out the whole of the project, the special institute NERV was established in its place. And we all moved to NERV, except for one of us. Mother...

Eyecatcher Screen:

Shin Kakumei Evangelion

Episode XXII: Spectre of the Past, Vision of the Future

Black Screen: 2010

Switch scenes. Ritsuko is crying in a corner of the Control Center.

Ritsuko (sobbing): Mother...forgive me...for having these thoughts...

Voice: What thoughts?

Ritsuko looks up.

Ritsuko: Who...who's there?

Voice (more insistent): What thoughts?

Ritsuko (sobbing): Mother...fell in love with the Commander after Yui-san's death...and now...I...have these feelings...

Voice (more insistent): Deeper, go deeper.

Ritsuko (sobbing): I've been jealous of her the whole time. Seeing her together with him. And now she's gone...and I want...I want...

Voice: Go on.

Ritsuko (sobbing): I know he'll break me like he did you! But I don't care! I want this! But I know it's wrong! Why can't I be better than this? Must I be like you, mother, even until the end?

Mikage steps out of the shadows. He places on hand on Ritsuko's shoulder.

Mikage to Ritsuko: I suppose you have no choice but to revolutionize the world. Come, the way before you has been prepared.

Ritsuko looks up, wiping her eyes.

They are now walking outside of NERV. Mikage pauses, holding Ritsuko back.

Ritsuko to Mikage: What?

Mikage to Ritsuko: Shsh. Can you hear it?

Ritsuko listens.

Ritsuko to Mikage: Hear what?

A car engine throttles.

Mikage to Ritsuko: So long as your soul hasn't given up hope entirely, you should be able to hear it...this sound...running about the ends of the world...

A slick red-convertible automobile pulls up. Inside, we see Akio. His hair is free from its normal ponytail, and he's dressed in what appears to be the same outfit as the Prince from Utena's Prince flashback. Ritsuko, innocent as she still was back in 2010, tilts her head curiously at him.

Switch views, all three of them are riding in the car now. It is speeding quickly down the road. Ritsuko sits in the back.

Ritsuko: Where are we going? Who...who are you?

Akio to Ritsuko: The Ends of the World, I will show to you...

Switch scenes: Akio is stepping behind Ritsuko. Cut to Ritsuko in the present. Akio is kissing Ritsuko's neck. Back to Ritsuko in the present. Akio and Ritsuko are actually kissing now. Back to Ritsuko in the present, closer on her face. Ritsuko and Akio are obviously naked from the shoulders up, and her face is one of ecstasy. Akio smiles all-knowingly as he normally does. Back to Ritsuko in the present. Akio is resting next to a half-naked Ritsuko. They are in bed together.

Ritsuko (off, during previous montage): The first Bride of the Rose fell to her death. Rei, the second Bride of the Rose, needed time to mature to come into awareness of what she was. It was obvious to him that someone within NERV needed to know the truth, to protect Rei, or another incident like the one with my mother, might occur. Someone who could ensure the pilots he selected were trained as he desired. And I...was whom he selected. The chosen of End of the World.

Now in the present. Ritsuko, dressed in her Vice-Commander's uniform, is approaching Misato. Misato is typing furiously on a terminal, a pencil between her lips.

Ritsuko to Misato: Major Katsuragi?

Misato takes the pencil from her mouth.

Misato to Ritsuko: Oh, it's you. Congratulations on your promotion.

Ritsuko to Misato: I didn't ask for it. I was appointed to the position.

Misato to Ritsuko: Umm-hmm. By the Commander or by SEELE?

Misato turns in her chair to face Ritsuko.

Misato to Ritsuko: Or maybe End of the World?

Ritsuko stiffens.

Misato to Ritsuko: Why wasn't Kozue given over to Arisugawa like the other pilots? You were the one who spoke with her when she accepted.

A silence ensues, both women eyeing each other carefully.

Ritsuko to Misato: You've placed Juri-kun under armed surveillance.

Misato to Ritsuko: Should I do the same with Ayanami?

Another silence.

Misato to Ritsuko: That's why Juri was kept around after her initial failure to synch with Unit 00, wasn't it? To hone the other pilots' swords, and to eventually be a duelist alongside them. Deny it, Akagi-san.

Ritsuko says nothing. She bites her lip and looks down.

Misato to Ritsuko: Juri is holding her tongue honorably. But, unless I know what's happening here, she will not duel again. Without the One Engaged, there can be no duel, correct?

Ritsuko to Misato: You have no idea what you're interfering with, Misato.

Misato to Ritsuko: Then show me.

Ritsuko to Misato: Do you know what you are asking?

The klaxon sounds, the alert lights flash.

Voice-over: All hands prepare for a class-one alert. Prepare for aerial assault.

Switch to the Control Center. Maya, Shigeru, Hyuga, and Misato stand on the lower level. Ritsuko occupies Mikage's former spot next to Gendo. On screen, we see the glowing, ethereal form of the Fifteenth Angel above the earth.

Hyuga: This is maximum zoom. The Angel is not changing its orbital position.

Shigeru: Maintaining a precise and constant distance from the Geo Front.

Misato: Waiting for a chance to come down, or simply going to eliminate us from orbit? Hmm...

Huyga: Either way, we can't strike at it easily.

Misato: Hmm...and either way, we can't do anything unless it is within firing distance. The Evas cannot defeat an orbital opponent.

Ritsuko: Evangelion status?

Switch: Image of Unit 02 in the cooling chambers. The repair to its right arm is going well, the repair on the left is slightly behind. Then quick shots of Unit 00 and 01 on the launching platform. Then Shinji inside Unit 01, and finally Juri inside Unit 00.

Maya (off): Unit 02 is unusable. Repairs to the hands are still incomplete. Units 00 and 01 are both functional; both pilots are already inside the Entry Plugs.

Back to the Control Room.

Misato nods.

Misato to Maya: Send Shinji up in Unit 01. Have Juri standing by as backup in Unit 00.

On the surface, Unit 01 is holding the NERV Particle Cannon. Shinji is looking through the targeting visor, waiting for the Angel to come into range. It still is outside of firing distance.

Shigeru (off): Angel is still outside of firing range.

Shinji's finger tightens on the grips, the Eva's finger tightens on the Particle Cannon's trigger.

Shinji (thought): Come on, come just a little closer.

A beam of sunlight bursts through the clouds, engulfing Unit 01 in light as the "Hallelujah" chorus from Handle's Messiah plays in the background.

Shinji: What?

Shinji suddenly grimaces in pain, holding his head with his left hand. Unit 01 does the same.

Back in Control:

Misato: What is happening? An energy weapon?

Shigeru: Negative. No energy emission detected!

Maya: Abnormal patterns emanating from Shinji's psychograph! Mental contamination is beginning!

Ritsuko: No. A psychic attack...

Back to Shinji. He grimaces, grits his teeth, and forces his way through the pain. He opens his eyes, focusing determinedly on the targeting visor. The cross-hairs meet, and he pulls the trigger. Unit 01 fires three rapid fire shots from the particle cannon. Three balls of energy sail skyward. They break through the sky, nearing the Angel in orbit. All three shots go just under the Angel.

Back in Control:

Hyuga: No effect.

Shigeru: The range is too great.

Shinji screams off screen.

Misato: Shinji-kun!

Back to Shinji: he is clutching his head with both hands. Unit 01 has dropped the particle cannon. As Shinji thrashes about, so does Unit 01. It knocks into one building, and then another.

Shinji: Get out of my head!

Back to Control:

Maya: Mental contamination continuing!

Misato: Analysis of the Angel's weapon?

Shigeru: Similar to an AT-Field, but further details are not yet known.

Maya: Contamination passing borderline!

Back to Shinji. He lets out a primal scream. Unit 01 does the same. Unit 01's eyes shine, and then it roars like a caged animal. The armor plating on its arms begins snapping off. The arms look surprising human without the armor.

Back in Control:

Ritsuko: It's breaking the binding...

Hyuga: Binding?

Ritsuko: That's not's binding to allow us to control the Eva's power...Unit 01 is about to berserk...

Misato to Maya: Cut the power to Unit 01 immediately! Sever all neural connections!

Maya: Roger.

On the surface: the Power socket jettisons from Unit 01. The five-minute countdown begins. The Entry Plug goes dim, except for the light of the timer counting down.

On another part of the surface, Unit 00 has the Particle Cannon used against the Fifth Angel positioned to fire. The JSSDF logo has been replaced by one that says NERV. Juri is looking into her targeting visor.

Voice 1: Start Accelerator.

Voice 2: Increase voltage to pressure range.

Voice 3: Correct targeting for rotation of the planet and gravitational influence, .03.

Voice 2: Pressure in the barrel has reached maximum

Hyuga (in control): Release safety locks. Prepare for firing!

Juri squeezes the controls. The Particle Cannon shoots a brilliant beam up to the Angel, which is deflected off the Angel's AT-Field.

In control:

Shigeru: No good! Not enough energy output to penetrate the AT-Field at this distance.

Hyuga: But...that is the maximum power output...

Back to Unit 01. The Timer is now at 3 minutes and counting. Unit 01 has managed to destroy almost the city block. Most of this is unintentional as it squirms around. Inside Shinji is still in pain. Evidently, cutting the neural links didn't stop the Angel's weaponry.

Back in control:

Maya: Psychograph is reaching critical levels for Shinji.

Ritsuko: What about the LCL mind barrier?

Maya: Not providing any buffering effect.

Back to Shinji: We are seeing in his head.

Shinji is watching the petals of his rose scatter after his duel with Utena.

Shinji: I...couldn't beat her...I couldn't change the world...

Then Shinji is readying to duel Utena.

Utena: Why are you doing this?

Shinji: For Wakaba.

Utena: For Shinohara-san?

Shinji: Yes. I'm doing this to make certain Wakaba, and people like her, are safe.

Then Shinji trapped in the Twelfth Angel.

Shinji1: You are afraid of what revolutionizing the world might mean.

Shinji2: You are afraid of missing the opportunity to revolutionize the world.

Then Shinji is with Juri in the NERV infirmary.

Shinji: How can you be so cruel?

Juri: Because you pilot your Eva for Miki...You've never given any thought to exactly what it means to pilot Eva, and you don't care about the people who will get hurt if you do not pilot it.

Shinji (in the present): Get of my head!

Then Shinji with Miki in Episode III.

Miki: Commander Ikari?

Shinji: I hate him. I'm nothing to him. He wouldn't want me here if someone else could pilot Eva.

Then a young Shinji sits in silence while adults speak in the background.

Adult 1: I heard his father killed his own wife in an experiment.

Then a very young Shinji is crying, standing on a sidewalk as we pan back from him.

Shinji: No! No father, please don't go!

On the surface: The Timer is at 0:00, but the Eva continues to scream and struggle. It is clutching futilely towards the sky, its fingers squeezing at an opponent it cannot reach.

In Control: the mood is very solemn.

Misato: Impossible...Unit 01 still active without a power supply...

Ritsuko (thought): The ray seems to be mimicking Shinji's mental it trying to scan the human mind?

Shigeru: The chance of the target entering firing distance is only .02%.

Maya: Shinji is reaching critical level...

Misato: How to beat it...? Skylift Unit 00? No, if the Angel targets Unit 00 before it could fire, we have no means of protecting it.

Gendo: Enough. Major Katsuragi, have Unit 00 descend into Terminal Dogma and retrieve the Spear.

Ritsuko gasps.

Ritsuko to Gendo: Commander...if we use the Spear of Longinus-

Gendo interrupts.

Gendo to Ritsuko: I don't care. We have no other means of destroying the Angel from this distance.

Misato looks desperate.

Misato to Gendo: Commander, I beg you not to do this. Contact between the Eva and Adam might trigger the Third Impact!

Nobody says anything to that, and Misato turns away.

Misato (thought): Then that isn't true? What really caused the Second Impact, then?

Brief shot of Unit 00 is being lowered via crane into Terminal Dogma.

Ritsuko (whispered) to Gendo: Commander, use of the Spear like this will upset SEELE...

Gendo (whispered) to Ritsuko: The committee has started mass production of the Evangelion series, Akagi-san. This is a chance. We can't afford to lose Unit 01 right now.

Switch scenes: Juri is entering into Terminal Dogma with Unit 00. This is the same room that Kaji took Misato, with the huge white figure crucified on a red cross. The Spear of Longinus is still stuck in the figure's chest. Juri's eyes open wide when she sees this.

Juri: What the hell is that?

Gendo (off): Carefully remove the Spear, Arisugawa-kun.

Juri: What am I removing it from? Is Evangelion?

Gendo (off): We don't have time to discuss this. Remove the Spear, Fifth Children. That's an order.

Juri frowns, then gets determined. Unit 00 reaches out, taking the long shaft in both hands and carefully pulling it out. As soon as the Spear leaves the figure, the legs regenerate, shooting down quickly into the pool of LCL that Unit 00 is walking through.

Back in control.

Ritsuko (whispered) to Gendo: I just want you to understand what you're about to bring down upon our heads.

Gendo (whispered) to Ritsuko: We have to end things before SEELE has a chance to act. A reason for us to use the Spear exists, and that is enough.

Ritsuko to Gendo: I don't think the council will see it that way.

On the surface: Unit 00 is elevating to the ground via elevator, carrying the Spear.

Misato: So that is the Spear of Longinus...

Shigeru: Take position for throwing, Unit 00.

On the surface, Juri focuses, and Unit 00 rears back, holding the Spear ready.

Maya: Counting down...6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

Juri grunts. Unit 00 moves forward, throwing the Spear into the air. The Spear sails unnaturally quick toward the Angel, striking the AT-Field. The Spear opens up, the shaft venting what appears to be heat, and then the forked section breaks through the AT-Field like it wasn't even there. It sails through and pierces the Angel dead on, shattering it.

Back in control:

Hyuga: Target is eliminated.

Ritsuko: And the Spear?

Shigeru: It surpassed escape traveling towards lunar orbit.

Ritsuko looks once at Gendo.

Ritsuko: Well...there's no way to recover that...

On the surface, Unit 01 ceases movement. It falls over, lifeless.

Ritsuko: How is Shinji?

Maya: Life signs are stable. All signs of contamination have been removed.

Misato: Have emergency crews get Shinji out of Unit 01 as soon as possible, and Unit 01 back into the cages.

Brief shot of crews working on Unit 01. Shinji is there in his Plug Suit, watching. He is staring at the arms, which appear to be human without the armor. Solemnly, he turns and walks away from it.

Switch to Ritsuko on the phone.

Ritsuko: Yes, it is gone. (pause) The Fifth Children is still under guard, and no, the Major will not reconsider releasing her. (pause, Ritsuko stiffens) I see. You're not going to...(pause)...Promise me. (pause) Thank you.

Ritsuko relaxes a little, but not much. She closes her cellular. Switch angles, and she is now walking through NERV. She comes to Juri (still in Plug Suit) arguing with Misato.

Juri to Misato: If I can't get any answers from you, I don't see why I have to give you any answers in return. What are we keeping in Terminal Dogma, Misato-sempai?

Ritsuko to Juri: Juri-kun, would you give us a moment alone?

Juri reluctantly leaves. Misato turns to Ritsuko.

Ritsuko to Misato: Mi-chan...there's someone I want you to meet.

They begin walking.

Misato to Ritsuko: What happened out there with Unit 01?

Ritsuko to Misato: I don't know. Unit 01 has moved without power before.

Misato to Ritsuko: Escaping the Ocean of Dirac. Yes, I remember.

Ritsuko to Misato: How is Shinji?

Misato to Ritsuko: A year ago, I would have been worried about him. He's pretty shaken up, but I think he's going to recover.

Switch scenes: Misato and Ritsuko are walking outside of NERV. It is night now.

Misato to Ritsuko: So, who are we waiting for?

Ritsuko to Misato: Can you hear it, Misato?

Misato listens.

Ritsuko to Misato: So long as your soul hasn't completely lost hope, you should be able to hear this sound...

Ritsuko turns, looking at Misato. Her expression is mildly sad, at the same time caring.

Ritsuko to Misato: ...resounding across the ends of the world.

There is the rumbling of an engine, a cloud of exhaust, and Akio is there in the red car. We then see the three of them speed down the road, just like what happened with Ritsuko earlier.

The next morning, walking into NERV, Misato looks a little shaken up. She seems like a weight is on her mind. She stops a guard on her way through.

Misato: End quarantine on the Fifth Children. Security risk is over.

The guard looks hesitant, but nods. Misato continues on her way down the corridor, turning a corner and out of sight.

End Credits

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