Shin Kakumei Evangelion

Neon Revolution Evangelion

Episode XXIV

Night time over Ohtori Academy. Akio is standing at the window of the Chairman's Tower.

Akio: The long path has almost reached an end. Despite all initial doubts or hesitations, they all found reason to pick up a sword and make a challenge. The gates of night are almost ready to open. The next duel will determine who will revolutionize the world...

Akio turns to whomever he is speaking to.

Akio: You have remained at her side throughout all her trials. Some might even say that it was because of you that she is still here. That in you, she found reason to be noble.

Akio walks into the tower, revealing to us who he has been speaking to all along. Sitting on his sofa is Touga.

Akio to Touga: How will you fare against her, now that only you remain?

Opening Credits

Overhead panning shot of Ohtori Academy. Students are leaving. The decimated Tokyo-3 is visible in the background. Zoom down until we focus on Shinji. He's standing with Wakaba. Wakaba has a bag packed, and she looks incredibly sad. So does Shinji. They are watching students depart the Academy.

Passing student: My father isn't going to let me stay here any longer. Not with half the city gone in an explosion caused by one of the pilots.

Passing student 2: They're closing everything down. Everyone is supposed to be out of the dorms by the end of the week. I heard that they're planning to re-open the Academy once it's safe again, but who knows how long that will be?

Wakaba to Shinji: So this is it...

Shinji to Wakaba: I guess so...will you be okay?

Wakaba puts on a brave face.

Wakaba to Shinji: It will be hard, waiting for you, but I can do it.

Shinji smiles weakly.

Shinji to Wakaba: You'll be safer with your family, away from Tokyo-3.

Wakaba to Shinji: I don't want to be away from Tokyo-3.

Shinji to Wakaba: I don't want you to be away, either.

Wakaba wraps her arms around Shinji, crying into his shoulder. Shinji's eyes leak tears as he holds her.

Pan backward to the Chairman's tower, until we see Ritsuko in the window, looking down at Shinji. She doesn't have her Vice-Commander's jacket on, rather just the undershirt and the slacks.

Akio (off): You're taking a great risk, coming here after what happened with Nemuro-san.

Ritsuko: I know.

She turns to face Akio, who is sitting on a sofa, his shirt half-open. Ritsuko's jacket is next to him.

Ritsuko to Akio: But if one will hold a rose, she must be aware of the thorns.

Akio smiles.

Akio to Ritsuko: My, haven't you changed...even I was not expecting you to bloom quite so magnificently.

Ritsuko smiles faintly, looking at him. Then she gets serious.

Ritsuko to Akio: Our time is running short. Only one Angel remains.

Akio to Ritsuko: And only one duel remains before the Duel Named Revolution. It appears that everything has worked out. So long as the One Engaged remains here.

Ritsuko to Akio: Misato knows what has to be done, even though she doesn't understand everything. With Arisugawa's synch-rate dropping, Tenjou will be taken into NERV custody as back-up pilot. She will be here.

Akio to Ritsuko: Your friend is very strong. You were right to trust her.

Akio looks curious.

Akio to Ritsuko: Won't Tenjou-san object to such an order?

Ritsuko looks somber, turning back to the window.

Ritsuko to Akio: She's a prince, isn't she? You made certain of that. Tenjou knows her duty, even if she is opposed to Ikari's leadership.

Switch to Saionji. He's packing up his room. He senses something, then turns to the door to find it opened and Touga standing there.

Saionji to Touga: Oh, it's you.

Touga to Saionji: Leaving, with everyone else, then?

Saionji to Touga: Well, obviously I can't remain here, Touga-san.

Touga to Saionji: You've done a pretty good job of simply doing just that these past weeks.

Saionji frowns.

Saionji to Touga: Did you come here merely to berate me, or did you have something you wanted to say?

Touga is unmoved.

Touga to Saionji: I know about your duel with Tenjou Utena.

Saionji stiffens, in that calm fashion.

Saionji to Touga: I see. So you've known all along. You're part of it, as I've always suspected.

Touga to Saionji: No, not as you have suspected.

Saionji pauses, about to retort, then he doesn't.

Saionji to Touga: It doesn't matter. I don't have any inclination to have you chide me about how I lost the opportunity to grasp eternity to some ordinary girl-

Touga interrupts.

Touga to Saionji: She's not just an ordinary girl. She's someone who saw something eternal in her youth.

Begin Rose Bride flashback.

Begin in darkness. Suddenly, light and color. The coffin lid is lifted, and as though inside, we see Dios (an adolescent looking Akio). Switching angles, we see little Utena looking up at whom has opened the lid.

Dios to Utena: What are you doing in here, little one?

Utena to Dios: Nothing...are you the Grim Reaper?

Dios to Utena: No. No, I do not bring death.

Dios leaves the lid open, and walks away. Utena, curious, sits up, then gets out and follows him.

After a few steps, Dios has led Utena to something that obviously doesn't belong in the church. Yet, it is there, nonetheless, casting an eerie glow over both Dios and Utena and everything in the church. Utena's eyes go wide with shock. It is a very young Rei, about the same age we saw her with Naoko last episode, except she is nude, in a tank of glowing LCL, with untold amounts of IV needles stuck into her. An impossible amount of IV needles, sticking her everywhere with tubes coming out. Except her face, which looks both pained and sad. Cut back to Utena's face, then back to Rei. Cut to Utena's face, then to Rei. This time, over Rei, another image flashes and then overlaps: a Himemiya Anthy of the same age, but she is caught instead in massive tangle of rose thorns that as well be swords they are so long. Back to Utena, who is terrified, then back to Rei/Anthy. The images merge until only Rei, stuck with IV's in the LCL, remain.

Utena to Dios: Who...who is that?

Dios to Utena: A witch.

Utena to Dios: A witch?

Dios to Utena: The Rose Bride.

Utena to Dios: The Rose Bride?

Dios to Utena: Suffering endlessly for the sins of she who came before her. For she from whom she was made. Unable to die. Those that find death are the lucky ones.

Utena looks to Rei, then back to Dios. She is trembling.

Utena to Dios: Why?

Dios to Utena: It is not an easy thing to take one's own life. I suspect that she didn't believe it possible, even as she fell. But she cannot die even if her face has now changed, or if she doesn't remember who she once was. Her life will continue. It must continue. Such is price for stealing a prince from the world.

Utena and Dios look at Rei together.

Dios to Utena: Her suffering is greater than before. The one from whom she came at least knew the reason she was in pain. But her...she is only the Rose Bride in part. Part of her is something else...Two conflicting destinies battling for supremacy inside her.

Rei turns into Anthy, speared by the thorns.

Dios (off): Revolution.

Anthy turns back into Rei, speared by the IV needles.

Dios (off): Evolution.

Back to Utena and Dios.

Dios to Utena: She holds everything within-

Dios stops as Utena begins walking toward the LCL tank. She only gets so far, however, before an AT-Field blasts her back.

Utena is almost in tears. She looks up to Dios.

Utena to Dios: It's too cruel! Save her! Save her!

Dios to Utena: I cannot. It is not possible for her to be saved from her fate. The only one who can save her is a Prince that she believes in. And even then, it might not be enough for her.

Utena to Dios: But you are a Prince!

Dios to Utena: I cannot be her Prince.

Utena to Dios: Why?

Dios looks at Utena softly as she begins to cry, and smiles.

Dios to Utena: You're such a gentle soul. Thank you for your kind tears.

Dios begins walking away. Utena looks to him, then to Rei, then back to Dios.

Utena to Dios: Then I'll be her Prince! I'll become a Prince and save her!

Dios stops, smiling. He walks back to Utena, kneeling before her.

Dios to Utena: If you can keep that nobility within you, even as you grow, you might one day be able to rescue her.

Dios places a Rose Signet on little Utena's finger. It's too big for her, and she has to clench her fingers to keep it on.

Dios to Utena: But you will forget all about this night. And even if you don't, you're a girl. Soon you will grow into a lady.

Utena to Dios: I will! I will become a Prince no matter what!

Dios to Utena: Then surely that ring will lead you here again one day.

Dios kisses Utena's tears, rises and walks away. Utena is left looking at the ring.

End Rose Bride flashback.

Switch to Misato and Ritsuko inside NERV. Misato is drinking coffee as Ritsuko enters the room. Misato is reading a file. She looks up as Ritsuko enters.

Ritsuko to Misato: Did she agree?

Misato to Ritsuko: Not initially. Not until I told her that she wouldn't be standing by to replace Juri, but for Juri's replacement.

Misato sighs.

Misato to Ritsuko: Underneath though, I think she could tell we're keeping her here because she is the One Engaged. And I think she agreed because of that.

Ritsuko to Misato: Juri's replacement?

Misato to Ritsuko: The Sixth Children has been found. Sent directly to us by the Council.

She hands the folder to Ritsuko. Ritsuko opens it. The photo clipped to it is Nanami.

Switch to Shinji at Ohtori. He is leaning on the railing, watching the vapor trail of jet across the sky. Assumedly, the one Wakaba would be on. Nanami walks up behind him, taking up the spot on his right.

Nanami to Shinji: Ikari Shinji?

Shinji turns to her.

Shinji to Nanami: Yes. Who are you?

Nanami to Shinji: Kiryuu Nanami. I'm like you, Ikari-kun. I'm the Sixth Children.

Shinji to Nanami: Kiryuu? The same as the President of the Student Council?

Nanami nods.

Namami to Shinji: Yes. He's my older brother.

Shinji regards Nanami for a moment.

Shinji to Nanami: So, you're going to pilot Eva too. You're here to pilot Unit 00.

Nanami to Shinji: Mmm-hmm. We should get to know each other better.

Switch to Touga and Saionji walking nearby.

Saionji to Touga: Who would have ever thought that girl was Tenjou Utena? And the one responsible for all these duels, End of the World, was the one who got her out of that coffin.

Touga to Saionji: Yes. So now you see and understand. Now you know.

Saionji to Touga: I wouldn't necessarily say that. Why have you waited so long to tell me this?

Touga reaches into his pocket, pulls out a Rose Signet, and places it on his finger. Saionji watches.

Saionji to Touga: I see. You're going to challenge her. You kept me in the dark so as to keep me out of the duels.

Touga smirks.

Touga to Saionji: If you say so.

Saionji to Touga: And Tenjou-san? All of this, this chivalry routine of yours, that's just a way to undermine her, isn't it?

Touga to Saionji: Think you so little of me? Were I not there, she might not be the current Victor.

Saionji to Touga: The suspicious might think you preferred her as an opponent over Arisugawa.

Touga frowns. Saionji sees Nanami with Shinji.

Saionji to Touga: Isn't that Nanami?

Touga nods.

Saionji to Touga: Here from Amsterdam, then? Strange, isn't it? You latched onto Tenjou, and here she is latching onto Ikari. You both must have something for Eva pilots.

Back to Ritsuko and Misato in NERV. They are in a darkened room, looking at a computer screen. Ritsuko is the one typing, Misato looking over her shoulder.

Ritsuko to Misato: There is no data on the Sixth Children prior to her adoption by the Kiryuu family. Nor on her older brother.

Misato to Ritsuko: How you still want to proceed with the first synch test for the Sixth, then?

Ritsuko to Misato: Yes, let's see what she's capable of.

Switch scenes: Synch test. On the monitors are Nanami in Unit 00, and Shinji in Unit 01. Ritsuko, Maya, and Misato are in the testing control room.

Maya: It's not possible for her to synch at so high a level without the core data being changed yet. It's still set for Juri-san.

Ritsuko: Nonetheless that is exactly what's happening. The testing equipment is all functioning normally?

Maya: Yes, sempai.

Misato: We must accept it then, and try uncovering the reason it's possible.

Switch scenes: Nanami is with Shinji. They are walking up to the exit of NERV.

Nanami to Shinji: You're very determined.

Shinji to Nanami: What?

Nanami to Shinji: I can sense this about you. I knew it from the moment you helped me the other day. You are confident in who you are and what you're doing.

Shinji looks a bit uncomfortable, but smiles at the compliment anyway.

Shinji to Nanami: Thank you...

Nanami to Shinji: Particularly noble is your heart. Unlike most, yours is filled with an inner light that drives you and carries you even through the most stressful of times. You do not do this out of some falsely-installed sense of responsibility. You merely are this way because it is who you are.

Shinji to Nanami: Um...thank you.

The doors to NERV are opening.

Nanami to Shinji: It makes you quite worthy of love.

Shinji to Nanami: What?

The doors to NERV are now open. There is figure standing there.

Nanami to Shinji: I mean that I love you.

Shinji looks shocked. So does Wakaba, holding her bag, standing at the NERV entrance.

Switch scenes: Rei and Utena are in the Ohtori Rose Garden. Rei is watering the roses.

Utena to Rei: It seems so lonely here, now.

Rei to Utena: Oh?

Utena to Rei: Miki and Kozue gone. Aida-kun and Suzuhara-kun gone. Wakaba gone. Juri kept under observation in NERV. Asuka...

She doesn't finish that. She watches Rei instead.

Utena to Rei: Will you continue to water them, now that the school is shutting down?

Rei to Utena: Of course. I am not going anywhere.

Utena to Rei: Whatever would this school do without you? Didn't anyone do this before you became the Rose Bride?

Rei pauses, apparently considering this. Of course, that was Anthy, but Rei knows very little about Anthy and doesn't say anything to Utena regarding the matter. She returns to watering.

The door opens. Touga walks in. Utena looks happy to see him.

Utena to Touga: Touga-sempai.

Touga smiles and walks up directly to Utena. He takes her in his arms like he did last episode, completely uncaring that Rei is there watching them. Utena blushes as he moves in close.

Touga (whispered): Shall we continue from where we left off?

Utena, on the other hand, is very much aware of Rei's presence, and looks over at her nervously. She breaks Touga's embrace, still standing close to him, though.

Utena to Touga: I...I can't.

Touga looks over at Rei, and nods, smiling softly.

Touga to Utena: Of course, the prince must remain by the side of the princess.

Utena blushes again, realizing that remark could mean her as the prince, Rei as the princess, or Touga as the prince, and she as the princess. Touga takes Utena's left hand in his, bending over, and kissing it softly as a knight would a lady.

Touga to Utena: I have a confession to make, Utena.

Utena looks at him. She looks at their hands, and sees his Rose Signet. She stares at it.

Utena (whispered): Now...even you?

Touga keeps a hold of her hand.

Touga (whispered): Would being a princess be such a bad thing?

Utena looks over at Rei.

Utena (whispered): I can't do that.

He kisses her hand once more.

Touga (whispered): Then, I'm afraid I must. Tomorrow, in the Arena of Duels.

Switch scenes back to Nanami, Wakaba, and Shinji. Shinji looks happy to see Wakaba.

Shinji to Wakaba: Wakaba-chan!

Nanami to Shinji: Wakaba...chan?

Shinji ignores the question. Wakaba is glaring at Nanami.

Shinji to Wakaba: You're back!

Wakaba to Shinji: I couldn't leave...not yet. The last transport is in a few days...

She looks at Shinji.

Wakaba to Shinji: I wanted to stay here as long as I could...who is this?

Shinji to Wakaba: Kiryuu Nanami. The Sixth Children.

Shinji to Nanami: Shinohara Wakaba.

Nanami is glaring at Wakaba now.

Nanami to Wakaba: I hope you didn't come all the way back here thinking you could have him.

Wakaba and Nanami are staring each other down.

Eyecatcher Screen:

Shin Kakumei Evangelion

Episode XXIV: The End and the Beginning

SEELE conference, again, only the monoliths.

Akio: Why was I not informed about the Sixth Children's identity?

SEELE 02: Very costly was the severing of the End of the World organization by NERV.

SEELE 08: Ikari Gendo assumed even more control of NERV as a result.

SEELE 12: The loss of our eyes and ears inside NERV, Mikage Souji, has left us stumbling. Very careless.

Keel: Long have we of SEELE suspected that you would betray us, Ohtori-kun. Our own eyes and ears we've had observing you.

SEELE 09: Your help in advancing the Human Revolutionary Project has been exemplary. However, we can no longer be certain that our goals are the same.

SEELE 07: Rest assured, when the promised time comes, you shall be given the same reward as us.

Keel: However, you will no longer have any means of influencing the outcome. We shall not speak again.

Monolith 13 (Akio) goes dim.

Keel: Now, to attend to NERV and Ikari.

Switch scenes: Gendo is standing in front of Evangelion Unit 01 in the cooling chambers.

Gendo: The Spear of Longinus is gone. No longer can it prevent our goals from being realized. Soon the final Angel will appear and with its elimination, our hopes will be fulfilled.

Cut to Gendo's right hand. It looks like the Adam sample, delivered by Kaji in Episode IX, has merged with it.

Gendo: Even though the time remaining is short, wait a little longer, Yui.

Switch to Akio in the Tower. While it is day, the shades are drawn and so it is dark. He is sitting on his sofa, looking a little dumbfounded. Touga walks into the room. Akio looks over at him absently.

Akio to Touga: I assume you've made your challenge, then.

Touga to Akio: Of course. We shall meet tonight.

Akio to Touga: I see. Good. I hope the winner is you.

Touga to Akio: Do you? Do you honestly?

Akio looks up, suddenly concerned.

Akio to Touga: What do you mean?

Touga to Akio: After all this time, do you feel that I am any less of a contender than she? Are you hoping for my victory, because I have collaborated with you for so long, or because you don't wish to see her be the last?

Akio's eyes narrow.

Akio to Touga: When did these feelings of doubt begin to surface? Have I not been trustworthy since I took you under my wing?

Touga to Akio: No, since I was sent to you, you've done your best to hide the truth from everyone. Akagi-san, Mikage-san, and me.

Akio pauses.

Akio to Touga: Sent to me...?

Cut to Akio only, we do not see Touga. The room begins flashing with a yellowish glow. Akio's eyes get very wide, and he gasps.

Touga (off): Would you now expect truth from me?

Switch scenes: Nanami and Shinji are together, inside the Geo-Front but outside of NERV. Several meters away is Juri, standing alone and seemingly unmoving. We only see her from behind.

Nanami to Shinji: That's the Fifth Children, isn't it?

Shinji nods.

Shinji to Nanami: Yes.

Nanami to Shinji: I remember her from before I went to Amsterdam. What happened to her?

Shinji to Nanami: The Second Children, her...friend...sacrificed herself so that Juri might live.

Nanami to Shinji: Oh. Her heart was always so fragile. Like fine crystal. A tough exterior, seemingly cold to the touch and immovable, but beautiful in its clarity. The slightest pressure would reveal just how delicate it actually was.

Shinji looks somewhat amazed at this.

Shinji to Nanami: Do you always think about people this way?

Nanami look confused.

Nanami to Shinji: That is how they are.

A small silence.

Shinji to Nanami: Listen, I don't think it's a good idea for us to meet like this. You seem nice enough, but-

Nanami frowns, then smiles.

Nanami to Shinji: It's that other girl, isn't it?

Shinji nods.

Nanami to Shinji: You see? The inner light I spoke of? Even now, it guides you.

Shinji to Nanami:

Shinji walks off, leaving Nanami looking at Juri.

Switch scenes. We are now in the Dueling Arena. Touga is there with a katana. Rei and Utena enter together.

Rei begins fixing the roses to the duelists.

Utena to Touga: Is this...I're not trying to...

Touga to Utena: Have the courage to be a prince one more time, Tenjou-kun. For me. Don't hold back. Don't hesitate. Duel like you mean it. Show me your noble heart.

Rei has finished attaching the roses, and she walks over to Utena. She begins drawing out the Sword.

Rei: Oh roses of the noble castle...power of Dios that sleeps within me...harken unto thy master and reveal to us...

Utena pulls out the Sword of Dios.

Utena: ...the power to bring to the world revolution!

Cut quickly to Nanami standing in front of Unit 00. She looks at it briefly, then turns away from it.

Nanami: Let's go, then, clone of Adam, and servant of the Lilim.

Nanami rises into the air, while behind her, Unit 00 activates.

Warning lights and klaxons sound everywhere within NERV.

Cue soundtrack: Ode to Joy.

(From this moment on, whenever someone is speaking, the image shifts to them: Touga/Rei/Utena in the dueling arena, Misato/Ritsuko/Maya/Gendo/Shigeru/Hyuga in NERV control, Nanami with Unit 00 in tow, and Shinji in Unit 01)

Hyuga: Unit 00 has activated!

Ritsuko: What?

Misato: Juri?

Maya: Negative! The Entry Plug hasn't even been inserted. It's unmanned!

We see Nanami and Unit 00 descending down the long shaft to Terminal Dogma.

Shigeru: Confirmation of an AT-Field being generated inside Central Dogma!

Hyuga: Pattern confirmed blue!

Ritsuko: No...that girl...

Misato: What?

Ritsuko: SEELE sent the remaining Angel directly to us!

Gendo: Trying to advance the schedule by forcing our hand. Close all bulkheads to Central Dogma!

We see bulkheads and doors closing. Nanami and Unit 00 continue to descend.

NERV tech (off): All personnel, evacuate. Repeat, all personnel evacuate.

Cut back to Touga and Utena. Much like Juri, Touga is simply better with a sword than Utena is. She's having difficulty keeping up with him. But, nonetheless, she is.

Touga to Utena: Juri has prepared you well.

Utena to Touga: That's what Saionji said, too.

They continue to spar.

Meanwhile, Nanami and Unit 00 continue to descend towards Terminal Dogma. In the Control Center, NERV shakes.

Shigeru: Unit 00 has broken through the armored bulkheads!

Gendo: Sortie Unit 01 to intercept it.

Misato: Why is she using Unit 00?

Ritsuko: To unite with it, perhaps?

Gendo: Or use it bring about destruction?

Inside Unit 01, Shinji is shocked.

Shinji: Nanami-kun is an Angel?

Misato (off): Yes. Please hurry, Shinji-kun.

Nanami is still descending. She looks up the shaft.

Nanami (thought): Any moment now...

Cut back to the Dueling Arena. Utena is on the offensive. It doesn't appear that Touga is toying with her, either.

Unit 01 is descending towards Nanami and Unit 00. Shinji waits in the Entry Plug.

Shigeru: Unit 01 has intercepted Unit 00 and the Angel.

Immediately, Unit 00 and Unit 01 are locking arms. Nanami smiles and watches. Both Eva Units are matching each other, grasping hands and struggling.

Nanami: You made it! I was afraid you might not come, Ikari-kun.

Shinji: Nanami-san! What are you doing?

Nanami: What I was made to do, Shinji. The same as you, now.

Nanami regards the struggling Evangelions.

Nanami: Evangelion. Eva, factae de Adamo. Born of Adam. You Lilim would use the very thing you loathe to preserve yourselves. Don't you find this strange?

Unit 01 draws its Progressive Knife from its shoulder harness. Unit 00 does the same almost simultaneously. The blades clash against each other, sparks flying.

Meanwhile at the duel, Utena grits her teeth and thrusts at Touga's rose. It is beautiful strike. The Sword of Dios inches so close to the rose. And it's deflected by a manifesting AT-Field. Utena's eyes go very wide in terror and she stumbles backward. Touga stands there, smiling.

At the same time, Unit 01's blade is deflected by Unit 00's. The Progressive Knife heads towards Nanami, who is protected by an AT-Field as well.

Utena: A...

Utena & Shinji (split-screen): AT-Field?

Utena seems unwilling to engage in the duel again, catching her breath and watching the ever confident Touga.

Touga to Utena: Very, very nicely done. I never imagined you'd be this good, even with all the training you've been given.

Utena: You' Angel!

Cut to Akio in his tower, looking at a framed photo of a very young Nanami and a younger Touga. We focus on the picture as Keel's voice over occurs.

Keel (off): Kiryuu Touga and Nanami. Our trump card. What was predicted as impossible by the Dead Sea Scrolls. A being as the Lilim, though born of Adam. A single being in multiple form, existing independent of other, as do the Lilim. Long have they observed you, Ohtori-kun. Long have they learned from you.

Nanami looks at Shinji as her AT-Field holds the Progressive Knife at bay. Touga regards the hesitant Utena.

Nanami: Yes. Absolute Terror Field. That's what you Lilims have named this.

Touga: The holy barrier that protects the light of the soul.

Nanami: Inviolate to all. The line which must not be crossed.

Touga: The barrier of the heart that everyone has.

Utena is standing protectively in front of Rei, the Sword of Dios before her. Touga is merely standing there patiently.

Touga to Utena: Come now, Utena. Surely you must realize that you are not merely dueling for Ayanami now. Have the courage to see this to the end. Can you find it in you to be a pilot against an Angel again? To continue to be a Prince? Come at me.

He tilts his head.

Touga: Or would you see an Angel obtain the power of humanity's heart? Of Dios? The power of miracles?

Utena pauses, then prepares herself, and the duel resumes.

In Control:

Misato (whispered) to Ritsuko: If we lose contact with Unit 01...

Ritusko (whispered): I know. You will self-destruct the Geo Front. Better that, than allowing the Third Impact.

Misato looks sadly at Ritsuko.

Misato (whispered): Have we run out of time, Rit-chan?

The Evangelions have reached the bottom of the shaft, a cave with white, salt-like stalagmites and stalactites.

Nanami: Eva and I are of the same body. We are both born of Adam. I will be able to join with Evangelion Unit 00, once it no longer has a soul. Even now, the soul of this Unit is shutting itself away.

Nanami looks over her shoulder.

Nanami: But we are here, now Shinji. And it is time.

Nanami floats away from the two Evas.

Back at the duel. Touga and Utena are exchanging strikes and parries. Touga seems to have the upper hand.

In control, Hyuga is panicking.

Hyuga: The Angel has reached Terminal Dogma! Heaven's Door is going to open!

Nanami looks at the lock, and it changes from LOCKED to UNLOCKED. The doors to Terminal Dogma open, revealing the large white figure upon the red cross. Nanami floats up to it, looking at it curiously.

Shinji to Nanami: Nanami-kun! Wait!

Nanami: Adam, our progenitor. Those born from Adam must return to Adam. Even if the Lilim must be erased as a result. It is that, or we must obtain the power of miracles, that of Dios, and advance our evolution without Adam. Either way-

Nanami tilts her head.

Nanami: What? This is...Lilith?

Just then, Unit 01 bursts through the walls to Terminal Dogma, a lifeless Unit 00 beneath it.

Cut to the duel. Utena cries out in a massive strike, the Dios ghost overlapping her. Just like when she fought Saionji, The Sword of Dios cleaves straight through Touga's katana, leaving only the hilt. It doesn't, however, penetrate the AT-Field. Touga's rose remains intact. Touga looks at his blade-less weapon, Utena holding the Sword of Dios towards him. She is standing in front of Rei.

Unit 01 grabs Nanami in its right hand and holds her near its head.

Nanami smiles gently, looking very innocent and "angelic" in that moment. Touga, gives Utena the same smile.

Nanami to Shinji: That noble heart of yours led you to me again, Shinji.

Touga to Utena: I'm glad that you are the one who is victorious.

Nanami to Shinji: If you hadn't stopped Unit 00, I would have had to live on with her.

Touga to Utena: It is right that you, a Lilim, will awaken Dios.

Utena to Touga: Touga, I-

Shinji to Nanami: -don't understand!

Nanami to Shinji: I am happy that I got to spend even this brief time with you.

Touga to Utena: In you, I got to witness and-

Nanami to Shinji: -experience both sides of the AT-Field the way-

Touga to Utena: -you of the Lilim do.

Nanami: Love-

Touga: -and jealousy.

Nanami: Kindness-

Touga: -and subterfuge.

Nanami: Longing-

Touga: -and contentment.

Nanami: Pride-

Touga: -and shame.

Nanami: Fear-

Touga: -and acceptance.

Nanami: Friendship-

Touga: -and sacrifice. The many reasons this field exists to protect-

Nanami: -the hearts of every single one of you. It is because of you that-

Touga: -I know why you Lilim believe in miracles. Why-

Nanami: -I know that miracles do exist.

Shinji to Nanami: None of this is making sense!

Utena to Touga: What are you trying to say?

Both Nanami and Touga smile warmly.

Nanami to Shinji: Returning to Adam was my destiny-

Touga to Utena: -to defeat you and bring to this world a revolution.

Nanami to Shinji: But it is also your destiny that you should-

Touga to Utena: -defeat me. Should you have failed-

Nanami to Shinji: -those born of Adam would have lived on, and those born of Lilith-

Touga to Utena: -would be eliminated from this world.

Utena has long since lowered the Sword of Dios. Rei walks to the side of Utena, taking the tip of the blade in both hands and gently raising it. She kisses the tip, and the entire blade begins shimmering a brilliant red. Intermittently, the Sword seems to spark an AT-Field of it's own. (This is part of Rei's own power transferred into the blade) Utena looks at it numbly, then back to Touga, who nods.

Touga to Utena: You hold the power to erase me from this world.

Nanami to Shinji: And you must erase me from this world if you wish to continue living.

Touga to Utena: A grand transition awaits you-

Nanami to Shinji: -and you are not the ones who should fade from this life.

Utena and Shinji both hesitate. The Sword of Dios continues to shine. The hand of Unit 01 holding Nanami remains still. And then...we see a silhouette of Nanami's head falling, LCL droplets splashing when it hits the pool below. We see a silhouette of the Sword of Dios slashing through an AT-Field, and then Touga's body hitting the ground, rose petals scattering. (There should be symmetry in the visual images, so that like the Rei/Anthy scene earlier, there is a correlation between the splashing LCL and the scattering Rose Petals.)

Ode to Joy ends.

Between each of the next images is a black screen during which a voice over will occur.

We see Utena, looking very much as Juri did after Asuka's death, walking numbly out of the dueling forest with Rei next to her. Rei is watching her; concern is visible on her face.

Gendo (off): Our hopes will be fulfilled...

We see Juri standing alone, still outside the Geo-Front, cradling her open locket in her right hand. We see Asuka's picture inside it.

Mikage (off): That sort of sacrifice is always needed...

At the Kaoru home, we see Miki sitting next to a still heavily bandaged Kozue, who is still unconscious and hooked to many machines.

Keel (off): The promised time has almost come...

We see Wakaba holding Shinji in Misato's home. Misato is standing a few meters back, saying nothing.

Akio (off): The gates of night are almost ready to open...

Lastly, we see the framed picture of Touga and Nanami that Akio was holding fall to the floor, image toward us. Once it hits the ground, the glass shatters (like the LCL and the Rose Petals). We remain focused there for a few seconds. Pull back to see Akio looking at the fragments. He walks away, leaving them there.

End Credits

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