Digital Dreams

What chemical energy have we zealously interfaced
into our bloodstreams? Have we possibly erased
all of our essential flaws? Is there a trace
of the flesh and spirit we seem so bent to replace?

Desperately grasping onto silent appeals
we sit back and watch while our research reveals
that though they may possess the ability to feel
blood and bone have not the endurance of steel.

Have we become just digital dreams?
A nightmare fashioned for sleeping machines?

Is this subtle conversion or intended fate
to lust for the diversions or technology creates?
And while we willingly submit to this pacified state
circuits and microchips evolve and populate.

Our sentient machines have begun to procreate.

Have we always been just digital dreams?
A passing though of the sleeping machines?

Make them smaller and smaller, then place them within
so they replace us as we become them.
And while this transition we eagerly await
our benevolent machines have learned to dominate.

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