I cannot recall who I used to be...

Voices and eyes should not be changed
Individuality should not be rearranged
So why am I different? Why should it be?
Why can I assume the face of anyone I see?

I never know who I will have been...
It depends on desire, the need, or the conflict within...

With each change of my form comes a change in my mind

For with each change a piece remains
A fragment of that last identity
Now gender illusions and age confusion
are consuming who I was originally

But don't worry about me, I'll be fine
In fact, I'll be anyone I want to be
Faces of old will pass the time
Before I slip into a new identity

I cannot decide who I'm inside
Which face is real? Which is disguise?
Too many choices, I've too many voice
I can't even recall the color of my eyes

I'll never know who I was...
I'll never know which voice and eyes were mine...

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