Fear, all yea who enter here...

Okay. You've journeyed in. This is not all of my poems, nor is it necessarily my best ones. It's merely a collection of things I've written over the years. Some of this is pretty bad, hence the above warning, and some of it I'm exceedingly proud of. Noteably missing is probably my best piece, called "Xandria" because I am foolishly protective of it and still have some hope that one day it will see publication. In any event, just click a title to read the poem.

Oh yes, all work here is copyrighted by either Speedless Acceleration Productions (marked with an *) or Dark Kingdom Productions (anything without an asterisk, obviously). Speedless Acceleration copyrights range from 1990-1993. Dark Kingdom copyrights from 1994 to present day. Be good, and don't make me track you down and find you.

Almost Average Saturday at McDonald's*: This is a true story, I kid you not. The furious man in the final passages is the brother of a good friend. I tell you, hypocrisy has never been so tasty.

Ars Poetica*: I'm fairly certain every student of John Gilgun's Creative Writing classes had to write one of these things as part of their final. This was mine.

Cat's Eyes*: First in a series of three poems I wrote using this format. This is probably the best of three. Don't know why I chose this format, except that I was trying to say a lot with very little to work with.

Chronology of a Witch: Written "in-character" by one of my fictional personalities, René Kensington, I find it hard to actually claim this piece of work as my own. I mean, it's her poem, after all. She wrote it. I'm just the hands that recorded it.

Digital Dreams: Yes, these if you can't tell, these are lyrics and not verses. Somewhere out there, my friend Mark has a copy of the song.

ER: Day One*: This little bit I found in an old notebook as I was putting together this collection. It was written in about three minutes as part of an exercise in the aforementioned Creative Writing class of John Gilgun. Not the best, but I love the relentless trauma I felt reading it some twelve years later.

Fingertips By Way of Thunderstorms*: Dedicated to my friend Tara Hall, whom spent the thunderstorm in question with me doing nothing but touching my hand, and I hers, in the dark for hours as we fell asleep on the floor of her parents house. As a then bi-curious girl in my late teens, it was quite an experience. Part one of a second series of poems in the same style. Not the same series that includes "Cat's Eyes."

Mystique*: Yes, lyrics again. For a brief moment in my high school life, I was kind of part of a little group called Zanax. It was a very brief stay. They had an instrumental piece they hadn't been able to think of any lyrics for. They gave me a tape of it. This is what I gave back to them. A few days later I wasn't really part of the group any longer. I wish I could say it was my lyrical ability that frightened them, but alas...

Needling Truth*: This is not a poem about sex or BDSM, despite what you might think. Still, it was always fun to listen to the people who said it aroused them whenever I read it at open mic.

Ode to St. Joe*: Part two of the same series that included "Fingertips By Way of Thunderstorms" Again, true story.

Orchestra: No, this is not my Armageddon or Deep Impact poem. It came about when I was studying Astrophysics in my spare time, and I liked the idea of everything being set in motion since the time of the Big Bang and like a series of dominos or movements in a symphony, all of it was destined from the beginning. Including our own reactions.

Overture in D-Minor*: For reasons I will never be able to discern, I am exceedingly proud of this one.

Reflections on Midnight Mass, part II: Yes, there is a part one. It deals with seeing old classmates at Midnight Mass after several years and saying nothing to each other. This one is better.

Reflections on the Arson of the Supposedly Abandoned House...: The title is actually longer, and abbreviated here. You'll see the full title when you click the link. By the way, this house really burned on the date listed in the title. I did not make it up.

Rorschach*: A play on Shelley's "Ozymandias." Yes, it is a Watchmen reference. Seemed appropriate at the time I was asked to do this intertextuality project by the aforementioned Mr. Gilgun.

Saint Joseph By Night: A few parts of this are part of the Speedless Acceleration group, but that's not important. I worked on this for several years. Nearly all of this is true. Except the parts about You Know Who. It's, you know, a metaphor...or something. I think. You never know with You Know Who.

Silence Atop Monte Sano: True story. And you know what? Jen, Kris, Jenny, Stephanie, Suzanne, Ted, John, and Yvette, and all the SyrinxMOO crowd that wasn't there that night...I miss you all.

Sestina Sanguinis: Yet another piece written by Rene Kensington, but this one I have no guilt about claiming. Sestinas aren't easy to write. She's the one that cheated the proper sestina ending, and rhyme scheme though. All you purists, blame her for the fact that it's not a true sestina.

Synthetic Estrogen*: I wrote this after reading "The Handmaid's Tale. If you have not yet this book, go do so right now.

The Division Bell Pilgrimage: Absolutely true. Every word of it.

The Family*: Something from my high school efforts. I still have affection for it after all this time, despite it's obvious Conclusion.

Tree Climb*: Part three of three of the same series that included "Fingertips By Way of Thunderstorms." The second poem, "Page_Echo," made sense only if you had used a MOO or MU* before. I think this one turned out well.

Untitled #1: Written with Magnetic Poetry. If I ever release a collection of my Magnetic Poetry poetry, they will all be called Untitled with a numerical designation.

Untitled #2: Yes, this is another Magnetic Poetry creation. I'm happier with this one overall.

Vertigo Walker and the Reality Sisters: Inspired by the name Vertigo Walker, a name my friend Rena came up with for a character she never used. For anyone who finds this remotely interesting, if I ever get off my lazy butt and write it, I have stories plotted out for each of the "Reality Sisters." They are actually more interesting in the end than Vertigo Walker is. Well. Kind of. Maybe.

Xanthe's Song*: It's hard to describe exactly who Xanthe was, but she isn't here any longer. This is kind of a eulogy that wasn't used.

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